Feet Ache!

01 Jul

Happy July! I wonder if summer will come soon?

This morning I got on the scales for my weekly weight in. I got off very quickly. I have yet again gained weight – that is a constant upward movement since February. I have put on over a stone since my leg operation – this is not what I need – things have to change.

It is quite easy – eat less, move more.

So today I have tried to stay on my feet, cleaning and polishing this morning followed by vegetable soup for lunch. After that, a two and a half hour walk and cooking roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner. All Paleo for me, hubby had Yorkshire Puddings!


I really enjoyed our walk today – I started out with a t shirt, jumper and wind proof jacket on, but was soon down to just a t shirt!


This tree is precariously growing on the edge of a quarry!


Wild strawberries! And no – we didn’t eat any! They looked just too pretty to eat!


I can’t resist the Cow Parsley shot!

So my goal of eating less and moving more has been met today. The key thing is keeping it going! Have you seen the Nike+ Fuelbands? Oooo how I want one of those! They have been available in the States for a while, but the only place you can buy them in the UK is London! How annoying is that! They aren’t even available on line yet! Want! I am hoping they will be made available nation-wide soon – I can’t go on drooling! 🙂

Office tomorrow – I have tuna and lettuce, a banana, an apple and a small pot of cashew nut butter packed and ready to go. If I get out for a walk at lunch that will be ideal.

Have a good Monday!

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