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Last Working Day

Happy to report my eating is finally back to normal! Phew!

Sad to report I have a rash! Not sure what it is, but I have red spots all over – mainly arms and legs though. I have seen a doctor and now have industrial strength antihistamines to take. I’m sure it will go as quickly as it came.

This week has been spent mainly at home, apart from a couple of trips to the doctor and last night when we played badminton for an hour.

I’m doing just fine!

Today is my last official working day – as of tomorrow I am ‘retired’. Circumstances have bought us here – but it is nice not to have to work. My pension isn’t huge, so some budgeting will be needed, but we will manage.

To celebrate – a picture of my Geko!


Have a super Saturday!

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Back in Cornwall!

Hello from beautiful Cornwall.


We got up quite late this morning, packed the car and set off just before lunch. I guess that’s one advantage of doing all the packing yesterday, and living just across the boarder!

We stopped at Sainsbury’s for a few provisions, then at The Weir for coffee and a sandwich at lunch , and still got here at 2.30pm! We unpacked and headed out for a walk along the cliff path.


So lovely! We have just had an Indian and are now sat, wine in hand at the Oystercatcher looking at this:


What’s not to like? 🙂

I have to admit to not feeling 100% today – my head is numb and very wobbly – but I am full of 3 days worth of chemo! All my food tastes awful – except chocolate (!) so chocolate it is for a while. Still, things will get better as the drugs wear off!

Tomorrow my big brother arrives – it will be great to see him again.

Have a superb Saturday!

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Both yesterday and today we have had dry, sometimes sunny weather, but flipping cold still!

Yesterday we did more gardening and got all the ivy from the workshop and generally tidied around.


Then last night we played badminton and had a drink in the pub – well, hubby had a couple of beers, I had juice, so I drove home!

Today it has been more of the same, but I did make bread too!


Thanks to the lovely Paul Hollywood, my very first bloomer was a great success!


Lunch was a real treat!

This afternoon we headed to Homebase and got two bird boxes for the now bare workshop. I hope someone moves in!

Tonight – sofa & television. I think I have earned a sit down!

Have a super Saturday – I will be shopping!

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Cold, Wet & Windy

What a miserable weather day! Happily we only had rain, not the awful snow that some have had, and happily we are on top of a hill so no flooding. I feel for the poor people that have suffered today. I stayed in – all day!

Catch up first as yesterday we stayed home for most of the day, then went to play badminton in the evening. I did pop out in the morning to pick up a new sick note from the doctor for 3 more months. That’s now on its way to the office.

We had a fun game of badminton last night – I’ve been really cold since the last chemo session, so it was nice to warm up a bit! After badminton we headed to the pub for a drink.


Today, due to the fact that the weather is awful, we have spent our time indoors. Happily hubby received a brand new HTC phone in the post, so that has kept us busy setting it all up. Nightmare! Still, it’s almost done now.

Time to sit and try and get warm for me.


I’m being well looked after and hopefully as the chemo works it’s way through me, I’ll warm up a bit tomorrow!

Have a super Saturday!

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This morning it snowed! Just a little bit and nothing stayed on the ground, but it was very pretty whilst it lasted. They are forecasting bucket loads for us tomorrow though! 🙂

With that in mind, we popped into the supermarket at lunch to pick up some meat, veg, bread and milk. That will see us through the weekend and through the bad weather that is forecasted.

In other news I got my next consultant appointment through – Tuesday afternoon. One step closer to knowing what’s going on. Neither hubby nor I slept too well last night, obviously a stressful time for both of us, but we have agreed to carry on as normal and just let them get on with it!

Tonight we are at the Community Centre for badminton – at least that will keep our minds off what might be.

Working at home tomorrow, and hopefully watching it snow!

Have a fab Friday!

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Badminton & Stuff

Hi chaps!

Yesterday I worked at home then went to play badminton for an hour in the evening follow by an apple juice at the pub!


Today I have been home again, so lots done! We went for a walk late afternoon – nice to see the daylight lasting a bit longer now! Soon be summer!


Love the wintertime trees – so pretty.

Dinner today was lamb curry. Now I have to sort out the menus for next week and put the shopping list together. I’m very pleased I bought the Fast Dirt book – it has some fabulous ideas for fast day foods and I will be adding some of those to next week.

Shopping and stuff tomorrow – nice! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Long Old Week

Considering I have only worked three days this week, it has still been a long old week.

Yesterday I worked at home, had soup for lunch and in the evening we played an hour of badminton before retiring to the pub!


Don’t worry – only a soft drink for me as I drove home.

Today, I have worked from home, had soup for lunch, and instead of badminton we went for our usual walk around the block. I think it’s getting lighter!


The sheep in the field opposite my office are still chewing and walking and generally keeping me entertained!


Occasionally they catch sight of us moving and stare up at the window – Bless!

Tomorrow it’s shopping day, plus I get my hair done. Yeah! I love having my hair done!

Have a super Saturday!

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Just finished work so I am now officially on holiday! I now have 12 days off – returning on 2nd January! Yeah!

It’s been a wet dank day today, so I have yet to venture out of the house. We will be shortly as it is Badminton night. The court is booked for 7pm, so I have just enough time for a cuppa before we go.

Work is all tidied up, email in box is as tidy as it can be. Phew!

Lunch today was the last of the ham, which I put in a sandwich and had a side of salad left over from dinner last night. A free meal! That’s it – fast day today.

Tomorrow I get my car back – hopefully dried out and leak free! Too exciting – I may go shopping!

Have a fantastic Friday!


Soon be Christmas! 🙂

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Another at-home day today, so, as promised – the girls!


I just love watching them – so beautiful. See the frost? That’s been there for three days now. Brrr! Now they are giving out flood warnings – strange old weather.

Lots of work done today, and a lovely bowl of soup with a roll for lunch. I really pushed the boat out and put a bit of butter on the roll as today is a fast day so that was my food for the day. I’m now working my way up to changing ready to go and play badminton for an hour. Quite looking forward to it – despite being starving already!

Home again tomorrow, I hope we don’t get washed away! Have a fab Friday! I’ll leave you with a couple more of the girls.


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Lack of Exercise

The weather is not helping my bid to lose a bit of weight! This cold wet and windy stuff does not make me want to leave the comfort of my house! Roll on those crisp dry winter days!

Yesterday I worked at home and nipped out during the morning for the final set of tests the Doctor asked for – blood tests this time. Quick and painless thanks to the professional nurse. I got a bit of a walk in to by parking just outside the village and walking to and from the surgery.


After a long day we then headed out for our usual hour on the badminton court. I was so tired I didn’t give it as much as I should have.

Today has been another day at home, and I was hopeful of a walk but the weather once again had other ideas. It has rained most of the afternoon so I wimped out. Sorry!

Tonight I am not moving from the sofa – it has been a long and sometimes difficult week and I am looking forward to forgetting all about it for a couple of days. I haven’t seen a forecast, but I’d really love a sunny dry day to go walk on the beach please!

Have a lovely weekend!

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