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Sun & Surf

The sun has shone ALL day! Not one single drop of rain – amazing!

We got up at a reasonable hour and packed the car for a spot of surfing and off we went to Croyde.


The surf was messy, but good enough for us to have a giggle and get some exercise! I am truly amazed that I got into my wet suit – I’m about a stone heavier than when I bought it – but with a lot of huffing and tugging we got there! I look dreadfully fat, but what the hell! We had a really good time.


Waved like mad at the Sea King crew and the waved back! It’s those little things that make my day – thanks guy’s!

I made hubby a cheese and tomato filled ciabatta roll for lunch, so he ate that as soon as we got out of the water – I had a banana. We changed and then headed home via an Art Gallery in Braunton. North Devon Arts have an ‘Art Trek’ on at the moment, so we called in on another venue today.


Elliott’s triptych – apologies for the awful photo – it is covered in glass!

Home and time to organise dinner of roast beef, green beans, broccoli and carrots with Yorkshire Pudding for hubby. I was so hungry, but didn’t over eat, which is great.

Tomorrow I have an early start to get to London for a meeting. Hope you have a great Monday!

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Two Down, Two to Go

Long old day in the office today so not a lot of news or witty banter from me today I’m afraid!

It started as usual with Nero’s coffee, followed by emails and more coffee, meetings and more coffee! I managed to get out for a short walk at lunch, but apart from that, nothing happened!

Food has been good again. I had a banana and almond butter for breakfast mid morning, then a handful of mixed nuts and cranberries. Lunch was tuna salad, and then dinner was mackerel and salad. I have probably eaten my daily dose of nuts already, but can’t resist a few more while I watch the television later! The great thing is, I’m not hungry. Apart from mid morning, I am never hungry – the protein fills me up very nicely and don’t feel the need for snacks or stuff in between meals. How much of a change is that! I used to eat two maybe three chocolate bars a day and be constantly picking at sweets and stuff. Not any more!

I say that like I have eaten this way all my life – when in fact it is only just over a week since I decided to give Paleo a try. I am no expert, and I will fall off the wagon at some point, but for now, it’s good and I don’t see any reason to change. Next week, when we are on holiday and eating out, I know will be difficult – I mean – there are not many shops that sell hard-boiled eggs alongside the chocolate bars! Cake – that will be a huge temptation for me, as will sandwiches, pasties and all the other easy to eat foods – I need to stay strong and do my best.

So, tomorrow I am home, but probably won’t be home for long as I have a doctor’s appointment, and a physio appointment – different times, different towns! I’ll spend longer getting  there and coming home than in the appointment, but that’s my fault for living in the middle of no-where! One day working at home tomorrow, and one day in the office on Thursday – then holiday! Yeah!

Have a great Wednesday!

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Still No Run

This week is dragging its heals and the weather is not helping!

Office meetings today, so an early start and a detour first thing as the river is still flooded. Driving was difficult again, so naturally I got to the office somewhat grumpy! Coffee soon perked me up though, and the day went well.

Lunch was Greek yogurt and lemon again, with a banana and two oranges eaten through the day. Happily I have managed to resist all the biscuits and chocolates that still abound in the office left over from Christmas, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to get out for a run this week. I’m consoling myself with the knowledge that I am home tomorrow, and on leave next week, so will be able to get out when the weather improves (fingers crossed).

I have done some strength training, in the form of step-ups, lunges, calf raises etc, but it is a poor substitute for cardio!

Dinner has been left overs – quiche and salad from yesterday – nice though!

Tomorrow I am home, so no early start, no driving battles – yeah!

Have a lovely Friday!

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The Longest Day

Wow – today has lasted forever! I was ready for lunch by 9.30am and ready for bed by 3pm!

Despite being busy at work, with lots to catch up on, the day dragged its feet. Luckily I took supplies, so had a banana and some peanut butter mid morning, and then Greek yogurt and lemon curd for lunch. I still rifled through my desk for nibbles mid afternoon – luckily there was nothing bad in there and I made do with a satsuma!

This morning it was dark, very wet and blowing a gale when I drove to work, which was quite difficult, but it cleared by lunch, so I got out for a walk for half an hour to try and wake myself up. I left work at 4pm to try and get home whilst it was still light. Good job I did as the river at the bottom of the hill had burst its banks and the road was flooded.

When I say flooded – I have never seen such a wide expanse of water across the road – I drove over the railway bridge an there it was – as far as the eye could see – and it was rushing by! It is just a single track road, so I had to do a 47 point turn to go back! I daren’t get my wheels on the verges as both were full of water and I swear I would have got stuck there! I made it, and did a few extra miles detour to get home, but here I am, safe and sound.

For dinner we had gammon steak and salad, which was nice, but a bit salty for my liking – I’m thirsty now!

Tomorrow I have to be at the dentists at 9am – so that will be fun! Then, happily, I am working at home for the rest of the day. Phew!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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Travels End

Today was my last day travelling into the office until next year! 🙂

I set off in the dark, wet and cold for another difficult drive to work, with another “white van man”on my bumper. I wouldn’t mind, but 50 mph is ample on these roads, in those conditions! If I were doing 30 mph, then I could understand it. I also encountered a Smart car with a death wish – the second time this week they have overtaken cars where they could not possibly see what was coming – unless they have the ability to see around corners that is.

