Starting Over

08 May

Running that is. I need to get back running and stop this wimping out and just “going for a walk” rubbish. Today is day one. Gently does it!


Running shoes on, capris on, t shirt and I’m ready to go. Unfortunately it has been so long my Nike+ wristband had lost all it’s charge, so I had to take my phone and use the Nike+ App. We did our usual 2 mile circuit but as a run/walk combo. It took me a good mile to get into it, and by a mile and a bit I’d had enough!

Hubby pushed me along and we made fair progress despite the leg grumbling all the way round. The most pain was in my ankle – I’m guessing because that’s where the swelling is and all the rubbish has collected. You will be happy to learn I made it home and managed an average pace of 15 minute miles. WooHoo!

The other good news is that I got a letter this morning from the Physio department of the hospital. Strangely it just asked me to call them to make an appointment – makes you wonder why they wrote – why not just ring me? Anyway, I rang as instructed but just got an ansaphone – I left a message but I haven’t had a call back! Ho hum.

Food today has been okay, lunch was soup and a ciabatta roll and dinner gammon steak and salad.

Talking of food, I have ordered two Paleo books to further my research, and have a million podcasts on my phone to listen to. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Oh – I did lots of work too!

Wednesday tomorrow – half way! Have a good day!


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