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Another Chilly Day

It’s not getting any warmer is it? ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday we went to Exeter – mainly because I had to meet the boss at work. It was strange going back, but we had a wonderful reception of all my friends and a lovely card and gifts. So nice. I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a huge box of Green & Blacks chocolate and a bottle of wine – they know me well!

After that we went into town and did lunch at Carluccio’s. Also very nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we hit the seaside!


First we went to Bucks Mills for a walk.


Very pretty, but absolutely freezing! We retreated to Atlantic Village for coffee and to pick up some new crockery. Every day plates and bowls were needed and we found just what we needed in the Denby shop.

From there we called in at Westward Ho!


Still cold! We had a walk around, but didn’t stay long. We headed home to cook lamb curry for dinner. It’s nice to be warm!

Tomorrow – who knows! Have a smashing Saturday!

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Is Summer Coming?

British Summer Time started on Sunday – so when does the warm weather start? ๐Ÿ™‚ Flipping freezing again today – but sunny! I’m sure I’m not the only person hankering for something a bit warmer!


Ahhh! Lamb crรจche’s are just the most wonderful sight!

Today we did a bit of wandering around town and the supermarket. We had a cup of tea and shared a sandwich in Boston Tea Party for lunch – nice – then wandered around the market for a while.


This afternoon we got our usual walk around the lanes in.


I was wrapped up in fleeces, coat, hat, scarf and gloves! It was nice out – providing you were dressed for it!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the boss at the office. I can’t say that I am looking forward to having to talk about my illness – but it has to be done. We have planned lunch at Carluccio’s after as a treat. At least that will be nice.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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An at-home day today, which basically means I didn’t do much! I found loads of stuff on the Internet that I read. Full stop!

We did go for a walk though – it’s not getting any warmer!


You know already that I love sheep – I love lambs even more! So nice to see them all enjoying the dry weather.


This is the view from the front of our house:


Tonight I need the sofa and an open fire – happily, I have both!


Have a wonderful evening and a wicked Wednesday!

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Who would believe how cold it is?! I feel sorry for people who booked Easter holidays and are faced with sub zero temperatures. Camping anyone? Blimey!

So, today I managed to get out of bed just before 10 am and do nothing for an hour or so. My head is still numb and currently sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. I do hope the boat stops rocking soon! I take tablets for it, but it’s going on a bit. This morning the nurse from the Hospice rang to see how things were going and have a chat – nice lady full of good advice. She is getting me a prescription for some more mouth stuff which will hopefully help with the furry rubbish that tastes horrible. I can hope!

We did lunch at home and then ventured to the shops. Hubby wanted some wood and bits from Homebase so we went there first – got what we needed and then sat on every sofa they have! Ours is years and years old and the springs have started to go. Aren’t they expensive though! We will need to save up for a while I think.

We called at a furniture store and sat on all their sofas and then went into town. First stops were trying to find a proper hat. Despite the fact that its just one degree out there the shops are full of summer! Finally I found a hat with furry ears in the sale in the Animal shop. Bargain! Reduced from ยฃ30 to ยฃ7!


We had coffee at Nero’s, then picked up a few bits in Marks & Spencer’s. Once I had my hat it was lovely just wandering around town.

Home and I made chicken stuffed with Stilton and wrapped in Parma ham with courgettes, peas and some baby roast potatoes. Now I am stuffed! Sofa time!

Have a tumultuous Tuesday!

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Cold, Wet & Windy

What a miserable weather day! Happily we only had rain, not the awful snow that some have had, and happily we are on top of a hill so no flooding. I feel for the poor people that have suffered today. I stayed in – all day!

Catch up first as yesterday we stayed home for most of the day, then went to play badminton in the evening. I did pop out in the morning to pick up a new sick note from the doctor for 3 more months. That’s now on its way to the office.

We had a fun game of badminton last night – I’ve been really cold since the last chemo session, so it was nice to warm up a bit! After badminton we headed to the pub for a drink.


Today, due to the fact that the weather is awful, we have spent our time indoors. Happily hubby received a brand new HTC phone in the post, so that has kept us busy setting it all up. Nightmare! Still, it’s almost done now.

