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Oh well – that warm sun didn’t hang around long did it? Today there have been the odd sunny bits, but mainly cold, windy and cloudy.

We started this morning with a spot of gardening and hubby put the finishing touches to his latest creation.


This fabulous object is now in pride of place outside the front of the house. I do hope it makes everyone smile!

After lunch we ventured out for a walk – longer than usual we took a different circuit – 3.25 miles done.


Lots of sheep and cows to say hello to – flipping freezing though!

Home and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing dinner – roast beef and all the trimmings. Lovely !

Tomorrow we start round 4 of chemotherapy with a trip to the hospital for blood tests before chemo on Tuesday. As we are heading to town – there may be shopping involved! 🙂

Have a magical Monday !

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Weekend Wind-down

What a lovely weekend we have had – much of the usual, but usual is absolutely fine with me!

Yesterday we did town, Nero’s coffee and then to the supermarket to stock up the empty fridge. That was about it – I then sat down and watched the rugby! Dreadful defeat of England, but a good match.

Today I have done very little! Thus morning I faffed about on the computer, had soup for lunch, then sat and watched the F1 Grand Prix. I love F1! Lewis did well considering his new team. In between the motor racing I did dinner – roast beef, roast veg and Yorkshire puddings.

We did get out for a walk around the block though.


Such a beautiful day!


The madness restarts tomorrow with a trip to the hospital for blood tests, fingers crossed they will be okay. Tuesday it’s even madder with chest c-rays, appointment with the oncologist, then chemotherapy session number 3. Busy old week ahead!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Sunday Stroll

A bit chilly today – just one degree when we ventured out about 10am – one degree! Brrrr! Happily I was dressed for the cold with a thermal top, fleece, hoodie, another fleece, Berhaus shell jacket and scarf! No getting cold for me!


Before we went to the beach we called at the Art Hotel where hubby had exhibited his paintings – and sold one! 🙂 Then it was off to Woolacombe for a nice stroll on the beach.


After that blast of fresh air we dived into the Woolacombe Bay Hotel for coffee and cake! Yummy chocolate cake. Off again via Curry’s to order a new larder fridge, then Homebase to pick up a new table lamp for the dining room.

We got home mid afternoon in time to get the roast beef in the oven. Having had just a bit of cake all day we were both starving, so roast beef, Yorkshire puds and a tray of roast veg (carrots, parsnip, onion and sprouts) was most welcome.

I’m stuffed full now!

I might manage a coffee later, but the sofa beckons now.

Tomorrow is hospital for blood tests. Fingers crossed all is well and I can get my second cycle of chemo on Tuesday.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Two Days into One Doesn’t Go

As we spent yesterday doing our wood engraving course today was spent doing everything we normally do in two days!

This morning it was shopping – first the DIY shop to get some new light bulbs and drill bits. So exciting! We needed drill bits as hubby melted on the other day when trying to make a small hole in the wall to plug and hang a picture. One of the downfalls of cob walls is that you get stones in amongst the mud – big stones! Sod’s law says that if you want to hang a picture there – there will be a big stone. You will end up with either a melted drill bit or a very large hole!

Then to the supermarket for the food shop. Home for lunch – soup today. Housey stuff this afternoon plus making dinner – roast beef, roast red onions –


Served with carrots, parsnips, sprouts and Yorkshire pudding for himself! It was very tasty! Now I need to sort myself out for the working week – lunch to pack and hair to wash, dry and straighten – all before Strictly!

Hope you had a great weekend – have a merry Monday!

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You will have noticed that there has been a lack of exercise on my part this week. Well, the weather has been rubbish! Today we tried to ignore the weather and went for a walk. Soaked!


We did the usual town shopping then supermarket shopping and managed to dodge the showers. Even sunny enough for a marching band in town!


In fact, it stayed fairly dry until we stepped out of the door to go for a walk. The first half was very wet, then we got a very welcome bit of sun.


I was really happy to see the sun, and felt a little overdressed!


Settling down for a nice evening at home and Strictly! It should be great entertainment!

Have a lovely evening and a smashing Sunday.

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Butterflies & Dragonflies

Another lazy Sunday in this house! I faffed about all morning doing nothing in particular, had soup for lunch then did a load more faffing.

