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Home Again

We had the most amazing time in Amsterdam – what a lovely place!


The canals are very pretty, and the old houses are a bit wonky.


Dam Square is buzzing too!


We did the Van Gough Museum on Thursday.


Then the modern art gallery.


Not really my cup of tea – some “installations” that went over my head – or were total rubbish! I’m not keen on anything that requires an explanation! Some pictures were great – like the huge Matisse –


Back home now and trying to get back to normal! Have a smashing Sunday!

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We arrived!


We walked!


Found a cheese shop!


Had dinner at the hotel.


Including pudding!


Now sat chilling in the hotel bar. Such a lovely city – we are visiting the Rijksmuseum tomorrow and may have to do some canal wandering too!

Happy days!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Stuck In – Day Out

Yesterday it rain alllllll day. Pah! I did not leave the house! I spent the day cooking and plotting! After seeing a programme on the reopening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, hubby and I decided it would be nice to go, so I did some research.

At the end of the day I had found a flight from Exeter and a nice 4 star hotel just outside of the city. I was a bit concerned about booking for early June as my last chemo is due on 21st May and we have no timetable from the doctor beyond that. With a sensible hat on, we decided not to book but to wait until I had spoken to the specialist nurse at the hospital to try and get some indication as to what happens after chemo.

This morning I rang that lovely nurse and she said nothing would happen during the 3 weeks after the last chemo, so I was fine to book it for the week of 3rd June. Yeah! 🙂

I booked flights and a three night stay!

We are going to Amsterdam!

Following that we spent the rest of the day in the garden de-ivy-ing the workshop!


I now have a huge pile of stuff to shred !


That’s tomorrow sorted for me!

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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