10 Apr

My first official day back at work today after 6 weeks of sick leave recovering from my operation for Compartment Syndrome. It was a tough and long day despite working from home.

Most of the morning I spent catching up, so lunch was a welcome break and a plate full of deli chicken slices and salad, with a good dollop of the mayonnaise I made yesterday.

After lunch I did more work, fuelled by many cups of coffee! I finally gave up just after 4pm to go try and run. I haven’t really tried to run since the operation, I have done a bit of jiggling and a lot of walking, but it is about time I upped the mental attitude and started to run.

First part of the battle was appropriate clothing – running kit – but with a rain jacket for warmth as I knew there would be walking involved! I ran a bit, walked a bit for the whole 2.25 mile circuit and by the end was very tired but feeling good. The leg felt just weird, a bit wobbly to start and then really sore whenever my right foot struck the ground. I guess that’s acceptable, but I did feel that I was being very heavy-footed, I’ll have to work on that, but for my first serious run out, it was pretty good.


Nice day for it too! Clear air means you can see Dartmoor on the horizon.


The road home.

So despite the walking and the photo taking, I still managed an average 15 minute mile, which is fine.

Home, shower, food! I made burgers for dinner with some extra lean minced steak, grated onion and a good tablespoon of tandoori powder. We ate them with a pile of salad and some new potatoes. Mmm!

Tomorrow I have meetings, so need to go into the office. That means a silly early start and a very long day.

I may need chocolate!


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One response to “Work!

  1. Happy Runner

    10/04/2012 at 7:42 pm

    Chocolate is good. 🙂


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