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Blown Away

The day started wet and windy – we very nearly wrote off the day and stayed home – good job we didn’t because it turned out to be lovely.

First thing this morning hubby was on the phone to the garage as my car is still leaking. That is despite them having the car for over a week before Christmas and costing me an arm and a leg! We dropped the car back with them and were instructed to phone on Monday – we’ll see!

By the time we had faffed with the car it was nearly mid day, still windy, but sunny! We headed off to Westward Ho! again


We walked along the front and by the beach hits along the coastal path.


I love beach huts! So pretty!


We walked towards Bucks Mill for an hour or so before turning back.


We grabbed coffee at a little place that had no cake! 😦 Having missed lunch, we were starving, so into the Co-op for a kitkat each. The first chocolate I have had in weeks. Lovely!

On the way home we called at Morrisons in Bideford. Never been there before and I was really impressed! The fruit and veg section was amazing! We are seriously considering doing our weekly shop there, it’s not that much further from us and looks great.

Home and dinner has been the inevitable turkey curry with which I made a fresh cauliflower and pea curry. I was starving after surviving the whole day on a kitkat. I ate too much – now I’m stuffed!

Have a fabulous Friday!


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Christmas is Coming

We managed to stay dry despite all the showers today. This morning we headed into town and the first stop was the opticians for an eye test.

Evidently it’s two years since I had them tested according to the letter they sent me, so time to do it again. Happily not a lot has changed, but I’m keen to try something different as I am really fed up with carting around two pairs of glasses. I need ordinary glasses to see the world and drive, then a different pair to read with. Evidently there are now contact lenses like vari-focal glasses – I’m going to give them a go! Hopefully they will have a trial set for me by next weekend.

From there we headed straight to Nero’s for coffee and we shared a smoked salmon sandwich for lunch.


We dodged the showers and headed off to the supermarket for the food shop and a few treats!


Tomorrow I will put these on the Christmas tree!

I have done all the Christmas cards and presents now, so when the decorations go up tomorrow we will be all set for Christmas!

Have a lovely Sunday folks!

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My poor little legs ache today – I said they would!

Back in the office today, so an early start and a pit stop at Nero’s on the way in for my morning wake up juice. The morning was filled with meetings and general busying, but I bagged a long lunch and took a walk into town.

I smooched a bit, then headed to the Hotel Chocolate and took ages to choose a little something for my lovely hubby. In the end it was a small pack of 70% dark chocolate squares with pistachio nuts. When I got home, the gift was very well received! Plus – I got a 4 mile walk!

I ate lunch when I got back – cheese salad again plus a Greek yogurt. I was hungry, so swiftly followed that with crisps and chocolate. Here we go again! With the banana and peanut butter I had mid morning I had eaten over my daily allowance before 2pm! This is not good.

Home and dinner (!) of baked cod with leeks and courgettes – not bad, but certainly not good. After dinner I managed to persuade hubby to do our 2.25 miles as a walk, so I made up a little for the massive over eating. Nice out too.


Working at home tomorrow, so the food should be a little more controlled! It is also Friday! Yeah!

Have a great day!


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Great Day

Office day today, I have to say it is rare that I have a great office day, but today was one! Some really good meetings, good outcomes and a bright future. Nice!

On my way into the office I called at Nero’s for a bucket of latte, but I took food from home. I had a banana and some almond butter for ‘breakfast’ mid morning, then cheese and salad for lunch. I have to admit to having a small packet of Munchies for ‘pudding’ though! I love my chocolate! I heard this morning that if you ask the new iPhone what is the meaning of life, the reply it gives is chocolate! Not sure how true that is, but I love it!

Home to salad and mackerel, then out for our 2 mile walk.


Showers were not far away, so we got a bit damp, but not soaked thankfully.

I am now sat with an itchy red leg, desperately trying not to scratch! Typing helps keep me busy, but I am sure you have heard enough from me now! :0)

Home tomorrow – I hope it will be another good one! Have a great day!


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Hilly Walk

Another lovely day, colder, but sunny and ideal walk/jog weather.

First, to last night when I ate the remaining half of the bag of chocolate buttons, no surprise then that this morning I weighed myself and have put on another three quarters of a pound this week. Post dinner snacking has to go!

