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Coffee & Shoes!

What a lovely day – it was nearly warm! I must admit to not getting up early, so we fiddled around all morning and had an early lunch at home.

I got a call from the lovely Hospice lady this morning as she promised a couple of weeks ago when we met. It is nice to talk to her – she is obviously very knowledgeable and has got the T shirt! We talked chemo and side effects and arranged to talk again in a couple of weeks.

After lunch we picked my car up from the garage – all fixed and four new tyres too – she is very happy! Then off to Atlantic Village Shopping centre in Bideford as hubby wanted some new running shoes from the Nike shop. First though –


I needed coffee! He got some Nike Pegasus shoes – same style as his old ones but updated and blue! We got home mid afternoon, so I put a tray of veg in to roast while we walked around the block.


When we got back I hammered some chicken, stuffed it with Stilton and wrapped it in Parma ham, cooked for 30 minutes and it was time to eat!

I’m ready for the sofa now and a sit down. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned – mouth problems can be a common side effect of the chemo so I am trying to prevent any of that!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Good Grey Day

Been a grey old day – the foggy stuff has hung around all day, but it didn’t stop us achieving everything we wanted – which is a good thing!

After chemo yesterday I spent the night tossing and turning – good old steroids! I’ve also started losing great clumps of hair – I’ve left it all around the house! This morning I rang my lovely hairdresser and booked to get it all shaved off tomorrow – you’ll be looking forward to that photo! 🙂

Today we have spent doing a bit of this and a bit of that, starting with taking my car to the garage to get the gear thingy fixed and some new tyres – she’ll stay there until Monday when we get home from our weekend away.

Home and I set about doing hubby’s accounts – I was a bit behind so it took a while! I’ve also done a lot towards the end of year stuff which is the end of February, so I am now ahead of myself!

I’ve felt fine today – still taking the chemo tablets, steroids and anti-sickness tablets. I am tired, but not excessively so – just a reflection of not getting a proper nights sleep – I hope that will be fixed tonight. We went on our usual 2.25 mile circuit walk mid afternoon – I do get cold now so I was wrapped up with two jumpers, a hoodie and a fleece under my jacket! Any fool can be cold!


You can see the greyness – just 2 degrees out there so I was grateful for all my clothes. Said hello to these lovely ladies too –


Dinner was lovely – I made James Martin’s Beef Stroganoff with wild rice and peas – just lovely!

The sofa is my friend now, with a nice mug of coffee & rubbish television.

I hope you have a great night and a terrific Thursday!

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Car Done, Shopping Done!

First day of my holiday and I haven’t stopped all day!

This morning we went to the garage and picked up my lovely dry car – all fixed and valeted! She is shining! Then we headed off into town to do the shopping. We got a few last minute bits and then I called at the opticians to see if my lenses were in. They were – but I have to have another appointment to get some instruction! I booked that for Monday as I have to pick up the turkey I ordered anyway. Can’t wait to try them!

We popped into Nero’s while we were in town and had coffee and shared a toasted sandwich for lunch.

Then – off to Sainsbury’s to do the food shopping. It was really busy! Why weren’t people at work?! I wonder how busy it will be on Christmas Eve when I pick up that turkey? Eek!

Food done, home, quick cuppa then out again to see the doctor again! The blood test results showed some improvement but I have to have more in 2 weeks, and he is organising an MRI for my chest to see if that reveals any clues. Joy! In the mean time, I have more antibiotics to take.

Tomorrow – who knows! Have a super Saturday!

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Ice, Inside & Out

Gosh it was cold this morning!


It was an office day today, so an early start for me when the stars were still out and the car told me it was minus 6.5! The leak in my car meant that there was more ice on the inside of the windscreen than the outside!

The day was spent mostly in meetings, save a short walk at lunch when it hadn’t warmed up at all!


I left work a bit early as we had to take my car to the garage to hopefully get that leak fixed! At 4pm it was already minus 1.5. Brrrr!

The car safely in the garage and that means I am working from home for the rest of the week. Lovely! I’m very attached to my central heating! 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Going Out!

My social life is improving! Tonight is singing group night – some people may call it a choir but I don’t think we are quite there yet!

