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Out & About

Another lovely day – cold but sunny out today – ideal for a trip out & about.

We started the day quite early (for us) with the church bells ringing. I don’t mind – it’s just a startling way to wake up! The morning was spent cleaning and tidying, then we had a quick lunch of soup before heading out.

First we went to Atlantic Village – a shopping centre in Bideford. It’s ages since we went there – it hasn’t changed much – apart from the welcome addition of a Nike Outlet shop! I was most pressed with the range of stuff and the prices – but managed to come away without spending anything!

Then down into Bideford to the Burton Art Gallery.


Today hubby handed in four paintings for the Winter Exhibition. They have to go before a ‘hanging committee’ who decided if they are good enough or not. Evidently it’s quite hard to get accepted, so we are not holding our breath – but it would be nice! Fingers crossed for him. He should know by Friday and we have invitations to the preview next weekend.

While we were there, we had coffee on the Cafe du Parc and then headed into Barnstaple. We are almost out of bird nuts, so called at a store just outside town and bought a big bag. I hope the birds appreciate all the effort we go to – not to mention the cost!

Finally home and a quick coffee before we headed out for a walk around the block.


It was very nearly dark!


The moon was out – good job we went prepared with reflective jackets on.

Dinner was salmon, marinaded with ginger, orange and chilli, then oven baked for 17 minutes. I also did celeriac mash and peas. Such a lovely fresh and filling meal.

Time to relax now – have a great evening and a motivating Monday!

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Window in the Weather

Need I mention that is has rained 95% of the day? They said it would, so I was prepared to have an inside day. Not that I wanted to, but needs must.

This morning I did paperwork stuff, then a brief interlude for salad and Jarlesberg cheese, then cleaning. My least favourite job – ever. Hoovered, dusted, polished – even the brass.


Just as I put the beef in to roast, the sky brightened a little and hubby suggested a short walk. We piled on hats and coats, and off we went. It was a lovely surprise to be able to get out. 2 miles done, and not too wet!

Tomorrow more rain, and work. I may have to take a detour to avoid the river as I fear it will be flooded again. I hope the weather improves for our holiday at the end of May!

Have a lovely Monday!


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Easter Without Eggs

No Easter eggs in this house – that has to be some sort of record! I’m not complaining (much) because I managed to put on another half a pound last week, that will not be rectified by eating chocolate eggs!

I kept busy on my feet all day by cleaning the conservatory aka The Beach Hut. The spiders had a good grip on the place over the winter so it was time to take it back. All the pictures came off the wall and got de-webbed, the chairs and table and all the other junk got moved outside and cleaned. Then the whole room plus floor got washed down with bleachy water.

Nothing was safe from my cleaning binge! All the time I had a little robin flitting about outside – he checked out each of the chairs, the table and everything else I had put outside. Bless! They may have been a bit dusty, but no worms for him – I wonder if he found any spiders to eat?

We took a break for lunch and I had some deli turkey slices with some salad – nice and Paleo! More cleaning after lunch and therefore lots of exercise. By mid afternoon we had finished and everything was back where it belonged.




Dinner prepared, we decided to take the bicycles out today – it was threatening rain, so a bike ride was just what we needed.


We were out for nearly an hour, and got quite enough quad exercise done! My leg quite enjoyed the ride as the calf did not get much use, but my knee was quite sore for some reason. Tonight the whole muscle is swollen, I guess that is because I spent the day on my feet rather than anything to do with cycling.

Home to finish dinner – roast lamb today with garlic and rosemary, roast potatoes (for hubby), carrots, sprouts and peas. For me – another Paleo meal! I’m not ‘doing’ Paleo yet – just getting used to what it is and how I may need to adjust – the worst things are the sugar and milk in my coffee. I bought some almond milk at the supermarkets and tried it this morning – awful! Way too sweet for coffee, I may have to drink it black when I do this seriously.

Monday tomorrow, and a lovely Bank Holiday – not sure what we will be doing, but what ever your day brings, I hope you have a great one!


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Super Sunday

Happy Sunday!


Beautiful day today – it was do nice to see the sun again, it has been very grey recently.

The day started fairly early again courtesy of the church bell-ringers – thanks folks! It was good to be up and about though because it was so crisp and bright. I faffed my way to lunch, which was soup ( no kidding!) and a roll, no butter today. I said I was re-committing to my diet, and I meant it. I got through the whole evening last night with no nibbles at all – so today it is about small changes.

