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Shiny new lambs! 🙂 I know – they are a long way away and my phone camera does not do them justice – but they are there!


See? Four of them!

So, working at home today so we decided to walk at lunch as the sun was shining and hubby had a late afternoon appointment to go to. Just wonderful to see the sun!


Lovely walk – followed by soup. Yummy!

I got a new book today too –


Watching Dr Michael Mosley’s television programme started us down the fasting route, but I know we cheat way too much! I’m hoping that the book will renew our efforts.

I’ll let you know!

Spring Chicken for dinner – looking forward to that. Another day working at home tomorrow, followed by badminton. Too exciting!

Have a tremendous Thursday!

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Twelfth Night

The tree has been undressed, the tinsel has been taken down and little singing robin has been carefully packed away for another year. Such a shame. Still, tempus fugit and all that.


Night night Mr Robin!

After taking down Christmas, I cleaned through the house – although I have no doubt we will be picking up bits of tinsel for the next eleven months!

This afternoon we braved the foggy mizzle and went for a 3.25 mile wander.


Most of the time it was just fine misty dampness, but occasionally it got a bit wetter.


I did roast chicken and roast vegetables for dinner – once again most welcome after our walk.

Tomorrow I am in the office – heck! That means an ultra early start, a short drive to the local branch line station, then the train in. Hopefully the train will be running – it’s been closed since the floods before Christmas. I rang the national rail helpline thingy and they have assured me it will open tomorrow. I do hope so as I am stuck with borrowing hubby’s car whilst mine gets its leak fixed. It’s nice of him to let me borrow it, but it is huge and I am only comfortable driving a short distance in it, hence not driving all the way to work.

What ever tomorrow brings – I hope you have a lovely day.


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Another Wet One

Can it rain any more? Unbelievable!


Poor farmers – this can not be easy.

We stayed home again today and faffed about all morning and then had soup for lunch. This afternoon we got togged up and went out for a walk around the lanes.


It’s on really windy days like today that I appreciate Devon hedges being so high!


Nice & sheltered! We found some Gorse in flower too – with Dartmoor in the distance!


We really have to brave the weather and start running again if we have any chance if getting around the London 10k in May! That will be my first resolution for 2013. Losing a stone is a close second!

After our walk I cooked dinner – another Nigella recipe – chicken in white wine with oyster mushrooms. Very tasty!

Tomorrow we are heading into town as I have to pick up my contact lenses – the appointment I had to cancel last week due to the weather. Bit of shopping is on the cards!

Have a happy Monday!

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Lucky People

Looking at the pictures of the storm Sandy I can only think how lucky we are to have pretty calm weather here. I hope everyone stays safe.

I also commented on how lucky we are as we walked around the block this evening.


The sun going down over the fields was just beautiful.


The sky was stunning over Dartmoor too.

Other than that, I worked from home today, so got a bit of extra sleep and made soup for lunch & a chicken casserole for dinner. I love being able to cook from scratch when I’m home. The casserole left-overs will become soup for lunch tomorrow. 🙂 Waste not want not!

Tomorrow I am home again – lucky me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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That’s the sort of day we have had – super smashing!

It started not so early, and we spent the morning doing housey stuff, which included me sweeping the road! I know – extreme cleaning! You’ll understand when I tell you that the farmer next door cut the hedge along our lane last night. Huge chunks of hedge threatened to puncture my car tyres, so I swept them up before they could do damage.

Lunch was soup, then we headed to the seaside! I adore the seaside! Today we went to Ilfracombe to see the new Damian Hirst statue ‘Verity’.

Beautiful sunny day, but unfortunately Verity is do new they were still working on the base – but she is amazing!


On one side she is ‘normal’, the other shows inside. She is holding a sword and scales, standing for truth and justice.


Wish my @ss looked that good!


Stunning sculpture and well worth a look. We ventured into Hirst’s restaurant for coffee and there is amazing butterfly wallpaper.


With a mini Verity on the counter.


Then home for chicken wrapped in bacon with courgettes and peas. Yummy! I deglazed the pan with Madeira which made stunning gravy!

Now to chill and what the Strictly results – I do hope Flavia & the lovely Louis get through!

Happy Monday all!

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In London

We have spent most of the day travelling, but we are here – and it’s raining!


A short post from me as I’m on a half hour free wifi!


Fed the squirrels though! 🙂


And got a nice walk through the park.

Conference tomorrow so busy times ahead!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Winter’s Coming!

How dark is it getting in the mornings! Winter is on the way. Mr Moon was glowing brightly when I left the house this morning.


Work was work – I got through with the help of numerous cups of coffee. At lunch I walked up to the shops and treated myself to a fresh salad box from the sandwich shop. I got roast chicken salad and it was really lovely.

It’s a fasting day today, so my salad was food for today. When I got home we went for a walk with the rugby ball again!


Chilly out there, but a lovely evening.


Tomorrow I am working at home in the morning, then we take the train to London for my conference. Exciting times!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Good Day Friday

I worked at home today, so not much to say about that! I had ham salad for lunch – that was as exciting as it got!

This afternoon we got our walk in – a bit drizzly, but certainly better than the torrents that came down this morning.


We ate dinner early – chicken casserole – most yummy! Then we went out! Most unusual! I can’t remember the last time we went out, but tonight was the preview night at the Burton Art Gallery for their Summer Exhibition. Hubby put in two paintings, both were rejected but we got tickets to go anyway.


Free wine! Lots of people, and some really nice pictures.



Nice Grebe – and a lovely hare –


My favourites were the wild flowers – just lovely.


A lively evening was had by all.

Tomorrow – shopping! Have a super Saturday!

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A Day Out

What a lovely day it has been! The sun has shone all day – just wonderful.

I spent the morning faffing, then had tuna and salad for lunch. That was the first meal since yesterday lunchtime – I was starving! I really hope this fasting stuff is worthwhile!

This afternoon we spent out, first we had to call at the garage to get my car booked in to be looked at – it has a rattle and a leak! I hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg! 🙂

Then we ventured Holsworthy way to go to a gallery where hubby is hoping to get his pictures hung for sale. The owner was very positive, but he has to wait until ‘next season’ – who knew there were seasons in art galleries! Anyway, there are and the next one starts in March. Fingers crossed for him.

We then went to Bideford to the Burton Art Gallery where hubby took two paintings that will be judged and maybe exhibited in their summer exhibition next week. We are going to the preview night next Friday when he finds out if they are considered good enough!

While we were there, we had coffee in the lively Cafe du Parc.


Finally we went to the beach! Westward Ho! Was packed with holiday makers.


Hard to believe that we were there a couple of weeks ago and there was a bloke with a dog and us! Still, good for the economy, although I suspect there will be many sun burnt bodies in the morning!

Home and dinner of Spring Chicken and cabbage, most welcome & very tasty.

Tomorrow we shop! Have a stunning Saturday.

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Lie In

So nice not to have to work this week! I have a few things planned, but a lie in was most welcome. All this watching of the amazing Olympic games is making me tired!

Did you see the 100 metres last night? Wow! Bolt is just a superstar! Along with all the other amazing competitors – what a show of commitment, dedication, sacrifice and performance.

I did get out for a walk today.


Typically it was dry when we set out, wet by the time we got home!


Just enough room for one tractor and one walker! Did the usual circuit to the Beacon and around.


I have also started to edit my book – well, three books! They were three books each if just over 50,000 words – now they are one book of 150,000 words! Some severe editing to be done – but you have to start somewhere if you want to be a best selling author!

Food today has been good and Paleo! Egg salad for lunch, chicken curry and mushrooms for dinner.

Lovely day – now for another evening of Olympics! Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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