A Day Out

10 Aug

What a lovely day it has been! The sun has shone all day – just wonderful.

I spent the morning faffing, then had tuna and salad for lunch. That was the first meal since yesterday lunchtime – I was starving! I really hope this fasting stuff is worthwhile!

This afternoon we spent out, first we had to call at the garage to get my car booked in to be looked at – it has a rattle and a leak! I hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg! 🙂

Then we ventured Holsworthy way to go to a gallery where hubby is hoping to get his pictures hung for sale. The owner was very positive, but he has to wait until ‘next season’ – who knew there were seasons in art galleries! Anyway, there are and the next one starts in March. Fingers crossed for him.

We then went to Bideford to the Burton Art Gallery where hubby took two paintings that will be judged and maybe exhibited in their summer exhibition next week. We are going to the preview night next Friday when he finds out if they are considered good enough!

While we were there, we had coffee in the lively Cafe du Parc.


Finally we went to the beach! Westward Ho! Was packed with holiday makers.


Hard to believe that we were there a couple of weeks ago and there was a bloke with a dog and us! Still, good for the economy, although I suspect there will be many sun burnt bodies in the morning!

Home and dinner of Spring Chicken and cabbage, most welcome & very tasty.

Tomorrow we shop! Have a stunning Saturday.

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