A rare occurrence occurred this morning – I had some breakfast! When shopping yesterday, I bought some Warburton’s Raisin Bread with cinnamon – a hot cross bun in a slice! Today I had a slice toasted with some butter for breakfast – very nice.

After breakfast I did some office stuff and them some cleaning before lunch. Lunch was the usual soup with a slice of whole wheat bread. Then I did the vegetables and made the Yorkshire Pudding mix all ready for dinner. Work done we set off for a nice walk/jog.

Today we went down the hill and along by the river.


Such a lovely day for it – we did just short of 6 miles in just over an hour and a half – which is fine considering the climb back up the hill is long and steep! The leg held out quite well, but it really complains doing anything other than walking when going up hill. It is now swollen around the ankle, which is exactly where it hurt the most whist plodding along. I think this is where the fluid and rubbish is collecting, so I guess it’s good to give it a good shake up!


I love it down by the river, so well worth the climb home! After all, the beef was slow roasting all the time we were out, so by the time we got home, showered and had a nice cup of tea, it was done. We had roast beef, cabbage, carrots and sprouts and hubby had Yorkshire Pudding too.

Tonight I have my leg up and I am resting again. Hopefully the leg is draining and recovering as I type.

A whole new week starts tomorrow, I hope it is a good one for you.


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Small Victories

I’ll come to the blog title in a moment, but first, I have a complaint.

Last week I raved about Sainsbury’s cheese and roast onion bread rolls. Mistakenly, I told you to try them. Today I went shopping and when I got to the bread counter – one – yes, one single measly roll left for me! Come on guys – I wanted – no – *needed* – three, at least. Heads will roll (no pun intended !).

So, last night I broke into a medium bag of Cadbury Giant Chocolate Buttons – I know – but I love them! Tonight, there is half a bag waiting for me. Now that is a small victory – I can’t remember the last time I opened a bag of chocolates and didn’t eat every single one. I’m such a pig when it comes to chocolate, it’s amazing I have some left 24 hours later!

This morning we did the shopping, first going into town and smooching around the shops and having coffee in Nero’s. Then to Sainsbury’s for the disappointing bread roll incident, and, if that wasn’t enough, no roasted monkey nuts either. Pah! Had to buy salted nuts instead. Home for lunch – the Heinz Tomato soup with dippy-in cheese & onion roll. Heaven!

This afternoon I did a bit of foot-up resting and then out for a jog/walk. Just 2.25 miles today, but I managed just over 15 minute miles again. It was tough today, the leg hurt with every step. Maybe it needs a rest? It’s nicely swollen now. I think tomorrow I’ll just walk.

I made a nice Thai green curry with prawns for dinner with some stir fry vegetables and noodles.

Tomorrow I hope to rest a bit more and walk a bit more, I hope the sun comes out a bit more too! Have a lovely Sunday all.


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Roses Are Red

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day – I’m not keen on the commercialisation that has crept into these occasions, so no red roses, no boxes of chocolates, just a hug and a nice big kiss from my lovely hubby – that will do me nicely!

Office today – that’s really all you need to know! I survived the day with no sugar (miracle) – and I managed some great fitness minutes! I walked into town at lunch to get my Mother a birthday present and then walked back – 1 hour 17 minutes according to iMapMyWalk – love that app! 🙂 Then tonight I have done 40 minutes of strength training, including a whole set of throwing my dumbbells around – I am sure my shoulders won’t work tomorrow, but there you go! No run – but then I knew that – which is why I did the walk at lunch – see – I’m not daft!

I took lunch and snacks to work, eaten in the following order – shreddies (dunked in coffee), salad with cheddar cheese, greek yogurt. No sweets, no chocolate – yeah!

Home and hubby had dinner ready – some nice baked salmon with salad and a couple of new potatoes, along with a cute little hand made card! My calorie intake has been a bit on the high side today, but that is okay as nutritionally it has been fantastic!

Tomorrow I am working from home again, so plodding around the lanes is a big possibility!

Have a great Wednesday – nearly half way there!

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More Painting, More Running

Good Evening!

I ache all over! This has to be good for me! 🙂

This morning dawned cold and bright, so rather than continuing the inside painting, hubby and I started on the outsides of the windows. It was all a bit of a faff with ladders and stuff, but masking tape is a wonderful thing!

