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23 Nov

It’s been a busy couple of days for me. I worked at home yesterday due to flooding and poor weather and managed to get lots done, followed by an hour on the badminton court!

Today I’ve worked at home again, and then we went out for a walk/run by moonlight!


I jiggled my way around the block again! Yeah! Go me!

It’s not quite as good as it sounds – it’s over a week since I last went through the pain – not quite enough me thinks! Yesterday the roads were under water, so I have half an excuse.

Today was hard – I sound like the 17:48 from Exeter St.David’s and huff and puff my way around the block. I’m hoping that the old saying ‘things can only get better’ applies to my feeble attempts at running. I managed 2.06 miles at just under 17 minute miles – mmm – room for improvement there then!

My goal now is to get out at least three times a week and to continue to run ‘properly’ in between the walking. Plodding is no more – it’s either run or walk. No waddling allowed!

I will be back – hopefully with better stats that won’t make you laugh quite as much!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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