Anyone Got an Ark?

16 Jun

Goodness – is it ever going to stop raining? It’s poured down all day – again!

It didn’t stop us going out though – our usual Saturday trip into town and then to the supermarket. We delayed going out until around 11am as it was silly-rain, but then decided to go anyway! We didn’t spend long in town – long enough to get a few bits and have coffee at Nero’s.

By the time we got to the supermarket it was gone 1pm, so lunch was in order. Hubby had a sandwich, I had a bowl of fruit salad. I’d rather have had a steak, but you have to go with whats on offer! Lunch done, shopping done, home!

It’s been so wet today I haven’t stopped to take any pictures, so here is one of MY paintings hung in our conservatory – aka The Beach Hut!


Yes – it is a plastic lobster climbing the wall! 🙂

Today’s buy of the century was a DAB radio from Sainsbury’s. It was half price – always attractive – but – it works! We have real problems with radios in our house – it’s cob and the walls are several feet thick in places, so signals are always weak. Not with this radio though! Perfect reception that hubby is beyond delighted with as a Radio 2 addict!

Dinner was Thai Prawn curry and stir fry vegetables done in coconut oil. Lovely. Another all Paleo day!

Please let’s have some sun tomorrow! Have a great day!


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2 responses to “Anyone Got an Ark?

  1. themagnificentsomething

    19/06/2012 at 9:25 pm

    LOVE the title of this post!! 🙂


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