Six & Seven!

Sorry I missed yesterday – I was a bit all over the place!

We spent the weekend shopping and doing very little – my cough gradually got better and my head stopped spinning momentarily! It was good to have the weekend off.

Yesterday was treatment number six. I spoke to the radiographers about my spinning head, and they kindly organised a doctor to see me after the treatment. The radiotherapy was same-old – both head and chest. Then Omer a very nice doctor who prescribed me two anti-sickness drugs – that should sort me out! The only thing they can’t help with is the disgusting taste when I cough! It’s just the dead tumour cells, and as such should probably be celebrated but it is awful! 🙂

Today I took the anti-sickness medications but things are still spinning – I hope it gets better over time. Treatment again – same as before and all okay. Surprisingly (touch wood) I still have my hair! They said it would start to fall out after 2 – 3 treatments! I do so hope I manage to keep it!


Saw these on the walk from the car park to the hospital – pretty aren’t they? Anyway, tomorrow we will be over half way through – yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Five of Fifteen

All done! 🙂

Now I get the weekend off to recover, back on it on Monday.

Today we faffed around most of the morning – although I spent a lot of it nibbling stuff. I have no idea why, but I have been hungry all day! I managed to limit my nibbles to a banana and one soggy ginger biscuit, but had to have an early lunch! On the strike of 12 the soup was on! 🙂

This afternoon we did the usual drive to Exeter, had my head and chest treatment and drove home.

I followed the doctors advice and have taken paracetamol every 4 hours today and feel a lot better for it. The nibbling of food helps with the nausea too. The cough is a little better, but it still tastes absolutely awful! Coughing is evil! I know it’s the dead cells zapped by the radiotherapy, so that’s a good thing, but boy is it horrible! Constant sipping lemon squash is helping though.

I guess by the time we have had three weeks of treatment we will know all the tricks! 🙂

Tomorrow is rest and shopping. Probably!

Have a super Saturday!

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Four of Fifteen



We saw the consultant today too – she was happy with progress and gave us some fabulous news – my brain CT was clear – no tumours there! Phew!

She recommended paracetamol for my head ache, but apart from that, all is well.

After hospital we did a bit of shopping before home.



Tonight we have done an hour of badminton and I’m shattered! Nearly time to hit the hay. Five of fifteen tomorrow then we get the weekend off! Yeah!

Have a fab Friday!

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Three of Fifteen

Well, yesterday’s routine of ibuprofen and lots of water was a great success – my head was a lot better than the first treatment! I woke up coughing at 5am, but took some medicine and soon got back to sleep.

Today we have re-framed the Dali. It’s Perspex cover was scratched so we bought a new bit. Hours of faffing ensued! The old paper and stuff had to come off, the picture taken out, then new Perspex and reverse the process.

While the picture was out of the frame we took the opportunity to take pictures without reflections!


It’s such a wonderful engraving!


This afternoon it was back to the hospital – it’s getting to be a familiar routine. Treatment was fine but ibuprofen has been taken – just in case!

Tomorrow is more of the same plus we get to see the doctor in charge and have a blood test. Joy!

Have a terrific Thursday.

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Two of Fifteen

A short log of my treatment!

I spoke too soon yesterday – I ended up with a cracking headache, upset tummy and coughed most of the night! It was one of those loooooong nights! I ended up in the spare room to save poor hubby being woken every few minutes.

Today has been better – headache dulled to bearable and tummy has behaved. We took a trip to Plymouth to pick up some new Perspex for the Dali – the current one is a bit scratched from the gallery. We then headed back to Exeter for treatment, stopping at Buckfastleigh for tea and a sandwich.


Lovely tea room with a splendid garden to so sit in.


And cake!


We got to Exeter early, so took a quick tour around the museum – splendid place!

Treatment was as per yesterday – no problems there. I spoke to the radiologist about my headache – she suggested lots of water and ibuprofen. Needless to say the first thing I did when we got home was have a big glass of water with 2 ibuprofen tablets! Fingers crossed all will be well!

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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One of Fifteen

Well, I survived the first of fifteen radiotherapy sessions. Today they did both head and chest and, apart from being a bit weird, I’m fine!

I have a bit of a headache – but that’s ‘normal’!

The rest of the day we have just plodded about – a bit of this and a lot of coffee!


Eddie even let me share some chocolate! Bless!

So, day one done – only another 14 to go!

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Busy Week

Yesterday’s hospital visit was a bit of a whirlwind with three separate appointments in one go.

I started off with some nice men who made a mask for my head treatment. That entailed having a warm plastic sheet draped over my face, then pressed down and cooled to set – weird, but fine.
Then we went to the radiology suite and they did a trial run of the chest treatment. They took some time to get me into the right position, then did X-rays and scans to make sure all is well. It was. Phew!

Then to the CT room where they had the mask and I was positioned in the scanner and the mask clipped down to the bed and scanned. Again, all okay. Finally we had a chat to the lady in charge and given 15 appointments – one each weekday starting on Monday. I will be pleased when we start and I know what happens! Strange how not knowing is a bit unsettling!

After all of that, we headed off into Exeter for some lunch at Carluccio’s.


Lovely! After a bit of wandering, more coffee on Cathedral Green.


Home in time for half a sandwich and off for our usual badminton session.

Today we have spent pottering at home. Chilling out! Just what we needed after yesterday’s madness!

Have a super Saturday – I may well be shopping via the beach! 🙂

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It’s Arrived!

It’s a Dali darling!


Much measuring, levelling, drilling and tapping later –


It is a signed limited edition etching of ‘The Judgement of Paris’ by Dali. Signed by the man himself! I can’t get a good picture with my trusted iPhone, so this rubbish one will have to do!


This afternoon we went for a walk in the sunshine – the promised rain has not materialised here as yet.


It’s still hot!


I also got a call from the hospital with yet another appointment on Thursday, so I now have three! The first to make a mask for my head radiotherapy, the second as a verification for my chest radiotherapy, and finally a third for a new head CT to enable them to map the radiotherapy. It will be good to get those done and treatment started next Monday. Not knowing how it will affect me is not good – I’ll be happier when it’s started and we get an understanding of what happens!

Tomorrow we will probably potter around again, weather permitting! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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I’m Melting!

It’s still hot! I just can’t believe how long this heat has gone on! I’m not complaining! Honest!

Yesterday we did the shopping, along the way we purchased two things – a lawn sprinkler (!) and a brand new Audi A1 car!!! Blimey! It won’t be delivered for 4 months, but how exciting is having a new car!

Today we pottered at home and then went for a hot stroll around RHS Rosemoor.


It’s a beautiful place with a stunning rose garden.


Oh, how I wish you could smell these!




Beautiful! It was do hot though – the car said 27.5 degrees in the shade! Tomorrow they are talking thundery showers – the garden will be happy!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Back in Cornwall!


We managed to bag a 3 day last minute break in a self catering apartment in Polzeath!


It’s been hot, but we have done a lot of walking.


Plus lots of water drinking and paddling!


The evening sun here is just lovely – I have taken a million pictures!


Hubby says he will paint one – no doubt that will wait until it cools down a bit!

Home tomorrow via the hospital for my head CT scan – fingers crossed it is all okay!

Have a fantastic Friday!

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