H minus 2

29 Aug

Just two more days before our holiday!

Loads to do today as I have Friday off work, so just today and tomorrow to clear things up at work. Happily I got to work at home today, so most of what I wanted to do got done.

I had tuna and salad for a quick lunch then booked us a badminton court for tomorrow evening! It’s a good 15 years since I played – but I still have racquets and shuttlecocks! Tomorrow we will see how fit we rely are (not)!

This afternoon I did more stuff, then made some meatballs for dinner and left them simmering whilst we went for our walk.



It didn’t rain on our walk, but there is plenty around.


Not much room down our lanes, so we had to get into a field gateway to allow room for this chap!


Some organisation to do tonight as I am back in the office tomorrow for my last working day before our holiday!

Did I mention we are going on holiday on Saturday! 🙂

Have a tremendous Thursday folks!

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