21 Feb

Oh Yes!


Well, it’s only once a year, and I just had the one! The topping of choice in this house is Golden Syrup and fresh lemon. Mmmm!

Back to the beginning – the day started very early as I had to go in to the office. For some reason I got down into town early, so my first stop was Nero’s for a large skinny latte and a bottle of sparkly water. I decided I drink way too much coffee – especially at work – so I am going to alternate coffee and water.

I have managed on just three cups of coffee today, and three refills of my half litre water bottle. I think that is pretty good!

Lunch was my pre-prepared salad with cheddar cheese – exactly 1 oz as I weighed it! Followed by two Weight Watchers yogurts – one strawberry tart, one lemon tart from their dessert recipe range. Very nice, and both for less than 100 calories – with a bottle of water I had enough to see me through to dinner.

Meetings all afternoon ensured I couldn’t nibble, but did down another bottle of water. Home to salad and a couple of slices of ham, followed by pancakes!

I have counted all my food on SparkPeople and I am within my calories for the day, as long as there is no sofa scoffing! I have done well the last few days, long may it continue.

Tomorrow I am working at home again, with loads to do to hand stuff over ready for my operation on Friday. Yeah! Only two more work days to go!

Have a lovely Wednesday folks.

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One response to “Pancakes!

  1. Gardner's World

    21/02/2012 at 8:26 pm

    What, no chocolate?? That is impressive self-discipline!


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