No Rain!

05 Jul

I hardly dare mention it, but we have had a whole day without any rain!

I’ve worked at home today and seem to have spent the whole day reading stuff, my eyes are quite tired now. Learned a lot though – the Internet is such a marvellous thing. A few years ago there would be no way of me even seeing the stuff I have read today, and not only have I read it, but I have interacted with it – copying stuff, rewriting stuff – just wonderful! I feel sorry for the youngsters who have always known the web – they have no idea how lucky they are!

I have put on more weight this week, so today has been a ‘less food’ day. Lunch was soup – just soup. Dinner has been a crust less quiche made with fried onions, four slices of bacon chopped into strips and fried with the onion, then I poured in four beaten eggs and cooked in the hob for a few minutes to set the bottom, then whacked under the grill to cook the top. It served the two of us with a load of salad.

Before dinner we did our walk – it was nice to look at things a bit further away!


A nice day for a walk – t-shirt weather at last!


More lovely flowers – this is Rosebay Willow-Herb!


Pretty isn’t it! I would never have known what is was without the web!

Tomorrow will be another ‘less food’ day, and again I am working at home. I hope you have a fab Friday!

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