After lunch I did a quick whizz around with the Hoover, just to show willing really – or as my Gran used to say – I gave it a “pussy-cat lick”! 🙂 Then I did the vegetables and made the Yorkshire puddings, then we got changed and went for a run.


Another day, another lane!


We did the killer hill circuit today – just over 3.5 miles, took us ages though as I was busy taking pictures and watching baby lambs! Just the kind of run I like. The sun was warm too! Spring is on its way!


We came back up the hill through the woods instead of the road, the climb is the same, but at least the view is prettier.

Home, quick cuppa, shower, then roast beef – perfect!

Just 4 days now until my leg operation. I wonder if it will make that hill any easier!

Have a marvellous Monday folks.

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More Cleaning & No Run Today

Friday – oh dear – a whole week off has just flown by!

This morning we were up and about reasonably early, and I got stuck into the rest of the cleaning I promised I would finish today. First the hall, including a load of brass polishing and stuff, and then the lounge. It is quite amazing how much dust and dirt accumulate in corners you don’t normally look into! I got started on the lounge before lunch, and then took a break to eat.

I had two leeks left over from the Spring Chicken yesterday, so I sliced them up with three old potatoes and some chicken stock for soup. An hour later I blitzed it up and there was plenty for the two of us for lunch. We shared a small white baguette, spread with lovely butter to dip in!

Back to the lounge – ugh! Loads of washing, wiping, hovering, dusting, window cleaning. All done! I even managed to hoover up the stairs and a quick whiz around upstairs before I had to go to a doctors appointment at 4 pm. They were running late as it happens, but my blood pressure reading reflected the rush I was in! The nurse was a little concerned and wanted to see me in two weeks, but as that is the day of my operation, she said the hospital would keep an eye on it for me. I know it’s nothing – just too much rushing about at the end of the day!

No run today though – I was fairly late back and had to fix dinner – lamb Keema with Peas and pitta bread with fresh lime juice – the usual Friday night dinner.

Now I need to do the menu plan for next week, and prepare the shopping list as we have to be out fairly early in the morning for hubby’s eye test in town. Cue Nero’s coffee and further potential for eating cake! :o)

Have a wonderful weekend folks.

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Clean, Fit and soon to be Fixed!

Evening! What a great day I have had – loads done and some really good news that I will share in a moment.

This morning we treated ourselves to a say without an alarm clock and just woke up naturally at around 8.30am – not bad for me! I did a bit of faffing, but almost straight away got stuck into the cleaning and never looked back! It has been a very productive day – the kitchen is done, floors and walls included and all cupboards sorted (including a whole bag of stuff that was years out of date!), and dining room done, including a whole dresser full of glass and trinkets, and all the copper polished! It looks lovely!

Somewhere through the day we stopped for lunch, and I had my usual soup and a ciabatta roll which I zapped in the microwave for a minute to warm though – it’s quite amazing how much butter you can get on a warm roll!

Mid afternoon, I took a break from the cleaning and threw together a pot of Nigella’s Spring Chicken, which is now a firm favourite – especially as it contains lots of lovely vegetables and cider! I always make enough for two meals, so we have one portion left over to freeze and bring out mid week when I am not home to cook.

After finishing the dining room cleaning, we went for another run before we ate. You will note that that makes it four runs in four days! It was not as cold today, so my three jumpers were reduced to two, but still with the hat and gloves. It was quite spooky out there – perfectly still – no wind at all. Most unusual. They are forecasting potential snow – it feels like snow, that lovely silent stillness that comes with the gentle flakes. I can’t wait!

The run was slow as I was tired – but we did it!

Dinner was the Spring Chicken with cabbage and sprouts – there are leeks, celery and peas in the dish too – so plenty of veggies!

The good news? Well, just as we were going out for our run the phone rang, it was the hospital with a date for my leg operation – Friday 24th February! Yup – February! I expected it to be mid to late March, so I am very excited about getting it done so quickly. I have a pre-op appointment next week, then the operation the week after! Such good news – I just can’t wait to be able to run properly. I have a plan to ask the consultant for a physio to give me a rehab plan so I know what I should be aiming at. The last operation I had (to do the two compartments on the other side) they just left me to it and said get on with it – which is okay, but I was afraid to push myself too much. It will be good to have a proper programme so I know what to do how quickly etc.

Can you believe it is Friday tomorrow? How quickly time flies when you are having fun!

Have a great day all!


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Three in Three

Runs in days that is – go me!

