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No News

Today was my appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant about my leg. The Compartment Syndrome is still as bad as ever, and a couple of weeks ago I had an MRI and today was to get the verdict.

Well, after an hours drive to get there and half an hours wait, I spent maybe 5 minutes with the Consultant! The MRI was fine and he has run out of ideas, so next steps are a referral to a specialist at a different hospital. Exit room and wait for a letter!

Whilst I was in town I picked up a bit of shopping.


It was raining, so I walked through the market – lots of lovely fruit & veg –


I picked up a prawn cocktail in M&S for my lunch, then headed home to eat it.

The afternoon I spent working at home, made a sausage casserole and headed out for a windy walk whilst it cooked.


Sausage casserole and cabbage for dinner – now I am very full – which is a good thing as tomorrow we fast again.

Tomorrow I am at the dentist – its all happening this week!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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Scanned & Shopped

MRI day!


One of my pet hates is being late. Thanks to my inability to set the alarm properly I was late! My MRI was booked for 10am at the hospital 50 minutes drive away. I woke up at 9am! OMG! I have never run about so much in my life – no time for coffee – just showered and out!

Happily the traffic was light, so I got there with three minutes to spare. Phew! I was so stressed out! The whole MRI took about 45 minutes and interestingly the nurse stuck two cod liver oil capsules to my leg marking the top and bottom of the problem area. Evidently they show up as bright dots so the scan operator can ensure they have covered the area! Now there is one novel use for cod liver oil!

After my scan I went and sat with a cup of coffee in the hospital cafe. I really needed that. Then a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up a few bits before heading home.

It was lunch by the time I got home, but all the rushing about meant I wasn’t really hungry, so I had a bowl of French Onion soup. It was enough. Work all afternoon, then out for a walk – finally a bit of sun!


Fortunately for cars, and unfortunately for my pictures, they have started to cut back the hedges – such a shame.


I know it makes driving easier, but all those beautiful flowers are being destroyed!

Finally, dinner was welcome and wonderful! I did chicken wrapped in bacon (hubby’s was stuffed with Stilton), braised leeks and courgettes. Hubby also had a few mini-roast potatoes. The chicken, leeks and potatoes all went in the oven before we went in our walk, so by the time we got home they were all done bar the courgettes which I finely sliced and tossed in a wok with some butter. Yummy!

At home again tomorrow and I will try and sort the alarm clock out before I go to bed!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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Back to Work

Work again and a shed load of emails to delete this morning! Finally got some real work done after lunch (tuna and lettuce) it took me that long to sort everything out.

This afternoon was catching up on the unexciting happenings of last week, then out for our walk late afternoon.


Lovely day again – despite the forecast saying it would rain this afternoon – happily they were wrong!


These lovely Dog Roses are appearing in the hedges now –


Home for dinner – smoked mackerel and salad. We are cutting down – again! This morning the tape measure came out as there was talk on the radio about the ideal waist size for women. Oh dear! I need more exercise and less food (nuts!) to tip the in/out ratio again!

I got my MRI Appointment in the post today – next Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised at such a quick appointment – I hope I get to see the consultant shortly after and get to understand what is happening.

Office tomorrow so an early start for me, but with the bonus of Nero’s coffee. Have a good Tuesday!


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Jobs You Wish You Hadn’t Started!

Oh dear – the dining room ‘patch up’ is turning into a whole job in need of a project manager!


The patches I painted yesterday are still a completely different colour, so decision made – the whole room will have to be done. The dressers are now piled in the middle of the room and everything has been cleaned and readied.

I had a physio appointment at 2pm, so after that I had to go buy more paint. Tomorrow I will finish the job that should have taken a day!

The physio was brutal as usual, but she is lovely, helpful and keen to make things better. She measured my leg and it is still 2cm bigger than the other one – still swollen then! My foot is also swollen, my ankle still numb and now peeling dead skin (eek!), the calf very sore. Plus, she found a spot on the bottom of my foot that is unbearably painful! Lots to work on then!

