What’s This Work Rubbish?

06 Jun

I’d forgotten what to do when I logged on to my work pc this morning! It seems like an age since I had to do real work!

I was up and at them early today – sat in front of my computer before 8am, which made for good productivity, but a long wait until lunch. Talking of lunch, the Paleo eating is going well still – I am so much happier without the rubbish that crept into my diet. I did go a little overboard with the nuts again last night, but I’m not worried, I’m just happy to clean up my system first, I’ll worry about weight in a week or two.

Lunch today was a whole tin of tuna (line caught) with red onion and shredded lettuce. Dinner has been chicken wrapped in bacon, with braised leeks and courgettes. Great food!

We also got a 2 mile walk in late afternoon – lovely to see the lanes getting smaller as the hedgerows grow!


The Foxgloves are particularly spectacular!


Lovely to get out, and looking at the forecast, tomorrow may be one for indoors – luckily I’m working at home as they are forecasting 60 mph winds! Blimey!

Take care out there!

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