02 May

I did some – honest! Real running! Not for long, but I did it!

Before that – I worked at home today, so lots done and lots achieved. I have renewed my diet effort (again!) and had some salad for lunch with Jarlesberg cheese and then got back to work before I ate any more! I have kept myself busy all afternoon, and apart from a few cups of coffee, nothing else has passed my lips.

The sun has shone all day – which makes a wonderful change – and not only was the sun out, but it was warm too! Lovely. On the stoke of finishing work it was time to change and make the most of the day. Having walked for the last 3 months post my compartment syndrome operation, today was the day I started to run again. We started slowly and then ran/walked. How hard is that? Blimey! I didn’t think I’d even get through the 2.25 miles we had planned it was so hard. My leg complained, but then it is still swollen and sore, and numb in places which makes running interesting, but I am sure it will get used to it. I am amazed how quickly I have unlearned how to run – it was tough going I can tell you, but I made it! The run/walk worked all the way and I managed just under 15 minute miles – 2.25 miles in 33.17. It’s a start, and now I have a time to beat!

The flies were out again! That made it even more interesting as I was panting away desperately trying not to swallow a fly! Funny! I was also over dressed – I could have done with shorts and a t-shirt instead of the Ron Hill’s and long-sleeved top plus jacket! Way too many clothes.

It is very very good to be back plodding though – summer here we come!

Dinner was great (made better by the exercise I am sure) – I made Toad in the Hole with Sainsbury’s Cumberland chipolatas, and had that with peas, carrots and home-made onion gravy. It did not last long on my plate!

Tomorrow it is back to the office, so lunch already packed and I’m ready to go.

Have a great Thursday – soon be the weekend!


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