It’s Started!

13 Nov

I worked from home today and was very grateful for an extra hour and a half in bed! I made up for the lazy start by working hard all morning and then stopping only briefly for lunch. I’m really enjoying the New Covent Garden soups – broccoli and Stilton today. It was very tasty and very filling – I didn’t think about food all afternoon.

I stopped work just after 4pm and donned Ron Hill running trousers, a long sleeved top and dayglow yellow thin jacket. I dug out my favourite Nike Pegasus shoes and off we went.


Quite dusky, but we made the most of the last light and ran/walked the lanes.


We did 2.26 miles at an average of 16 minute miles. Not bad for a beginner! So – the training has started. It hurts.

So, you know I’m not a quick runner – even at my best, I plod. I hate being reminded how slow I am and constantly worry about it. Today we were maybe half a mile from home, so in the groove of ‘running’ but getting tired. From behind I heard footsteps, heavy running footsteps, then this lady flies by me and hubby shouting hello (she had headphones in). Now, I wouldn’t mind how quick she was – except she was dressed for the office! Seriously – she had a duffle coat on, a knee length woollen skirt, tights and black leather shoes – and she is running maybe twice as fast as us! Quite bizarre!

Tomorrow I’m back in the office for more meetings. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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