Wobbly Bits

06 Mar

Another good day on the healing front – my leg takes some getting going still, but the time it takes to do so is getting less and less. It is still a real pain to get up in the morning!

This morning was no different, I hobbled about for a while and had two cups of coffee before braving the shower. My leg is very dry – obviously the swelling isn’t helping, so I washed it with E45 shower gel and then rubbed in a bit of moisturiser to try and help – but also to stimulate it a bit. It is still numb between the end of the scar and my ankle, so I am hoping a bit of stimulation may help. It felt quite good anyway!

I worked in the office all morning, and only stopped for lunch of the usual soup – I could not be bothered to make any, so a tin of Heinz it was! After lunch I retired to my chair for some elevation, and read my new book – it is well written and I am enjoying the story. Unfortunately I had to put the book down about 3 pm to start cooking dinner – Chilli today. I cheated and bought a Colman’s mix, but fried off the onions and the minced beef, added a tin of tomatoes and then the mix. It smelt good anyway! I hate red kidney beans, so I didn’t add them!

Another walk today, still no crutches and this time up a bit of a hill to the Beacon and back – 1.1 miles in 27 minutes – not too shabby! I have to say my whole calf muscle feels a bit “wobbly”! At some point yesterday I tried a bit too hard to walk properly and it hurt – kind of “ping” hurt. Since then it has been a bit sore – probably just telling me off for doing too much.

The walk was nice, and even better to get back to dinner being all ready bar a bit of rice to heat through, and a tin of baked beans to be tipped in. Lovely! I’m not a huge chilli fan, but it was very tasty and I enjoyed the baked beans!

Tonight it will be back to the book, and maybe a coffee or two with my leg up.

Wednesday tomorrow – so getting closer to our holiday on Friday! Have a great day!


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