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Run a Bit, Walk a Lot

Finally we got out in appropriate clothing to start running again. Hubby has new shoes!


First – this morning we did the shopping, first popping into town for some bits and bobs and coffee!


And cake! Strawberry cheesecake to be exact – it was lovely!

Then on to Sainsbury’s for food shopping, then home. The showers became few & far between mid afternoon so that’s when we ventured down the lanes. Met these ladies too –


I think they were staring at hubby’s new shoes! 🙂

Tomorrow they are forecasting rain, so I may have to sit and read a book!

Have a smashing Sunday!

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Happy Easter!

The sun has shone for two days in a row! It’s still very cold and my hat has been my friend, but it is so nice to see the sun.

Yesterday we did town and shopping, so the most exciting thing was looking around Homebase! Today we headed off to the beach.


We did Croyde bay today. The wind was cold, but in my opinion you just can’t beat a walk on the beach. Lots of surfers out – there were some cracking waves coming in.


We walked the beach and then around the village, stopping off for coffee and a shared bit of flapjack. Mmmm!


Back via the beach and home in time to do roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and a tray of roast veg. Most welcome! I probably ate too much!

I’m liking British Summer Time – the sun is still shining! It will be nice to be able to go out after dinner in the light.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring – but I hope the sun shines for you and you have a monumental Monday!

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Sunday Stroll

A bit chilly today – just one degree when we ventured out about 10am – one degree! Brrrr! Happily I was dressed for the cold with a thermal top, fleece, hoodie, another fleece, Berhaus shell jacket and scarf! No getting cold for me!


Before we went to the beach we called at the Art Hotel where hubby had exhibited his paintings – and sold one! 🙂 Then it was off to Woolacombe for a nice stroll on the beach.


After that blast of fresh air we dived into the Woolacombe Bay Hotel for coffee and cake! Yummy chocolate cake. Off again via Curry’s to order a new larder fridge, then Homebase to pick up a new table lamp for the dining room.

We got home mid afternoon in time to get the roast beef in the oven. Having had just a bit of cake all day we were both starving, so roast beef, Yorkshire puds and a tray of roast veg (carrots, parsnip, onion and sprouts) was most welcome.

I’m stuffed full now!

I might manage a coffee later, but the sofa beckons now.

Tomorrow is hospital for blood tests. Fingers crossed all is well and I can get my second cycle of chemo on Tuesday.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Bank Holiday Traffic

You would think that living in North Devon we would know better than to venture to the coast on August Bank Holiday weekend! But no – we don’t care and went anyway!

We decided late morning that as the sun was shining and no work was happening, we should go back to Mortehoe and walk around the coast path to Lee Bay. A six mile round trip – very doable on such a lovely day. We changed into shorts and running tops, packed water bottles, jelly beans and cameras onto our running belts, and off we set.

I had hoped that by the time we set off, most people would have got where they were going, but that was not the case. The road through Braunton was one big traffic queue. Loads of people going places! We headed up to Morthoe and into the one small car park. It didn’t take a genius to work out it was full. We turned around and headed off to Lee Bay – hoping to park there and walk the other way.

The road to Lee Bay was long, steep and very single track! We are used to lanes, but not when you get so much traffic! Lee Bay is tiny, pretty, but tiny.


It was close to high tide, so not much beach and not a single shop or cafe.


The car park was also full, so we headed off to Ilfracombe – no problem parking there, or finding coffee. There are more Tea Shops in Ilfracombe than the whole of Devon I swear! We first headed though the tunnels to the beach.


They were dug through the rock in Victorian days and lead to two separate beaches – the Ladies Beach, and the Gentleman’s Beach. Obviously to stop the men seeing the ladies in their bathing suits! Happily you can use either now!


Then we walked to the harbour.


Where we had coffee and cake (lunch!) at Damian Hirst’s place.


Had a look around the Lifeboat Station as it was an open day –


Finally a long walk through the town back to the car. Not quite the walk we had planned, but very enjoyable anyway!

Home and I made burgers with salad for dinner – boy were they welcome! I need a sit down now, and to decide what to do tomorrow – I love free days off!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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I was quite surprised to be up and about at a not unreasonable hour today! I do like my sleep, so Saturdays are usually a quite late start, it was good to be up and about though.

We did our usual trip into town, and was really surprised to see this down the High Street –


Evidently it’s Green Man Day – who knew?!?


Lots of drums and samba music – everyone seemed to be having a great time!

We did a bit of shopping, then a break at Nero’s where I had a bucket of coffee before heading off to Sainsbury’s to get the food shop.

We got home in time to enjoy the sunshine around the lanes – except the flies were out! It was lovely and warm but also still. No wind = flies! We ended up doing a bit of a jog as there were clouds of the horrible things, especially down by the dairy farm!

Lots of exercise today, so I have made my Nike+ Fuelband goal three days in a row now! Yeah!


Food today has been frugal – I had a small bit of carrot cake for lunch, but then I made Thai Prawn Curry for dinner with a big bowl of stir fry veg. Enough I think, especially as tomorrow is weigh day and I really want to reverse the constant weight gain trend!

More sun forecast tomorrow, so if the roads aren’t too busy, a trip to the beach may be in order!

Have a lovely Sunday!


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Late Start

I couldn’t quite believe the clock when I woke up this morning – 10:15! Blimey! I knew it had been a long week and I was tired, but that’s a bit late – even for me!

Eventually we headed off into town for a spot of shopping and a smooch around. I bought a new pair of Adidas trousers – I’ve had one pair for years and they are now a bit beyond their sell by date! They are mesh-lined and super comfortable, so I was happy to find a similar pair in town.

