Two Days into One Doesn’t Go

04 Nov

As we spent yesterday doing our wood engraving course today was spent doing everything we normally do in two days!

This morning it was shopping – first the DIY shop to get some new light bulbs and drill bits. So exciting! We needed drill bits as hubby melted on the other day when trying to make a small hole in the wall to plug and hang a picture. One of the downfalls of cob walls is that you get stones in amongst the mud – big stones! Sod’s law says that if you want to hang a picture there – there will be a big stone. You will end up with either a melted drill bit or a very large hole!

Then to the supermarket for the food shop. Home for lunch – soup today. Housey stuff this afternoon plus making dinner – roast beef, roast red onions –


Served with carrots, parsnips, sprouts and Yorkshire pudding for himself! It was very tasty! Now I need to sort myself out for the working week – lunch to pack and hair to wash, dry and straighten – all before Strictly!

Hope you had a great weekend – have a merry Monday!

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