Before lunch we managed to paint the outside of all the windows (complete with several layers of jumpers this morning) with the help of multiple cups of coffee as an excuse to go inside and warm up a bit. Lunch was so welcome – soup again – this time a lovely tin of Heinz Tomato with a slice of wholemeal.

This afternoon we painted the outside of the porch as the shiny white windows made it look dirty! It was a real pain to paint as it is rough plastered, but it does look so much better. I then retreated inside and finished two of the five windows inside, just three more to do, which should just be half a days work. Nearly there!

We finished a little early because – I ran again! Go me! That’s two days in a row! Again, just 2.3 miles around the circuit, but again, there was a few moments where it felt really good, easy, comfortable, no real effort either in the legs or the breathing. Now – why can’t it all be like that?

Dinner was tuna, salad, and some mini roast potatoes – again, hard to eat the salad, but I did, because I need my five a day!

I am now sat here craving the “c” word – I have had a lovely dinner of protein, vitamins and carbs, so I don’t actually need that sugar do I? The only thing keeping me out of the dining room (secret stash) is that tomorrow is Weigh In day and I have little chance of beating last weeks number as it stands, and I really could do without any more weight gain.

Tomorrow I am back at the dentists to finally fix my bridge – hopefully I will be able to eat properly again by tomorrow evening.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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White Rabbits!

Happy February!

February brings the signs of spring, love, valentines and ….. Pancake Day! Just too exciting! I can not wait!

Today has flown by – I love days like that! I must admit that I chickened out of running – the temperature was still below zero (Celsius – that’s 32 degrees Fahrenheit) at lunch, so by mid afternoon it was well below that, and despite it being quite clear I just could not face going out there! I made do with some strength training indoors!

It’s days like today that I really wish we had a treadmill. Well, maybe not, I hate those things, but you know what I mean! I feel VERY guilty that I did not go out, but there you go. Choices.

Today started bright, but not too early as I worked from home, I was writing emails in my dressing gown before taking a break to get showered and dressed! The morning flew by and before I knew it lunch was upon us and my first treat of the week – soup! I am so easily pleased – a tin of Heinz Tomato soup and I am anyone’s! I had a slice of multi-seedy bread with a little butter to dunk in. Heaven!

Afternoon flew by with multi spreadsheets and many emails, but I took a quick break just after 3pm to throw together a sausage and butter bean casserole for dinner. It couldn’t be easier, and so tasty – just brown some sausages in a shallow casserole dish, add a tin of chopped tomatoes (I use Sainsbury’s with garlic and olive oil) and a drained tin of butter beans, and a teaspoon of English mustard. Let it cook slowly until you want to eat it! We ate it with a pile of cabbage and Brussels sprouts – Mmmm!

Happily, I have consumed no chocolate today – that’s a first for the week! The other night I managed to eat the three bags of chocolate buttons I had bought to last me the week (joke!), so I have none left. No bad thing really!

Tomorrow I am not going to be a chicken – I will go out running – what ever the temperature! Honest Gov!

Happy Thursday!

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Chilly isn’t it? 🙂

Work again today, and when I went out to the car this morning it was minus 3 and I had to spend several minutes with a scraper. I hate doing that first thing in the morning. It was a beautiful sunrise though – I even thought about stopping the car and taking a photograph, but I didn’t – it was cold out there!

Work, then at lunch I took a walk into town to get some exercise. Still cold, but I used the iMapMyWalk app on my phone, which drove me on to crack on and keep moving. I did nearly 3 miles in just over an hour – which has to be better than sitting on my backside in the office. I had yogurts and lemon for lunch (and quite a lot of chocolate which I will not mention).

Meetings all afternoon, so I was ready for home when that time came. When I got in, hubby had done dinner – gammon, salad and some new potatoes – bless him!

I have done some strength training by way of push ups, squats, dumbbell side bends and curls and calf raises. That should counter some of the chocolate anyway!

I am working at home for the rest of the week (yeah!) and then on holiday next week, so the next time I have to drive into the office is not until 14th February! Go Me!

I am really hoping to get some plodding in over the next few days.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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