Today started with an early wake up call by the bell ringers in the church next door! Certainly gets you out of bed – but is was 9am so I am not complaining. I mooched around a while before getting showered and dressed, and then did a few chores around the house. I did some cleaning and hoovering, I even put on scruffs and cleaned the gutters outside. The birds have taken to throwing the moss off the roof and blocking up the gutter – obviously they are looking for food – which is fine – but I do wish they would tidy up after themselves!

Lunch was soup and a slice of bread (again), and then more cleaning, and I did the veg for dinner before heading out at about 3pm for another run. This time we went down, up, down, down, down, up, up, up and back! The final hill is a killer – almost vertical! A year ago I could not walk up it without stopping to get my breath back, today I walked up it without pausing! One day I will run it – but not until my leg is fixed!

Dinner was roast beef, carrots, sprouts and cabbage (hubby had Yorkshire puddings) – lovely. Hit the spot after the run in the drizzle. I now have “big” hair from the damp, but I’ll sort that out in the morning!

Tomorrow I start 4 days off work, but have some chores lined up, including going to buy a new shower tomorrow – ours has become incredibly temperamental and I don’t think it will be long before it gives up the ghost, so I’m buying another one before it does!

Have a lovely Monday folks.

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Winter Cleaning

Continues! Today I finished the photo’s and got stuck into the office, shelves have been cleared, old books have gone to be recycled, cleaning and dusting all done. It looks like a new room!

As promised, when sorting through the photos I came across many that I haven’t seen in years:


Our “wedding” photo from 1991!


Skiing Kutai (Austria) 2003 – for some reason I am happiest with a drink in my hand!

DSC_8113 copy

Ski Camp Hintertux Summer 2003


Arctic Finland 2002 – it was a bit cold!

Some really lovely memories in old photo’s aren’t there? I have had a great time sorting through them.

Lunch today was a (not so) crusty roll with a bit of cheddar and curry pickle – it seemed like enough at the time, but I was hungry within a couple of hours! Not helped by cooking! Dinner was Beef Bourguignon – I browned some stewing steak and then added red wine, stock and a home made Bouquet Garni and slow cooked it for three hours. At the end, I fried some shallots, mushrooms and chopped bacon and added them at the end, served with a huge pile of cabbage. Lovely! I certainly made up for a small lunch by having seconds and thirds!

No run today, I seem to have done a small amount of damage to my knee – it’s sore and squidgy and a little swollen today, so I have given it a rest. I’m hoping for better things tomorrow as it is our last day at home before we go away on Friday – shopping and sorting to be done.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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Clean Attic!

Who said cleaning is reserved for Spring? Today we have spent the whole day up in the attic cleaning out years worth of hoarding. We now have two clean and relatively empty rooms, but the conservatory is full!

In there is a pile of flat-packed cardboard that is taller than me, and twenty three bin bags full of rubbish. A trip to the tip (make that several trips to the tip) are on the cards for tomorrow. So nice to have clean rooms though – I even hoovered up there!

Cleaning was paused for a while this morning whilst I made some leek and potato soup for lunch, which we had with some nice seedy bread. It was most welcome. The rest of the day has been spent filling bags and walking up and down the stairs with them! I feel that I have done a really good work out now!

Dinner was Spring Chicken a la Nigella, with some basmati rice. Lovely.

I’m now settled in for the evening of Strictly! I am really looking forward to the final programme – I hope it is as good as everyone is saying it is going to be.

Have a lovely Sunday all – I will be humping bin bags and cardboard and driving to and from the tip!

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It’s Good to Be busy!

I love being busy at the weekend, because it means that I am busy doing things I want to do. How cool is that!

I got up at a reasonable hour too which meant I could spend an hour or so writing this morning, which in turn meant I caught up from not be bothered to write last night because I watched Strictly! Always good to be on track.

Lunch was veg soup with a ciabatta roll with butter – so nice to dip in bread and butter!

After lunch we hit the kitchen and gave it a spring clean! The fridge got pulled out (OMG!) and the cooker and all were cleaned thoroughly. My wonderful hubby made various contraptions with bamboo sticks and loo roll (!) to get down the sides of the cupboards, and I finally ended up on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. The place sparkled, and it is so good to know there is nothing lurking under anything. We even found a pine cone under the cooker – I mean – a pine cone? 🙂

After all that, I did the vegetables for dinner and we headed out for a lovely run. 5.11 miles in just over an hour! Yippee!

Dinner was roast chicken, sprouts, carrots and cabbage, and some home made sage and onion stuffing made with wholemeal bread. It was very tasty and most welcome.

Now I have more writing to do. I am really enjoying writing this book – it may end up quite good too!

Back to work tomorrow – hope you have a good day!


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