Good News!

27 Mar

Good Evening!

Well, today didn’t quite go to plan!

My plan was to potter about and do nothing much at all apart from book a hair cut, plan a trip into town, and then see if I could get to speak to the consultant about the leg.

I phoned the hair dressers and got an appointment tomorrow afternoon, then I phoned the hospital and she gave me an appointment for 3pm this afternoon! I didn’t think the NHS could be so quick! I’m not complaining though, it’s great that they were willing to listen to my concerns and get me in so quickly.

I did a few bits and pieces this morning, and then had the usual soup and roll for lunch before heading off to the hospital.

I saw the big-man consultant at 3pm exactly and he listened whilst I explained the pain, numbness and toe problems. He prodded and poked and explained that although progress was not as quick as he had hoped, nothing bad was happening. No infection, and no serious nerve damage, just superficial skin nerves that evidently will come back in time. He reassured me, told me to go on exercising and stretching, and arranged to see me again in 4 weeks to re-check on progress. I feel a lot better now! It’s great knowing there is nothing untoward happening in there. I did ask about running and he wasn’t keen – walking he said was good, and perhaps a bit of light jogging. I didn’t like to tell him that his “light jogging” was my idea of running! 🙂

Home, and time for our afternoon walk. We did the usual 2.25 miles circuit, and a little bit of “light jogging” – and I do mean a little bit! Maybe a couple of minutes and that was it. It felt so good though – maybe this is all in my head! Of course it is sore, and it pulls as the muscle needs stretching, but it is stable and it doesn’t “fill up” like it used to, and my foot does not go to sleep. I am a very happy bunny!

Dinner tonight was a small gammon steak with salad.

Tomorrow is hair day, so I may have to go and do my walk/jog in the morning as I will be in a chair most of the afternoon. Have a good day all.


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