After physio I did a bit of shopping – found a whole bag of macadamia nuts! 🙂 then to the DIY store for paint, filler and masking tape.

Another day on my feet – I really hope the scales are going to reflect all this activity at the end of the week!

Food has been 100% Paleo again – tuna and lettuce for lunch, ham salad for dinner – I’m looking longingly at those macadamia’s already!

Tomorrow I will be taping and painting. Ho hum! Have a great Thursday!


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Just When You Thought..

It has been quite a nice day weather-wise! We started the day by going into town to a ‘Value’ store as hubby wanted to look for some picture frames. Always fun!

It’s one of those places that sell everything – sweets, cakes, curtains, pictures, rugs, hula hoops, plants, trees – you get the idea! Well, they didn’t have any suitable frames, but we did come home with another bucket of fat balls for the birds and a lovely thyme plant for me!

Lunch was tuna and salad for me, then we headed out for a walk.


It was actually quite warm out and we wandered the lanes looking for nice pictures.


There is loads of this stuff around – we call it cow parsley, but I have taken to calling it fly parsley as they are all absolutely covered in flies!


And look who came to say hello!


We took a detour down a footpath and ended up crossing a steep field down to a stream, inevitably it was really muddy! It got a bit too much so we decided to retrace our steps and take the road. It was that exact moment the heavens opened! We sheltered a while under a tree.


We could have still been there! We decided to get wet and go for it anyway – oh well – I suppose a whole day without rain would have been a bit much to ask.

Dinner has been roast beef with carrots, broccoli and cabbage, hubby had Yorkshire Puddings. Very welcome after that wet walk!

Holiday for me this week, so I don’t mind that tomorrow is Monday. Hope you have a good one.


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Another Week Off

Finished up today for another week off work! Such a lucky person! My birthday is the end of next week, so some time ago I booked next week off in case we wanted to do something or go somewhere. As it happens, we did that a couple of weeks ago as the prices rise terribly at the end of May, so I had my official birthday at the end of May!

It does mean I still have the week off though – which is lovely – although I will probably do a bit of decoration in the house, so not really a holiday.

Meanwhile, I worked at home today so managed to catch up with emails and stuff and tidy up for my holiday.

At the end of the day we went for a walk in the wind.


It stopped raining long enough for us to get around the block, but it is very windy out there! I tried to capture the movement of the trees, but probably failed!


Still, nice to get out in the fresh air.

The Paleo eating is still going well with today being day 14 of no grains, no sugar etc – just protein and fruit & veg. It’s a regime that suits me well and I feel good for it. Today I had a tin of tuna and some salad left over from dinner yesterday for lunch and lamb curry for dinner. Long may it continue!

It’s the weekend! Yeah! Have a wonderful one.


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No Idea!

We nearly had a whole morning with no rain today! Nearly I said – it started just before lunch! 🙂


Today has been a work at home day, also another of spreadsheets – my favourite. This morning flew by and it was lunch before I knew it – ham and lettuce wraps today – Paleo and lovely. I also had a few strawberries with coconut cream. My first encounter with coconut cream and I have to say it is really good – much better than I thought it would be and a perfectly acceptable substitute – even hubby said so!

This afternoon I was back at the hospital to see my Consultant for another follow up to my operation for Compartment Syndrome. The title of this blog is dedicated to him! That was his answer to all of my questions – why isn’t it getting better? Why is the bottom of my leg still numb? When will it get easier to walk let alone run? He didn’t know the answer to any of them.

The conclusion he came to was to order an MRI scan to see if he can see anything. If that doesn’t reveal anything obvious he will try and get a second opinion from someone who is ‘interested’ in this sort of thing. The impression I got was that he thought they had done their best and that’s it. I can only hope the MRI shows something they can do something about.

Home and it’s still raining!