I did the preparation for dinner – roast beef, carrots, broccoli and cabbage, then out for a walk. It rained all morning, but by mid afternoon it had stopped and the warmth came through.


The maize is growing nicely in the warm rain! There were also loads of flying things out today – I managed to get a snap of a Gatekeeper!


The dragonflies and damselflies were far too quick for me!

Lovely walk followed by a big dinner. So a long lazy day – just nice.

Back to work tomorrow – have a magically Monday.

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Sunny Sunday

Superb day again, after a few showers first thing the sun has shone.

We faffed this morning, had lunch of tuna salad, then went to the coast. First we went to Bucks Mill – a really pretty village and a nice walk down to the sea.


Nice walk – if a bit steep!



Don’t know what they were fishing for, but this next picture is looking over to Clovelly and Hartland Point.


Then we called at Westward Ho!


After a walk around Westward Ho! We called for coffee at Bideford.


Home to find the slow roast beef done, so I did the vegetables and dinner was done!

Such a lovely day. Work tomorrow – oh well – at least we had a great weekend!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Warm Sunshine!



Sun! I took every advantage to be outside today – plus I earn Fuel for my beautiful Fuelband if I am active!

In the office today so I started as usual calling at Nero’s for a bucket of coffee, then a nice early start at work. As it was so nice out I took a walk at lunch down to the river.


I love my Nike+ Fuelband! It got me off my chair and out for a walk to earn points! Back at the office and I had cold beef and salad for lunch, followed by yogurt.

By the time I got home I had still only got half my target fuel and 4000 steps in today so after another salad and cold meats for dinner, hubby and I headed out for our usual walk.


It was lovely out – still warm too. How wonderful to have summer back.

I still hadn’t made my target activity when I got home, so I hoovered the stairs! OMG – I have become addicted!

Tomorrow I am working at home, so I am going to have to work hard to reach my target.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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I have spent 90% of the day travelling – so tiring and dirty!

My day started before 6am and I was in the car driving to the train station by 6.39am. It’s an hour drive to the station, park, get tickets and then 2.5 hours on the train to London. It was raining hard in London so took the tube to Westminster for my meeting.


I got soaked between the tube station and the Treasury Office, and the length of the meeting was hardly long enough to dry off! I then walked up past Horse Guards –


Via Trafalgar Square to Charing Cross to get the tube to Oxford Circus. I popped into Nike Town! 🙂 I am now the very proud owner of a Fuelband! How cool is this:


Woop woop! I am such a sucker for a gadget!

Still raining, so back down the underground to Paddington.


I was wet, hot and dirty by now, so sat waiting for my train sipping coffee. This lady in the yellow jacket has a buzzard to scare away the pigeons!


I finally landed home at 6.30pm. Long old day – but I have a new toy so all is well. Normal work resumes tomorrow, my hour journey to the office will seem like heaven!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Feet Ache!

Happy July! I wonder if summer will come soon?

This morning I got on the scales for my weekly weight in. I got off very quickly. I have yet again gained weight – that is a constant upward movement since February. I have put on over a stone since my leg operation – this is not what I need – things have to change.

It is quite easy – eat less, move more.

So today I have tried to stay on my feet, cleaning and polishing this morning followed by vegetable soup for lunch. After that, a two and a half hour walk and cooking roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner. All Paleo for me, hubby had Yorkshire Puddings!


I really enjoyed our walk today – I started out with a t shirt, jumper and wind proof jacket on, but was soon down to just a t shirt!


This tree is precariously growing on the edge of a quarry!


Wild strawberries! And no – we didn’t eat any! They looked just too pretty to eat!


I can’t resist the Cow Parsley shot!

So my goal of eating less and moving more has been met today. The key thing is keeping it going! Have you seen the Nike+ Fuelbands? Oooo how I want one of those! They have been available in the States for a while, but the only place you can buy them in the UK is London! How annoying is that! They aren’t even available on line yet! Want! I am hoping they will be made available nation-wide soon – I can’t go on drooling! 🙂

Office tomorrow – I have tuna and lettuce, a banana, an apple and a small pot of cashew nut butter packed and ready to go. If I get out for a walk at lunch that will be ideal.

Have a good Monday!

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