Today I have worked from home, so took the opportunity for a little lie in as I managed to keep us both awake coughing last night. Happily I get to see an ENT consultant tomorrow so we may be on the road to making it better. Having a cough for 3 months is not good is it?

I had pouched egg and bacon for lunch as today is another fast day. That’s it now – I will have to wait until lunch tomorrow for more food.

I just got my car back – brake lights fixed, so I am legal now. Unfortunately the mechanic brought it back with a cracked windscreen! What next!? That is getting fixed on Wednesday. Ho hum!

We got our walk though!


The rain went through this morning, so we got a nice walk later this afternoon – chilly, but nice to see the sun.

Tomorrow – working at home again as I have that hospital appointment at 2pm. Fingers crossed it goes well. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.

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Bit Busy!

Apologies for not blogging yesterday – I got distracted with work and then out for our weekly badminton session. From badminton we went to the pub! 🙂

Today has been a long and tiring one for me. I had a conference to go to at Sandy Park – the home of the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club. Normally a good thing as occasionally you get to see the players training! Today I had to take public transport as my car is not well.

The day started with me leaving the house at 7am to catch the local train.


Cute hey! Just one line and one platform and you have to hold your hand out to ask the train to stop! I got to town and tried to get a bus – not going to happen in time for me to make my meeting, so I got a taxi. On the way the taxi driver showed me how to walk back to the nearest bus stop and where to go. Nice man!

The view from the conference room is pretty unique!


Unfortunately no players were out!

Interesting conference, finished at around 3pm so I took the taxi drivers advice and walked over the footbridge to the bus stop.


Beautiful bridge with an interesting story.


Walk, bus, train and drive and I finally landed home just after 6pm. Long day!

I’m hoping my car gets fixed on Monday – we are dropping it off at the garage tomorrow on the way to the shops!

I need sleep, rest and relaxation – thank goodness it is the weekend! Have a lovely one.

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Work, Art & Stuff

Sorry I missed you yesterday – I worked all day and then we went to the North Devon Arts meeting.


He’s great isn’t he! We had the usual buffet supper and then a talk by a chap who does Digital art – manipulating photos in photoshop. Interesting, but whether it is art or not – I’m on the fence! A lot of his work was fairly simple stuff – layering animals into street scenes etc. Food for thought!

Hence no time to blog! But I did take some pictures of those lovely tiny sculptures!


I just love these – they are just 5 inches high but so full of emotion!


Today has been interesting! It started with a cricket on my car that hung on all the way to Exeter!


Rubbish photo, but you get the idea! So, I’m trundling into work, just reached the outskirts of town, when ‘bang’! Car no work!

One lovely RAC man and two and a half hours later I was fixed!


It turned out to be a broken alternator belt & tensioner.


Love that photo! What?! 🙂

The best thing – Mrs Cricket hung on through it all – even with the bonnet up!


So – a bit late, but I got to work eventually! Work done and home now – no dinner today as we are fasting, but looking forward to an hour of badminton at 8pm.

Coffee for now. Have a lovely evening!

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Long Short Week

Phew! It’s been a long old week – even if it has been a short week.

Happily, once again I got to work from home today, so a not-so-early start and another good food day (so far!). Lots of work done, and lunch did not come soon enough – I was starving. I had the same lunch as yesterday, salad and cheese with my last dollop of mayonnaise. That mayonnaise has been a real revelation and I shall make more soon.

This afternoon more work, and then the very nice man from the garage bought my car back with a bill for £250! MOT done, serviced and a new tyre, not a bad cost for the work, but still quite enough!

I read this morning about the gadgets people are coming up with to help us office-types get more exercise. The one that caught my eye was a pedalling machine – like an exercise bike without the bike! It fits under your desk and you can pedal all day! How good is that! 🙂 I’m sure my handy hubby could make one for me!

Meanwhile, we made do with another 2.25 mile walk before dinner. It was threatening rain.


Nice to be out though, and we made it nearly all the way before the rain started, just a light shower, so not too soggy. The leg is doing okay, lots of tingly stabs going on today but not too uncomfortable. It will be taken on a run over the weekend, that will be a good test as to how it is going on.

Dinner was curry, lamb Keema with fresh lime juice and pitta bread. Now all I have to do is get through the evening without hitting the sweets!

Tomorrow – shopping! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.


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