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One Week On

It’s now a week since Chemo and to be honest, I’m looking forward to feeling myself again! I’m still very tired, my face looks like a football, everything still tastes slimy and I have a huge bloated stomach full of wind! Attractive huh! 🙂 this round of chemo has been the worst – as predicted – the doc said it got gradually worse & he was quite correct.

I do consider myself very very lucky though. Without chemo I would not be here, and up to this latest round, I have not suffered too much with side effects. I’m grateful that the science exists to keep me going – side effects are just a minor inconvenience really.

In other news, we spent yesterday at home doing very little apart from a short walk around the block.


Today we popped into town for a couple of bits and bobs – including more chocolate! It’s the only thing that tastes like it should! The rest of the day has been spent doing very little again. Obviously what I need, but not very productive!

The garden looks good though!


I also got my CT appointment in the post – Thursday 13th June – it will hopefully inform the doctors and help determine what treatment to give me next.

This time next week we will be in Amsterdam! Yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Bit Tired!

Oh boy! This round of chemo has been a bit naughty! I’m so tired! My head has spun, teeth hurt (!), can’t taste anything and could happily spend all day in bed. Hopefully things are getting better – I could do with a bit of energy!

Yesterday we plodded out for a walk around town and I managed a lovely strawberry & vanilla frappe from Nero’s – lovely! I could taste it! It was cold yesterday though, so we didn’t spend long outside. We watched the sunset from the lounge!


Today it seemed warmer so we headed to the beach! Westward Ho!


Complete with Hocking’s ice cream and a shiny new blue flag.


I love the beach huts too – so pretty!


After a stroll we headed back to do the shopping and then home for some sitting down in the garden! That’s me done in now!

Have a lovely evening and smashing Sunday!

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Chemo #6

Yesterday saw my sixth and final chemo session. The day started early as we had an appointment with the Oncologist first at 9.30am. Naturally we got there early!

The consultation went very well – blood results were ‘very good’ and lungs sound ‘great’. I told the doctor that we had started jogging again – just to get approval really – he approved! He said I am ‘remarkable’! I’ll take that!

Our specialist lung nurse also said she uses me as a positive example to all newly-diagnosed patients – that’s nice – I hope others can take some positives from me.

The doctor gave the go-ahead for my chemo and explained the next steps. First I will have a CT scan during the week of 10th June – they will send a letter with the appointment. Then I have another consultation booked with the doctor on 18th June to discuss the results and probably make arrangements for radiotherapy treatment.

It is all going well!

The rest of yesterday was spent attached to a drip!

I didn’t sleep well, but that’s to be expected with the steroids they give me, but today I have felt good. We slept in and then poodled off to Exeter for a wander around.


Lovely sunny day, but a bit windy. We had lunch at Carluccio’s – we shared a ciabatta sandwich and shared a raspberry almond tart for pudding – lovely!


We did some serious wandering and bought a couple of bits and bobs and coffee at Nero’s of course!


Finally we raided Marks & Spencer and bought some cod and prawns, making fish pie for dinner when we got home. Very nice – but I must learn not to eat quite so much!

Tomorrow we will be visiting Bideford as hubby has a dentist appointment. Cake may be involved at the Cafe du Parc! Mmmm.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Chemo – Round 4


I survived round 4 – all done and home now. It took 5 hours in total today – the nurses were busy with lots of people to deal with.

It’s a long time to sit hooked up to drips – but I am grateful they are helping to keep me well.


Hubby has made tea – sausage casserole – lovely! Now I am sat next to this –


I feel fine, so looking forward to sofa, tea and television.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Better Day!

Forgive me a short paragraph of whining! Yesterday was not such a good day for me – my head was numb, it span around like I was on a very dodgy ship and all I could taste was a horrible slimy floury taste. Bad!

I made it through shopping – but forgot half of what I wanted – and then we came home and I sat down. Full stop! I didn’t move from the sofa. Not at all like me, but I guess days like that are going to happen. It happened – I’m over it.

Today my head is still numb , but not quite so spinny – if that’s even a word! We went back to the shops and got all things forgotten yesterday! Including –


A HUGE new television! We spent all afternoon sorting it out – but all is well – it’s beautiful! The old TV was tiny – I love my new TV!

