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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Phew! I’m not complaining – but it’s a bit warm around here!

I’ve done very little beside drink coffee and tea! Yesterday was shopping day, so today we headed for the cooler weather at the beach.


There were people camped out on the beach, but far less than I expected given the weather.


We had a lovely walk along the water’s edge minus shoes, then headed inland to get an ice cream. Yummy!


It was just nice by the water, getting into the car to come home was like climbing into an oven!

In other news, I’ve gone blonde!


I really like it, shame I will lose all my hair again with the radiotherapy – but never mind – it should grow back!

We have also booked three days away in the week – Tuesday to Thursday in Cornwall. The fine weather is set to continue, and I’m set to enjoy it by the sea!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Quick Holiday

Sorry to have been a bit lacking on the blog front!

On Tuesday we popped down to Cornwall for two days staying at the Metropole in Padstow.


We had a lovely room and great view!


We did quite a lot of walking and paddling to keep cool!



We also took a trip on the Jubliee Queen!


We saw puffins and seals! So cute!

We ate quite a lot, but we also walked miles, so that isn’t too bad.

Yesterday we left the hotel at mid day and headed straight to Exeter hospital where I had another CT scan and got three dots tattooed on me in anticipation of starting radiotherapy in a couple of weeks.

We saw the consultant again and chatted through the plan, in addition to the 15 days of treatment to the chest tumour we agreed to a further 10 full head treatments. The down side is that I will lose my hair again, but the up side is good evidence that it can prevent tumours forming in the brain. Evidently there is a 60% chance of lung cancer spreading to the brain, but preventative radiotherapy can reduce that by half. I am happy to do anything reasonable to do what I can to get better odds!

Today we popped into town and I drank this!


I could do with more of those! Fabulous!

Tomorrow is probably shopping, but we’ll see. Have a super Saturday!

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Catching Up!

Sorry I haven’t blogged this week – most of it has been spent waiting!

Tuesday we saw a new doctor – a very nice lady in charge of radiotherapy. She was remarkably positive and has organised a planning session, followed by 12 treatment days. All good news! We were told that the planning session would be booked and we would get a phone call – but it should be done by next Tuesday (a week away).

Hence the waiting! Still no phone call!

So, we did a bit of beach walking


A bit of coffee drinking


A bit of walking


And a bit of gardening


In between which, we checked the ansaphone!

Today we had a walk in the sunshine.


Then sat and watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon! How exciting was that! 🙂

Hoping to get a call tomorrow – fingers crossed. It would be great to get the treatment started!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Happy July!

July already! I wonder when summer will start?

Irrespective of the chilly weather, we paid a short visit to the beach today.


We had a walk around Westward Ho! as hubby had a dentist appointment in Bideford. That warranted a walk on the beach and a wander around the shops at Atlantic Village.


And coffee of course! Not my favourite coffee shop, but it was needed and the only choice!


Chilly and grey today, but we made the best of it.


Pretty foxgloves in the hedgerows at the moment – along with wild strawberries – yummy!


Tomorrow we see a new doctor – the radiotherapy specialist. We should get to know what, when and why. I must say I am looking forward to the next stage of the journey to keep the cancer at bay.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and happy July!

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Back here!


Holiday again as it is my birthday tomorrow! We have a cottage booked for the week & it has started sunny and warm.


We had a nice walk this morning and then spent most of the afternoon on the beach playing martok (sp?)


We paused for coffee at the beach cafe where this chappie stole from the tables!


Here’s hoping for more sun tomorrow! Have a superb Saturday!

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One Week On

It’s now a week since Chemo and to be honest, I’m looking forward to feeling myself again! I’m still very tired, my face looks like a football, everything still tastes slimy and I have a huge bloated stomach full of wind! Attractive huh! 🙂 this round of chemo has been the worst – as predicted – the doc said it got gradually worse & he was quite correct.

I do consider myself very very lucky though. Without chemo I would not be here, and up to this latest round, I have not suffered too much with side effects. I’m grateful that the science exists to keep me going – side effects are just a minor inconvenience really.

In other news, we spent yesterday at home doing very little apart from a short walk around the block.


Today we popped into town for a couple of bits and bobs – including more chocolate! It’s the only thing that tastes like it should! The rest of the day has been spent doing very little again. Obviously what I need, but not very productive!

The garden looks good though!


I also got my CT appointment in the post – Thursday 13th June – it will hopefully inform the doctors and help determine what treatment to give me next.

This time next week we will be in Amsterdam! Yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Getting Better – Slowly!

Today has been a bit better – I’ve not been quite so tired or dizzy – a double dose of tablets first thing this morning may well have helped!

It’s been a lovely sunny day, but a cool wind again, so we headed to the beach again.


Being cheap-skates, we stopped at the supermarket and got a sandwich, crisps, drinks and fruit and then sat in the shelter of the pebble ridge at Westward Ho! to have our picnic lunch. Then we headed along the coast path for a lovely long walk.


Beautiful scenery!


Plus we got an escort part of the way!


We did a bit of shopping on the way home, then we threw together a pizza for dinner – we are saving up the roast beef for tomorrow when the forecast is for rain. Pah! We have had such a lovely two days – I guess it’s greedy to ask for another sunny day! 🙂

Have a bonanza bank holiday!

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Bit Tired!

Oh boy! This round of chemo has been a bit naughty! I’m so tired! My head has spun, teeth hurt (!), can’t taste anything and could happily spend all day in bed. Hopefully things are getting better – I could do with a bit of energy!

Yesterday we plodded out for a walk around town and I managed a lovely strawberry & vanilla frappe from Nero’s – lovely! I could taste it! It was cold yesterday though, so we didn’t spend long outside. We watched the sunset from the lounge!


Today it seemed warmer so we headed to the beach! Westward Ho!


Complete with Hocking’s ice cream and a shiny new blue flag.


I love the beach huts too – so pretty!


After a stroll we headed back to do the shopping and then home for some sitting down in the garden! That’s me done in now!

Have a lovely evening and smashing Sunday!

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To the Beach!

It’s been a lovely sunny day – well, it was before about 4pm when an almighty thunder storm hit!

We made the most of the sunshine and headed off late morning to see the latest art exhibition at the Burton Gallery in Bideford. Quite interesting! It was prints done by Picasso, Matisse, Dali & Warhol.


My favourite was Dali’s ‘Blue Owl’ – amazing what can be done with a biro and scrubbing circles!


All that culture was exhausting – coffee and cake required! Mmmmmm!


Suitably feed and watered, we headed to the beach to walk it off!


Beautiful day and Westward Ho! beach is so lovely to wander along.


Finally we called at the supermarket to pick up a few bits so I could make a curry – I made ‘Chicken with Fried Onion Sauce’ and a cabbage & pea side dish – all from Madur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking book. Scrummy food! Full now! 🙂

Tomorrow – hoping for more sunshine and a bit more shopping.

Have a scrumptious Saturday!

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Happy Easter!

The sun has shone for two days in a row! It’s still very cold and my hat has been my friend, but it is so nice to see the sun.

Yesterday we did town and shopping, so the most exciting thing was looking around Homebase! Today we headed off to the beach.


We did Croyde bay today. The wind was cold, but in my opinion you just can’t beat a walk on the beach. Lots of surfers out – there were some cracking waves coming in.


We walked the beach and then around the village, stopping off for coffee and a shared bit of flapjack. Mmmm!


Back via the beach and home in time to do roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and a tray of roast veg. Most welcome! I probably ate too much!

I’m liking British Summer Time – the sun is still shining! It will be nice to be able to go out after dinner in the light.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring – but I hope the sun shines for you and you have a monumental Monday!

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