Dinner was been grilled gammon steaks and salad – okay, but I could have planned it better so as not to have had ham and ham! I’ll do better tomorrow.

Friday! Enjoy!


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Happy Day

Yesterday I ate my way through absolutely loads of nuts, plus a banana, almond butter, hard boiled egg, chicken, salad, steak and more nuts. I went to bed feeling that I had eaten way too much.

I get up this morning and I weight 2lbs less than I did yesterday morning! What is that all about then? Maybe all that protein was good for me. Maybe that is what I need to be doing? What ever the reason, it made me happy! 🙂

I worked at home today so I was able to snap hubby in his makeshift studio!


He’s happy too!

Lunch was tuna and salad – a whole tin all to myself with some chopped red onion – yummy! More work, then a short walk as thunder storms were threatening!


Nice to see the crops growing well with all the rain.

Dinner has been ‘Pigs in Blankets’ – that’s sausages wrapped in bacon! I oven cooked them while we were out walking, and ate them with cabbage and carrots and gravy. Lovely – all Paleo too!

I have a few special nuts left for nibbles later, but I really must cut down! My problem last night was that I opened a bag of Sainsbury’s Macadamia and Cashew nuts with black pepper! Boy are they addictive! I had to put them in a cupboard to stop me eating the whole bag!

Tomorrow I am back at the hospital to see the Consultant about the leg – I wonder what he will have to say when I tell him it is no better. I really hope he has some answers, or at least a plan to find out what is happening. I’ll let you know!

Thursday is very nearly Friday – have a good one!


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Doing Nothing

It’s been one of those days when I don’t seem to have stopped, but don’t remember actually doing anything!

I did quite a bit of Internet reading this morning on Paleo eating etc, always a good way of losing an hour or three!

This afternoon I have had a clear out of the office, sorted the household accounts and prepared dinner. Then we went out for a short (2 mile) walk in the rain. My filthy messy hair looks even worse now! Never mind, hubby hasn’t objected, and no-one else is going to see me!


Nice to see the fields planted – no idea what with, but how neat it that!

Dinner took ages to prepare, we had a lamb joint that I studded with rosemary straight from the garden and slivers of garlic. I also did a few potatoes around the meat for hubby, parsnips, carrots and sweetheart cabbage. All lovely and fresh (and Paleo) and delicious.

Tonight I am sat. My leg has felt quite sore since the physio gave it a good deep massage. I also wake with cramp in it in the night – I think she has finally woken it up and it is starting to get better. I have continued the exercises, all of which make it work hard, so I suppose sore is to be expected.

Monday again tomorrow – but another day working at home for me. Office on Tuesday is going to be a real shock to the system!

Have a lovely Monday!


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Wasn’t Me

Evidently a UK person won £63 million on EuroMillions last night – unfortunately it wasn’t me. One day maybe!

Having not won the lottery we set off for a day out this morning. First we went up to a wetsuit shop to get some supplies, then on to the beach for a walk.


Which ended at a little cafe for the inevitable coffee!


Such a lovely garden to sit in, and we got a cheeky visitor!


He was disappointed not to find cake!

On from the beach to town where I snaffled a bargain and got 4 t-shirts for £10! They will be fine for the summer. Lunch was done at Nero’s – big coffee and a yogurt for me – the only food without wheat in it in the whole cafe! Hubby had a sandwich, so he was happy!

Our final stop was the supermarket where we picked up food for the week. Our weekly shop seems to be getting more and more expensive! I am sure everyone is feeling the recession now, it’s not comfortable is it?

Finally home in time for hubby to make a couple of blinds for the conservatory. He has claimed one end as his ‘studio’ to paint in, but it can be a bit too bright when the full sun is on it.

Dinner couldn’t come soon enough for me! I was starving and really enjoyed making and eating a Thai Prawn Curry with full fat coconut milk and some stir fry vegetables. Mmmm! 🙂

Lovely day – I hope it will be as nice tomorrow. Have a great day whatever you are doing.


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