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Twelfth Night

The tree has been undressed, the tinsel has been taken down and little singing robin has been carefully packed away for another year. Such a shame. Still, tempus fugit and all that.


Night night Mr Robin!

After taking down Christmas, I cleaned through the house – although I have no doubt we will be picking up bits of tinsel for the next eleven months!

This afternoon we braved the foggy mizzle and went for a 3.25 mile wander.


Most of the time it was just fine misty dampness, but occasionally it got a bit wetter.


I did roast chicken and roast vegetables for dinner – once again most welcome after our walk.

Tomorrow I am in the office – heck! That means an ultra early start, a short drive to the local branch line station, then the train in. Hopefully the train will be running – it’s been closed since the floods before Christmas. I rang the national rail helpline thingy and they have assured me it will open tomorrow. I do hope so as I am stuck with borrowing hubby’s car whilst mine gets its leak fixed. It’s nice of him to let me borrow it, but it is huge and I am only comfortable driving a short distance in it, hence not driving all the way to work.

What ever tomorrow brings – I hope you have a lovely day.


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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! We have had a lovely day – it started late though!


We had a lovely jog along a very windy beach this morning.


Not really dressed for running, but we jiggled along in the bracing fresh air.


Home, soup for lunch, then we started preparing for dinner.


Turkey in the oven, we went for our usual walk around the block – with rainbow!


Then we ate! Now I am stuffed!

I’m not moving from this sofa now – hope you had a great day and here’s to a brilliant Boxing Day!

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We Have Turkey!

Happy Christmas Eve!

I’m ready – I hope you are all done and sitting relaxing with a smile on your face.

I had one awful night last night – I think I coughed every 20 minutes. Couple that with some nasty side effects of the antibiotics and by the time I got up this morning I was exhausted!

I cried off my opticians appointment due to the local flooding but we headed out to Sainsbury’s to pick up the turkey. It took a while to get there, but I got our turkey crown, pigs in blankets, some wine, milk and yogurt (to counter-act the antibiotics!). We are done! I have all the shopping so we are ready for Christmas!

I also rang the doctor to try and get some antibiotics that weren’t quite so poisonous! I got an appointment late afternoon, so we took advantage of a brief respite in the weather to go for a walk.


Just a tiny bit of brightness!


Lovely to be out. By the time we had got home and out again to the doctors it was raining again. Ho hum!

I am now the proud owner of some different antibiotics and half a litre of cough medicine. Heck! I think we are going for the “kill or cure” option!

Tomorrow it is all about the food – and hopefully a run – or walk – maybe at the beach!

Happy Christmas! 🙂

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I can happily report we are ready for Christmas!


The tree is up and decorated,


The lights are lit,


Stockings at the ready! 🙂

My favourite is this little chap:


He is so cute! He reacts to noise and whistles a few lines of carols, nodding his head and flapping his wings and tail – completely naff, but makes me laugh every time!

In between house decorating we had a quick lunch of soup and then headed out for a walk around the block – making hay whilst the sun shone!


Cracking day – warm even!


We topped the day off with roast lamb and roast vegetables – so tasty and I am now very full!

After our lovely at home day today it’s back to work tomorrow.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Christmas is Coming

We managed to stay dry despite all the showers today. This morning we headed into town and the first stop was the opticians for an eye test.

Evidently it’s two years since I had them tested according to the letter they sent me, so time to do it again. Happily not a lot has changed, but I’m keen to try something different as I am really fed up with carting around two pairs of glasses. I need ordinary glasses to see the world and drive, then a different pair to read with. Evidently there are now contact lenses like vari-focal glasses – I’m going to give them a go! Hopefully they will have a trial set for me by next weekend.

From there we headed straight to Nero’s for coffee and we shared a smoked salmon sandwich for lunch.


We dodged the showers and headed off to the supermarket for the food shop and a few treats!


Tomorrow I will put these on the Christmas tree!

I have done all the Christmas cards and presents now, so when the decorations go up tomorrow we will be all set for Christmas!

Have a lovely Sunday folks!

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Christmas Sorted – Tick!

I was woken at 7am today by the coughing starting – which is an improvement on the 6am yesterday, but still way too early for a Sunday! Generally the cold is getting better, and the coughing less frequent today, but when it hits, it hits.

As much as I love Christmas, it is all a bit stressful isn’t it! I bought all my gifts and cards and stuff, so set to get everything done today. I have wrapped, packed and done all the presents ready to go in the post tomorrow. All the cards and written and stamped, and again, ready for the post tomorrow. I’m done. Such a relief! All I need now is for them to arrive safe and sound. I’m relying on you Royal Mail!

After soup and a roll for lunch, I finished Christmas and then started preparing the vegetables and making the Yorkshire Pudding batter for dinner, the beef went in to slow roast about 3pm and I finally got to sit down. Dinner was lovely, although I probably over did the sprouts – I love them – but even I have to admit I probably had too many tonight!

I als had a mystery call today from the hospital – reminding me about an appointment i didn’t know I had! :o) I am due tomorrow to see a vascular consultant, I have a letter about that, but the phone call was to remind me about an appointment for Friday! I’m guessing that it is the follow up appointment with my orthopedic consultant, but i haven’t had any letters or anything! I think I’ll check when I am there tomorrow – just in case!

It’s been a lovely weekend – it woud have been nice to have done some running, but I am not yet fit enough from the cold. Maybe next weekend!

Back to work tomorrow – but from home, and just the half day as I am at the hospital for the afternoon. Hope you have a lovely Monday!

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Lovely Friday

I’ve had a great day! I achieved everything I wanted to work-wise, I have eaten well, my leg is much better, and I booked us a holiday and this weekend away!

We have been discussing for a while now how we can’t afford to go skiing this year – we normally go the first week in January, which is the cheapest week of the season, but we can’t afford it. No use debating it – we just don’t have that much spare money, and neither of us are borrowers, so that’s that. But the prospect of doing nothing over Christmas and New Year is a bit depressing – so we went in search of something we can afford.

The place we went to in September has a nice pub that has self catering apartments – we checked and they have a refurbished one available Christmas week for just £300 for the week. I rang them and booked it! So we go away the Friday before Christmas and come back the Friday before New Year. So excited! It’s going to be great! We can walk and enjoy the beach in winter, which will make a lovely break for us, and with it being self catering, we can just eat in and not spend any more than we would have done at home – result!

Then – I took a look at Facebook this afternoon, just to see what’s happening, and a really posh hotel in the same village is offering this weekend bed & breakfast at a ridiculously cheap rate – like less than a third of their usual price. Hubby took no persuading! I rang, got the deal plus champagne on arrival! :o) So, we are packed, the wetsuits and surfboards are in the car, and we are off in the morning for the whole weekend! 🙂 Just too exciting!

Foodwise, I have had salad, cheese and a yogurt at lunch, keema, lime juice and wholewheat pitta for dinner. Happy to report – no sweets, no chocolate – unlike yesterday! After I had written my blog last night I ate a whole Milka chocolate bar, followed by a medium bag of giant chocolate buttons, followed by about half a bag of cheese biscuits! Not good. Today = better.

So, we are away in the morning, back Sunday. Have a wonderful evening and weekend!

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