Five of Fifteen

02 Aug

All done! 🙂

Now I get the weekend off to recover, back on it on Monday.

Today we faffed around most of the morning – although I spent a lot of it nibbling stuff. I have no idea why, but I have been hungry all day! I managed to limit my nibbles to a banana and one soggy ginger biscuit, but had to have an early lunch! On the strike of 12 the soup was on! 🙂

This afternoon we did the usual drive to Exeter, had my head and chest treatment and drove home.

I followed the doctors advice and have taken paracetamol every 4 hours today and feel a lot better for it. The nibbling of food helps with the nausea too. The cough is a little better, but it still tastes absolutely awful! Coughing is evil! I know it’s the dead cells zapped by the radiotherapy, so that’s a good thing, but boy is it horrible! Constant sipping lemon squash is helping though.

I guess by the time we have had three weeks of treatment we will know all the tricks! 🙂

Tomorrow is rest and shopping. Probably!

Have a super Saturday!

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