Autumn Crispness

06 Oct

What a beautiful day!


It started a bit late for me – I coughed most of the night, so at about 1:00 am I picked up my pillows and quilt and retired to the spare room. There is no bed in there (now on the list!), so I put the quilt on the floor and rolled it around me. Not comfy, but at least I could cough without disturbing hubby.

So, a lazy start meant it was late morning by the time we went onto town. I dropped off some old clothes at the charity shop, bought a ball pump for the rugby ball, then had coffee in my favourite Nero’s. We dropped in at a new cafe as the lady is willing to have local artists exhibit in the restaurant, so hubby did some schmoozing!

From town we headed to the supermarket. First we got a take out sandwich, bag of crisps and bottle of apple juice – a meal deal for £3! We sat outside in the sunshine and shared it all. That is where I noticed the lovely autumn colours of the trees outside the supermarket. Just lovely.


Lunch done, shopping done, home and put away. It was so nice we took the long route for our walk – 3.5 miles and it was beautiful.


Lots of water around from yesterday, but not too bad.


I’m looking forward to watching Strictly in a moment, so a nice relaxing night for me. I hope I can get through tonight without too much coughing!

Have a super Sunday!

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