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Catch Up

It’s been ages – how are you?

I’m doing fine thanks – all is going well and I’m plodding along nicely. I had a post-radiotherapy check up and apart from it being a bit weird, all was well. The X-ray showed good shrinkage of the tumour and it’s now about 3.5cm – great news! I saw a different doctor as our usual lady wasn’t well – the lady we saw was Spanish, which may or may not explain why she was a bit strange! I was hugged, kissed and even had my cheek grabbed and wobbled like a 3 year old!

Most strange!

Our next appointment is back with the head-honcho oncologist in early December, so we have planned some breaks away in the meantime.

We did a few days back in Cornwall.


Then last week we spent a few days in London.


Tea & cake at Fortum & Mason!




Finally got to ‘do’ Liberty’s too – lovely shop!


On Friday we have an apartment booked for a week in Cornwall, then we have a week booked in Malta – I’m looking forward to some warm weather!

Have a wonderful week!

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