Work was fun – annual appraisal time with the new boss. Nothing too exciting to report, except he seems to think that I have worked hard and done a good job. I told him I wanted my old job back – not a lot he could say to that though, and that I didn’t want to do the stuff in my current job description. I wasn’t too negative, and gave him a list of stuff I did want to do – which he seemed alright with, so I’ll go along with that for now.

I drove home at lunch again, and worked here for the afternoon, so that’s it – I’m done travelling until January! Such a good feeling.

I had a banana and peanut butter mid morning, but missed out on lunch as I was travelling. For dinner I made a sausage and butter bean hotpot for dinner from BBC Good Food – I didn’t make the tomato sauce – I cheated with a box of chopped tomato with garlic and olive oil from Sainsburys and used Sainsburys Cumberland sausages. It took about 20 minutes to put together, and a further 30 minutes to cook and it was wonderful! We ate it with a pile of cabbage. I’d recommend it!

Tonight I am doing some serious chilling and drinking my favourite decaf coffee with amaretto flavour – lovely comfort food and comfort drinks – just what you need on a cold wet and windy night in the middle of December.

Thursday tomorrow – getting closer to the weekend – have a good one!

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A Bit Wet

It is hammering down out there! The forecast said it would be bad tonight, and they were not wrong. Happily I took heed and left work early to get home in almost light before the nasty weather set in. Happily, I am now tucked up safe and sound.

I went into the office today, so a silly-early start for me. My poor body really did not want to get up that early, my bed was so warm and comfortable and the darkness did not give me any encouragement to get out of there either. I did though, and struggled my way into the office. The day was a busy one, and I ate well. I had a banana and some peanut butter for “breakfast” mid morning, and then two pots of greek yogurt with a spoon of lemon curd for lunch. I am eating light and soft as I have a touch of IBS, which has left me looking several months pregnant! (I’m not – don’t panic!)

I went for a little walk at luch to try and ease the tummy, just 45 minutes, and enough to get a bit of fresh air, but it did not help much!

My meetings finished at 3pm, so I left the office at 3.30pm to get home whilst there was still some light.

Dinner was cold chicken from yesterday and salad. Nice – I just had a little with a couple of small new potatoes to keep me going.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I am back at the office. Joy.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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Dash Around the Quay

That’s what I did at lunch today! Work organised a run around the Quay and I volunteered, based on the fact that if they take the time and trouble to organise these things, the least I can do is participate, then they might do more!

Work at the office today, but I managed to stay away from the mountains of food, biscuits and chocolate on offer – all because of that run. This morning I stopped at Nero’s again for a giant skinny latte – that sets me up nicely for the day! I had my banana mid morning, then, aware that I was due to run just after mid-day, I stuck with water.

I changed and ran/walked the mile or so down to the Quay and met up with some colleagues – some I knew, some I didn’t. At 12.30 we were off. I ran walked and the sun shone. Considering the time of year it’s flipping hot! Not that I am complaining or anything! I finished the 1.36 miles (supposed to be 1.2 but dodging pedestrians and people carrying canoes added some) in 15:35. Go me! I met a very nice lady from another office, and we walked back together. We plotted a plot to meet up monthly to motivate each other and re-run the course to try and improve – how good is that!

Showered and back at the office, I woolfed down my salad and yogurt with a whole pint of water! During the afternoon, I drank another pint of water. So good!

Home late (again!), hubby had put a joint of ham in to roast, so I did cauliflower (cheese sauce for hubby) and peas with it. Needless to say I was starving!

Now I have several more chores to do before I shut up shop, so I’ll say good evening for now. Back to the office again tomorrow – let’s see if I can go three consecutive days with no sugar! :o)

Have a tumultuous Thursday people!


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Tired Tuesday

I did it again! I laid awake last night for hours before I managed to get to sleep. This doesn’t happen to me – I usually manage to sleep for England! When that alarm went off at 6.25am I was not ready for it. I struggled out of bed, and then struggled through the rest of the day.

Office day today, so I was mega aware of what I was eating. Being so tired, I called at Nero’s in town on the way to work and picked up a bucket of skinny latte to try and wake me up. I managed to ignore all the cakes and pastries, but boy did those cinnamon swirls look good! :o)

Meetings took most of the morning, but I sneaked in a second coffee and a banana mid morning to keep me going. Meetings didn’t finish until 1.30pm, by which time I was starving! I had a nice 30 minute walk and then back for salad and cheddar, and then two Yeo Valley yogurts – one black current (nice), one lemon curd (very nice!). Then back to meetings.

Left late, so no run today. Dinner was salad and baked salmon today – very nice. I managed to not only stay within my calories, but stay away from the cakes, chocolate and biscuits! Yeah!

Tomorrow it’s back to the office again, so I really hope I can get back to having a proper night’s sleep. I also have a run at lunch, organised by work. Oh dear – I fear I may make a spectacle of myself, but hey ho! At least I can say I tried!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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