By the time we’d bought what we needed it was way past lunch, so we popped into Nero’s for coffee & cake!


Not very Paleo – but at least it had carrots and sultanas in it!

After lunch we did the weekly food shop at Sainsbury’s and then home. Time flies when you’re shopping, so just time for a quick walk before dinner.


It rained this morning, but it has been dry for the rest of the day. Some lovely greenery around thanks to all the wet weather!


The Cow Parsley has gone to seed now, probably looks better than it did in flower!


Dinner was Thai Red Prawn Curry and stir fry vegetables – I was starving so it didn’t last long!

Tomorrow we are hoping to go surfing – fingers crossed for good weather and good waves. Have a great Sunday!

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Shopping & Walking

Strange old day, sunshine in Truro, fog in Polzeath!

We were going to walk this morning, then go to Truro for a bit of shopping, but it was thick fog so we headed to Truro first. Pretty town with some nice shops (!) to look around – bonus – it has a Nero’s! By lunch in Truro the fog had cleared and we chose Nero’s coffee and lemon cheesecake for lunch before heading back to the beach.

I enjoyed the shops of Truro, not too busy either. We bought a few bits and pieces and took a few pictures.


As we drove back, the fog started to appear again, and by the time we got back you could not see the sea!

We did walk though – 4.69 miles of coastal footpath. Plenty for me and the leg! The muscle seems to be healing quite well, but the ankle is huge, red and sore. I am sure I am allergic to E45 cream! I put some on as my ankle was quite dry, now it is red and angry, which is weird as I thought E45 was quite innocent. There you go!

Dinner will involve bread and cheese as that is all we have in, but that’s okay as I am starving!

Tonight wine will be consumed, tomorrow I hope the fog clears and the sun comes out. Have a lovely day!


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Both the day and the suitcases!

It’s been a busy day, so much so that I have just sat down for the first time today. I’m afraid resting has been lacking today but I will make up for it tomorrow as we will be travelling.

I sorted the office stuff this morning, then emptied the vegetable fridge and made two different soups – tomato, and celery and leek. We ate the tomato for lunch, and I have frozen the other.

This afternoon we went over to Bideford for some bits for hubby. Such a lovely day we then took an hour off and walked around the river and into the park to the Cafe du Parc where not only is there lovely coffee, but also cake! I had the most amazing Tarte Citroen, it was gone in a moment, but absolutely delicious!

We walked over the old bridge:


Lovely sunshine and lots of mud as the tide was low. This dead ship caught my eye:


It’s sad it has just been left to rot.

Walk over, we came home to pack – I’m ridiculously organised and have a very comprehensive packing list so nothing gets forgotten. It took us an hour or so, but we have all we need for our weeks holiday. Yeah!

The leg has been good today, I am still limping a lot, but I am doing alright. It is still very bruised, hurts like heck to touch, but is still completely numb under the stitches and down to my ankle. I hope I get some feeling back soon, or I’ll start to worry!

Dinner was a simple ham salad with new potatoes – just nice after that tarte!

Tomorrow we drive – have a great Friday all!


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Recovery Day One

I went shopping! 🙂

I did not sleep too well, I think I must usually turn over lots in my sleep, but since my leg was perched on top of two pillows, I couldn’t go very far and kept waking up. I managed to stay in bed until about 9am but had had enough by then and hobbled up.

Hubby made me coffee, and gradually got nearer to being human. My leg dressing needs to be kept dry for at least two days, so the challenge of the shower presented itself. An amazing trick of parcel tape and a bin bag worked wonders! I slit open the bin bag so it wrapped around my leg above the knee a few times, and then secured it with parcel tape. I then showered in safety with the water running down the bin bag and leaving my leg dry!

Late morning we ventured into town, parking in the shopping centre with a lift so I didn’t have far to walk. Driving the crutches was a bit of a challenge, but hubby has been wonderful and I made it around few shops before heading to Nero’s for a much needed coffee and slice of cake!

Then I hobbled around Sainsbury’s for the weekly shop, which is not fun when you can’t carry anything! It was great to be out and about, but I knew when I had had enough and we retreated home and to the sofa.

Dinner was Green Thai Prawn curry and stir fry veggies – lovely.

I am sure I have done enough today, and I know that I will sleep like a log tonight! Tomorrow will be Day Two, so a bit more walking and a bit more resting.

Have a wonderful Sunday folks.


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Christmas Shopping

That’s what I wanted to do today, but I ended up buying nothing. In past years I have done all my shopping on-line, but it is a sure-fire way of spending way too much money, so this year I decided to actually go into a shop and buy stuff. Well, I went into the shops but I bought the sum total of nothing. The majority of stuff was – well – tat. I know that’s harsh, but it was. Just expensive rubbish. I am not throwing money away on rubbish, so I bought it home with me.Internet shopping here I come!

We scoured the DIY stores for a new bathroom corner shelf. Who knew it would be so hard! Finally found one that will do the job, but the stores all seem to have ditched anything practical in favour of tinsel trees and plastic reindeer! Half way through the expedition we stopped at Nero’s for coffee and cake, just to keep our strength up you understand! 🙂 Then on to the supermarket for the weekly shop.

Finally home as dusk was falling – blimey we had been out nearly all day! A quick cup of tea, put the shopping away and it was time for dinner – prawn curry again, our Saturday night staple now-a-days.

Now I have to write – I need to keep up my 2,000 words a night to finish on schedule. If you miss just one night it takes forever to catch up. So, off to do some story telling.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some exercise – I think I have put on a pound or two this week with my total lack of activity!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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