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The past two days I have had to drive hubby’s car to the local station and get the train to and from work. I’m not keen on driving his huge car, let alone in the dark, down Devon lanes!

It made for a long old day – at the local station at 7am.


Quaintly, you have to hold your hand out to signal the train to stop!

Work has been squeezed in between getting there late – train takes just over an hour, then there is Nero’s coffee to pick up followed by a 1.5 mile walk to the office – and reversing that to get a train home.

Last night I also went to choir practice, so I am now quite tired and it’s only Tuesday!

Food has been good – fast day yesterday, roast ham for dinner tonight.


This is Central Station in Exeter where I journey to and from – slightly bigger than our local station!

Tomorrow – home! Yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Carol Singing

A short late post from me today.

I spent the day at the office, mainly in meetings, but a brief interlude for lunch.


I wandered around the grounds at lunch – just for a bit of fresh air – it was lovely!


The grounds are well kept and have a huge variety of plants and trees – shame I didn’t have a nice leg of lamb to go with this thyme! Instead I had salad – not my usual soup. I’ve decided to go back to salads to up my veg intake.

This evening I have been to my fortnightly singing group – tonight it was Carols. I had a smashing time – who knew the ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ had actions! What a laugh that was!

Now it is time to wind down – I may even go find a glass of wine. It’s fine – I’m working at home tomorrow!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Long Days

A busy week for me this week – four days out of five packed with meetings in the office.

Yesterday was an early start fuelled by the usual Nero’s bucket of coffee and full of meetings. Last night was singing night! I always enjoy my hour out and yesterday was great. We had maybe 30 people and made a fine noise!

Today – more Nero’s and more meetings. Some fun one’s though! Started off cold out, but turned out nice and sunny.


Found these on my walk out at lunch – I have no idea what they are, but they do look pretty don’t they?

Tonight, no fun singing which is great because all I want to do is sog on the sofa!

Have a lovely evening and a wonderful Wednesday!

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Singing a Happy Song

Hello! Yesterday was choir practice – hence no blog! I worked at home, then went to have a sing-song. Had a brilliant time – I do love a good sing-song!


Lovely lady in charge, and a very friendly group of people.

Today I had to go into the office. Bad! Nero’s coffee for breakfast then straight into meetings. I took a bit of time out at lunch to book cinema tickets to see James Bond on Friday (excited!) and then booked a table at a restaurant for dinner afterwards. Now I have a lovely night out to look forward to!

A quick walk around the grounds at lunch.


Then back to meetings. Hubby made dinner – a lovely lamb casserole which I managed to eat far too much of.

Tomorrow I’m home, so maybe a little run/walk may be on the cards!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Hi everyone!

I had a great time at the singing group last night!


I sang my little heart out and enjoyed every moment. I am quite sad it is only an hour, and only once a fortnight – I may have to find another group to join!

Today I worked at home this morning, lunch was soup again – winter is coming and I love soup! This afternoon I went to see the consultant at the hospital about my 3 month old cough. The chap was lovely, and the nurse amazingly calming! He poked and prodded, peered and pricked. Finally he shoved a camera up my nose and down my throat! Wow is that weird! Anyway, great news – no sign of anything bad. Phew!

Home and I cooked Spring Chicken and we went out for our walk whilst it cooked.


A bit damp and drizzly – but a nice rainbow!


Dinner was lovely, so now I am full and happy!

Another at-home day tomorrow and a trip to the salon to get my nails sorted!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Wet, Cold, Dark

Typical Bank Holiday weather! Not much to report today as I didn’t leave the house until 7pm!

As it rained all day, we stayed home and, as you do, cleaned the house! It desperately needed it, but it is my least favourite activity. It took all day.

Lunch was poached eggs and bacon as today is another fast day. So that is it for food today. The fasting is working – hubby lost 1.5 lbs last week!

This evening I went to the next village to their brand new Community Centre.


We used to live I that village, and the new Centre opened just two weeks ago, tonight was singing night! They have started a quite informal choir and I love singing! So tonight I went – it was fabulous! I enjoyed every moment and had a good laugh with lots of people. There were 25 of us – which I think is a great turn out. The leader was lovely and had us belting out the songs.

Tomorrow is back to work. Bad!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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