Time to sit and try and get warm for me.


I’m being well looked after and hopefully as the chemo works it’s way through me, I’ll warm up a bit tomorrow!

Have a super Saturday!

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So cold again today we didn’t venture out for long but did visit Padstow.


Padstow equals Rick Stein’s fish & chips!


That was lunch sorted!

Apart from that, we watched a bit of daytime tv and drank lots of tea! I hope tomorrow is a wee but warmer – there was snow in the air today. Brrrr..

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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It’s hard to believe we were in the sea on Sunday – today it has snowed! The wind has been extreme in both strength and coldness!

We stayed around the cottage all morning save a quick forage to the Spar shop for supplies – a French stick to have with cheese for lunch and some bacon and eggs to do a fry up for dinner tonight.


Despite the cold it looked nice out of the window!

After lunch we headed off to the bright lights of Truro.


We spent lots of time inside shops hiding from the cold, and even managed a Nero’s coffee and some black current and apple cake. Nice!

Home and daytime TV was our best option – it is not a day to spend time out and about. Not sure what tomorrow will bring – I just hope it’s a tad warmer!

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Yeah! Here is our view for the next week


Today has been sunny and warm – looking at the forecast I think we have been very optimistic bringing the surf boards! ๐Ÿ™‚

A whole week here should set me up nicely for round 3 of chemotherapy next week.

Have a superb Saturday!

We spent yesterday cleaning the house and packing the car, followed by badminton. I made it through the hour of badminton but it was tough – my cold isn’t letting up and it has taken all my energy with it!

Today we drove down to Cornwall via Sainsbury’s to pick up supplies for the week. We unpacked and then walked around to the beach & Daymer Bay. Just beutiful


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Teeth & Sniffles

After a long night of tossing and turning the sore throat that kept me awake has turned into a cold! Pah! I could do without it!

Despite the sore throat and sniffles I went to the dentist to see the hygienist and get a wash & polish! She was a very nice lady and did everything slowly and carefully – I smile a very sparkly smile now. I could easily have cancelled, but I am now very pleased I just went and got it over with and hopefully it will prevent any issues that are common with chemotherapy.

From the dentist we went to Sainsbury’s to pick up a few bits and bobs & hubby got a very nice stripey t-shirt at half price! Got to love a bargain!

With my new found “just do it” attitude, we even went out for a walk this afternoon. Not as warm as yesterday, but pleasant enough.


Love sheep!


For dinner I did an old favourite of Nigella’s Spring Chicken – I very nearly tasted it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s hope tomorrow my sniffles are gone and I feel a bit more lively!

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Good Grey Day

Been a grey old day – the foggy stuff has hung around all day, but it didn’t stop us achieving everything we wanted – which is a good thing!

After chemo yesterday I spent the night tossing and turning – good old steroids! I’ve also started losing great clumps of hair – I’ve left it all around the house! This morning I rang my lovely hairdresser and booked to get it all shaved off tomorrow – you’ll be looking forward to that photo! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we have spent doing a bit of this and a bit of that, starting with taking my car to the garage to get the gear thingy fixed and some new tyres – she’ll stay there until Monday when we get home from our weekend away.

Home and I set about doing hubby’s accounts – I was a bit behind so it took a while! I’ve also done a lot towards the end of year stuff which is the end of February, so I am now ahead of myself!

I’ve felt fine today – still taking the chemo tablets, steroids and anti-sickness tablets. I am tired, but not excessively so – just a reflection of not getting a proper nights sleep – I hope that will be fixed tonight. We went on our usual 2.25 mile circuit walk mid afternoon – I do get cold now so I was wrapped up with two jumpers, a hoodie and a fleece under my jacket! Any fool can be cold!


You can see the greyness – just 2 degrees out there so I was grateful for all my clothes. Said hello to these lovely ladies too –


Dinner was lovely – I made James Martin’s Beef Stroganoff with wild rice and peas – just lovely!

The sofa is my friend now, with a nice mug of coffee & rubbish television.

I hope you have a great night and a terrific Thursday!

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