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Back to Training

Well, I knew I was tired – which may explain why it was gone 10am when I woke this morning. Happily we were not in any rush!

I faffed about for a while soaking up coffee and checking emails. There was one from BUPA telling me I had preferential entry to the London 10k next May. Mmmm. That’s six months away. Time enough to train?!

I had a word with hubby and he agreed – plenty of time to train and a great incentive to get off our butts over the Winter. So we did it – we entered! Eeeek! So – we should have done some exercise today, instead we went into town shopping and drank this –


And even worse – ate this!


In my defence it was breakfast and lunch! That was all I ate today until dinner tonight of Thai Prawn Curry. So in total calories, I don’t think that is too bad overall.

So, now I need to lose a stone and learn to run again. Ho hum.

Have a super Sunday!

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