Autumn Arrives

06 Sep

Wet and windy today, in fact, it has been blowing a gale and I can’t quite get my head around how many leaves are floating about now. Where on earth did summer go?

I worked at home today, which was lovely. As usual I got lots done, including a one hour telephone meeting with the Management Team back at the office. Usually I’m not keen on attending by phone as I always feel a bit “remote” (cos I am!), but today was different. I was asked at the last minute to attend as my boss was elsewhere, happy to oblige, and having invested in a proper headset a year or so ago, it makes life easier. Any way, I ended up picking up some work that I am really interested in, and have been wanting to get my teeth into for a while, so I am very happy and really looking forward to doing this particular job.

In other news, we had a nice lunch of some French Onion soup with a slice of wholemeal bread. It was lovely, but I was starving by mid-afternoon! I had a bit of flapjack to tide me over, but keeping busy was my only distraction.

Late afternoon the rain stopped long enough for us to dash around the village. Well, when I say dash, you know I mean plod! It was good to run and get out of the house and into the fresh air though. For the first time in many months I wore a jacket – just a thin wind proof over my tee shirt and shorts, but a jacket nonetheless. Autumn is here.

Dinner was salad again, with some corned beef and a couple of small boiled potatoes for carbs. That’s better!

Tomorrow I am working at home again, with the added benefit of making cakes. We have a cake sale at work on Thursday to raise funds for a little girl who needs some expensive cancer treatment. My task is to make a tray of chocolate brownies, a tray of cranberry, macadamia and white chocolate blondies, and a dozen carrot cup cakes. I hope they turn out alright!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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