Hopefully I’ll be even better tomorrow, but for now me, my sofa and my fab television have a date night. Hope you have a nice relaxing night too!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Good Day!

A good day, but a long day. We left the house at 8am to head off to the hospital. First stop – X-ray. We waited 15 minutes or so, but got my X-ray done by 9.15 and time for a quick coffee before seeing the Oncologist at 9.30.

There was good news – the X-ray showed a shrinking tumour! He examined me and was impressed with the photography that hubby took of me surfing last week! He declared all was good – I am responding well to treatment, so we plough on with the rest of the chemo as planned.

I asked about booking a holiday in June for my birthday and he said go ahead! 🙂 That is such good news! The plan is to do the next three chemo sessions – the last one on 21st May, then look at Radiotherapy. At the session after next (April 30th) I’ll get another X-ray plus CT scan to give him more information to decide what next.

After that happy news we had a chat to the specialist lung nurse and she was as excited as we were! Then off to the chemotherapy unit where I got my therapy – all 5 hours of it. No complaints from me though – it is keeping me alive!

I’m home now with boxes of drugs and more chemo tablets to take for the next 2 days. I also got this treat –


Television & chocolate for me tonight! 🙂 I hope you had a good day, and here’s to a wonderful Wednesday!

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Chemo – Round 2

Most of today has been spent at the hospital – first I saw the Oncologist – lovely man. Had a chat about how round one had gone (nothing that I wasn’t expecting) and he examined me. I think (because they never give much away) that he is pleased with progress – the cough has gone and I have coped well so far. Blood test was also good, so I got the go-ahead for more chemo.

We went across the hospital to the chemo department via the coffee shop! The chemo nurses are lovely and set to dispensing my chemo – first saline is pumped in, then steroids and anti-sickness drugs. The chemo is two different treatments – one huge bag that takes 2 hours, then a smaller one hour bag with saline in between & after.

We spent the time drinking coffee, eating sandwiches and KitKats, reading papers and playing sudoku! Hubby fetched and carried and I sat there eating and drinking!

Nurse had a bit of a problem with the cannula but all went fairly smoothly with just a bit of bruising.


It was mid-afternoon by the time we finished, so headed home via the garage to arrange for my car to get a couple of niggles fixed.

We have had a sit down and then baked fish with braised leeks and fried courgettes for dinner – happily my appetite is fit and well!

I have two more days of chemo tablets to take, but round two has begun well – I feel fine! I’m also now looking forward to Friday when we are going up Lincoln for my mum’s 85th birthday and to spend a couple of days with my big brother & lovely sister-in-law. We have booked the train and a room at the lovely White Hart Hotel for a couple of nights. Steep Hill may be a challenge but we’ll take it – like everything – one step at a time.

I’ll finish on a smile with a lovely picture of Westward Ho! beach I took last week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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Catching Up

So sorry it has been a while since I blogged – I’m sure you will appreciate why when I tell you what’s been happening.

Unfortunately the consultant appointment revealed bad news – I have lung cancer. That news naturally came as a huge shock and completely knocked us for six. Since then I had a biopsy that revealed cancer in both lungs, and both small cell and non-small cell cancers. It is not operable, and I was told that without treatment I would just have a few months. Very hard to take I can tell you!

I started chemotherapy three weeks ago – the Oncologist has set up 6 rounds of chemo – two types of treatment every 3 weeks. He says he is “hitting it hard” – I have no doubt they are doing what they can. I get IV chemo and tablets, happily I have coped well so far, and hopefully it will give me a few more months – maybe up to a year they think.

I think hubby and I have come to terms with the news, although planning is hard and very upsetting at times. We have met some lovely people from the hospice and the hospital – all batting on our side.

From now on my blog will be cheerful – promise! We are going to make the most of every day that I am well. We have already been to Cornwall for a couple of weekends! I am also sporting a new hair cut in anticipation of the inevitable loss that will happen in a week or so.


That was taken in Padstow last weekend – a bit chilly!

So – there we have it. Onwards and upwards! 🙂

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