Hilly Walk

01 Apr

Another lovely day, colder, but sunny and ideal walk/jog weather.

First, to last night when I ate the remaining half of the bag of chocolate buttons, no surprise then that this morning I weighed myself and have put on another three quarters of a pound this week. Post dinner snacking has to go!

A rare occurrence occurred this morning – I had some breakfast! When shopping yesterday, I bought some Warburton’s Raisin Bread with cinnamon – a hot cross bun in a slice! Today I had a slice toasted with some butter for breakfast – very nice.

After breakfast I did some office stuff and them some cleaning before lunch. Lunch was the usual soup with a slice of whole wheat bread. Then I did the vegetables and made the Yorkshire Pudding mix all ready for dinner. Work done we set off for a nice walk/jog.

Today we went down the hill and along by the river.


Such a lovely day for it – we did just short of 6 miles in just over an hour and a half – which is fine considering the climb back up the hill is long and steep! The leg held out quite well, but it really complains doing anything other than walking when going up hill. It is now swollen around the ankle, which is exactly where it hurt the most whist plodding along. I think this is where the fluid and rubbish is collecting, so I guess it’s good to give it a good shake up!


I love it down by the river, so well worth the climb home! After all, the beef was slow roasting all the time we were out, so by the time we got home, showered and had a nice cup of tea, it was done. We had roast beef, cabbage, carrots and sprouts and hubby had Yorkshire Pudding too.

Tonight I have my leg up and I am resting again. Hopefully the leg is draining and recovering as I type.

A whole new week starts tomorrow, I hope it is a good one for you.


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