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A Week at Home

A whole week spent at home! That’s some sort of record I’m sure!

Wednesday we went to the Art Group in the evening and had a nice buffet followed by a talk. This month it was a ceramicist chap who gave a really interesting talk on his life and work – some fabulous pots! He doesn’t live far away, so we have made a note to visit his studio and shop.

Yesterday was hospital day. I had a CT scan having drunk a load of stuff and had dye pumped into a cannula. Results on Tuesday next week when we see the oncologist. Fingers crossed, touch wood & all that! In the evening we played badminton for an hour and then popped into the village pub!


Today we went into town for a bit of shopping and to top up the caffeine levels!


I have also finished reading my latest Stephen King novel (brilliant!) and we went for a walk.


Tomorrow is shopping day!

Have a smashing Saturday!

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Me Day

Today I have had a me day – I’ve never had a me day, so this has been a first.

This morning I went and got a manicure and had my nails painted with Gel polish.


Lovely! I enjoyed it a lot!

I got home in time for lunch – which is our only meal today as we are giving the intermittent fasting thing a go. The idea is that you just eat 500 (600 for men) calories in one meal – then nothing else. It is supposed to do two jobs, firstly the reduction in calories aids weight loss, but also the fasting helps your body go into repair mode.

I’m hungry now, but I am determined to get through the day! I had two poached eggs and bacon for my meal – plenty at the time!

This afternoon we did a 3.25 mile walk. It’s hot out there!


I was quite tired by the time we got home – and hot!


Look how high the hedges have grown! At least they gave us a bit of shade.


In between lunch and walk I did a bit more book editing. Boy that can drive you nuts – but I am getting there!

Now I am going to settle in with more Olympics and some black coffee.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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More Amazing Moments!


What a great Olympics this is! I can’t praise the athletes enough – just terrific!

I have sat on my backside all day editing my book. Not conducive to getting fit. Ho hum. I watched BBC’s Horizon programme last night on intermittent fasting – most interesting. I like the idea of a 500 calorie day followed by a normal day. They say there is a lot of evidence that it not only helps you lose weight, but has great health benefits too, giving the body time to repair itself. I like this idea. I will give it a go.

Today has been a lean day food wise as hubby wants to work his way up to fasting! I had salad for dinner and lunch, tuna and ham for protein. Nicely Paleo and just a few calories.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a bit more with my book, and a bit more exercise! I hope the rain stops sometime soon. I can’t wait for summer to arrive!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Lie In

So nice not to have to work this week! I have a few things planned, but a lie in was most welcome. All this watching of the amazing Olympic games is making me tired!

Did you see the 100 metres last night? Wow! Bolt is just a superstar! Along with all the other amazing competitors – what a show of commitment, dedication, sacrifice and performance.

I did get out for a walk today.


Typically it was dry when we set out, wet by the time we got home!


Just enough room for one tractor and one walker! Did the usual circuit to the Beacon and around.


I have also started to edit my book – well, three books! They were three books each if just over 50,000 words – now they are one book of 150,000 words! Some severe editing to be done – but you have to start somewhere if you want to be a best selling author!

Food today has been good and Paleo! Egg salad for lunch, chicken curry and mushrooms for dinner.

Lovely day – now for another evening of Olympics! Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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