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Scratching at Wood

Not a lot to report today as we have spent the whole day learning how to do wood engraving by a lady who has exhibited at the Royal Academy. Lucky people!

We spent the first half an hour being shown the wood and tools and the basics, then got given this –


Just a small test piece to learn how to use the tools. My first masterpiece!


Then we got some more instruction and a bigger bit of wood. This time it took three hours to get to this –


My final print –


I don’t suppose the RA will be calling but I am happy that in just one day I have made and printed my own wood engraving!

That leaves tomorrow to get all the chores done. Have a smashing Sunday!

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Holiday Day 7 – the last day!

Another marvellously sunny day!


We spent the morning surfing and messing around in the ocean, then had a quick bite of Cornish Brie and salad for lunch before walking.

Today we did the Coast Path through Pentire Farm and around the head.


Gorgeous crystal clear water! We met a few animals on the way – sheep –


And cows – with horns!


And some amazing views.


We have had an amazing holiday – I have surfed and walked my socks off! I’ll leave you with tonight’s sunset. Have a great weekend!


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Holiday Day 4

Our best day yet! 9.3 miles walked & I’m exhausted!

This morning dawned a bit misty.


The surf was rubbish, so we put on jackets and headed up the valley to a new place called The Point. It is passed Shilla Mill – a beautiful old farm house built in 1591 and tucked away half way up the valley.


We had coffee at the Point, which is mainly a Golf Course, then headed back via the main road. Home for lunch, which consisted of some nice fresh bread, Cornish butter and Cornish Brie with a tomato!

Then we walked to Rock and took the ferry to Padstow.


Still busy!


Lovely place though – famous for Rick Stein’s restaurant and fish!


We had coffee in the Custom House, then headed home. Boy my legs ache! We are now sat in the Oystercatcher pub having been fed a lovely dinner of pan fried salmon on a bed of leeky mash – mmmm! 🙂

Tomorrow I really hope to do a bit more sitting down! Have a lovely day.

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I had to leave this behind today:


Bitter sweet – I love that place, but it is nice to be home with our own stuff.

We called at a wildlife sanctuary on the way home for coffee – bunting out already!


Now we are home and unpacked and sorted. Today is my last day eating what ever I wanted – tomorrow I am back to Paleo eating.

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Still Going!

I’m amazed my legs still work! More millions of miles walked today.


This morning was a short walk – just an hour and a half before lunch ( bread & Cornish Brie). Dull today, but lovely walking weather.



The whole of the headland is covered with Sea Pinks – just lovely.


This afternoon we did three hours of the coast path to see the dinosaur!


Home tomorrow – boo! Early start, packing, driving.

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Dull to Bright

This morning it was quite misty –


So we wrapped up and walked the coast path again!



This afternoon the sun came out! So, we walked some more, then surfed some more! Lovely jubbly!


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Another Cracking Day!


What amazing weather we are having – this could be the Med, but it is Cornwall!


Just wonderful! Another fun filled day – an hour and a half surfing before lunch, three and a half hours walking after lunch! We walked to Rock and got the ferry to Padstow.


It was as busy as ever, but nice to walk around the harbour and admire the boats.


I’ll leave you today with us getting sun burnt!


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A Bit Busy

Too busy today to take pictures! This is my only one – that I took first thing with coffee in my hand from the lounge of our cottage –


Just lovely! It was a bit cloudy first thing, but that was fine because all that sun yesterday has left me with a few very red and very sore bits! My arms and legs mainly!

So, this morning we walked around the coast and then back to the cottage for lunch of Cornish Brie and French stick. This afternoon we surfed, followed by ice creams (Magnum!). Then showered etc and finally dinner of M&S Chicken curry and microwaved rice – it was actually really nice!

Now I am sat in the pub with a large glass of sparkling water!




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Is It Friday Yet?

Why is it that short weeks always feel longer than normal weeks? I know we had Monday off, but this week seems to have lasted a lifetime!

Office day today, which was not good as I slept very badly last night and could have done with a few extra hours this morning. Still, up I got and just got on with what had to be done. First job – stop at Nero’s for coffee! Meetings got me through most of the morning without too much trouble. I was hoping to get a walk at lunch, but rain stopped play again and I ended up just wandering around the building for a while. To eat – salad and Jarlesberg cheese and an Activia Greek yogurt for dessert. Nice!

I am very proud to say I have not eaten anything all afternoon – which is almost a miracle when I am in the office. More meetings got me through the afternoon and I called at the supermarket on the way home to pick up a few bits. No nibbles! Dinner has been baked cod with braised leeks and courgettes – huge pile of vegetables which suited me really well. I’m quite full, but I know that will soon pass! I now have to get through the evening without doing too much damage!

My Paleo books arrived today – so my next job is to do some serious reading! I am really looking forward to learning the science behind the diet and how it might improve my overall health and well being. We will see!

Working at home tomorrow, so hopefully we will get a nice run/walk at the end of the day. Hope you have a lovely Friday!

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Climbing & Walking

I made it to the top of the scaffolding!


The view is amazing!


Our little garden –


I also got a picture of “the gang of four” – a bit distant, but these four sheep roam the field in front of our house, the make me smile when they come right up to the hedge and look up at us in the office! They also love scratching on the telegraph pole!


Having climbed up there, we did actually do some work! We scrubbed down and painted the weatherboards on the roof line. All before lunch.

When I managed to get down again I made a cheese sandwich for lunch, did the prep for dinner and we headed out for a long walk. Eight miles long! Up and down the lanes.


Past my favourite sign –


Just brilliant! I hope it works!

It was lovely out, cloudy and a bit chilly, but perfect walking weather. Far in the distance the white houses are our village –


Finally home I finished dinner – roast beef, carrots, broccoli and cabbage with Yorkshire Puddings for hubby. I was starving! Now I’m full!

My leg aches now, so some serious rest tonight. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring – but first I get a lie in!

Have a wonderful Monday.


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