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My wife Sue passed away on Sunday. Please see

Thanks, Dave Tylcoat.


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Doing Alright

Apologies for the blog drought! We have spent this time between treatment enjoying ourselves!


We spent a few days in London.


We did quite a lot of shopping, and quite a lot of eating !


We also spent more time in Cornwall – we did a few days surfing, and a few days walking before the winter arrives!


The little village we usually stay in tends to close over winter, so that was probably our last visit this year.

Meanwhile, we have booked a week in Malta from Sunday 10th November! I’m very excited! Hubby lived there as a child so has insider knowledge! It should be fun – and warm!

Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂

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Catch Up

It’s been ages – how are you?

I’m doing fine thanks – all is going well and I’m plodding along nicely. I had a post-radiotherapy check up and apart from it being a bit weird, all was well. The X-ray showed good shrinkage of the tumour and it’s now about 3.5cm – great news! I saw a different doctor as our usual lady wasn’t well – the lady we saw was Spanish, which may or may not explain why she was a bit strange! I was hugged, kissed and even had my cheek grabbed and wobbled like a 3 year old!

Most strange!

Our next appointment is back with the head-honcho oncologist in early December, so we have planned some breaks away in the meantime.

We did a few days back in Cornwall.


Then last week we spent a few days in London.


Tea & cake at Fortum & Mason!




Finally got to ‘do’ Liberty’s too – lovely shop!


On Friday we have an apartment booked for a week in Cornwall, then we have a week booked in Malta – I’m looking forward to some warm weather!

Have a wonderful week!

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Back Home

We had a wonderful week in Cornwall – but still it is nice to be home! Miss the view though!


I wish that was my permanent garden, but it is nice to borrow it for a while.

We did loads of walking – including all the way to the headland you can see above.


Along with some paddling!



Health-wise I have been well. Some of the climbs were a bit challenging, but I made all of them. I seem to have a bit of a cough now, but the doctor did say that was a possibility as the radiotherapy continues to work.

We have this week at home, and then see the doctor again on Monday next. It should be a routine check up to make sure I recover from the radiotherapy, then we get another appointment in a few weeks with a proper CT scan to see where we are.

In the mean time we have a further trip to Cornwall and one to London planned!

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

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Apologies for the blog gap – I have either been busy or doing absolutely nothing!

We are now on holiday in Cornwall again – with this view –


We arrived in the drizzle yesterday, but today we have walked 8 miles in beautiful weather!


Sunshine was lovely.


The beach was lovely too.


Lifeguards & ice cream!


There is rain forecast for tomorrow so we made the most of today!

Have a super Sunday!

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Farewell Drinks

We had a lovely time at work. I found my pass no longer works – so that’s pretty final! I had to go to Reception and get a visitors pass!

I emptied my desk and then we headed over to the bar for drinks with friends. I hate saying goodbye – but it’s nice now it’s over. Lots of people came and we talked and relaxed for a couple of hours. I got gifts too! Coffee, chocolate, nail varnish, smellies, flowers – so lucky!


I will miss those folks!

We then headed into town and had a smooch around the shops before heading home.

It’s been an historic day – I’m now ‘retired’ – and tired! Sofa sogging for me tonight.

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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It’s been a chillin’ out kind of weekend. I can’t say I’ve sat and done nothing, but everything has been done at a typical Devonian pace – slowly!

I’m still covered in red blotchy spotty stuff – head to toe – so much for antihistamines! It itches a bit, but not too bad, thankfully.

Yesterday we did town, coffee and shopping and then went for a short around-the-block walk.


Lovely day! I really love days when you get those little white fluffy clouds.


Today I have faffed around the house before putting in the beef to roast and heading out for the same walk again. Get me!


There be dragons! 🙂


And food! Mmm – autumn is so lovely!

Tomorrow I go into work for the last time to have farewell drinks. Not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. Ho hum.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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