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To the Beach!

It’s been a lovely sunny day – well, it was before about 4pm when an almighty thunder storm hit!

We made the most of the sunshine and headed off late morning to see the latest art exhibition at the Burton Gallery in Bideford. Quite interesting! It was prints done by Picasso, Matisse, Dali & Warhol.


My favourite was Dali’s ‘Blue Owl’ – amazing what can be done with a biro and scrubbing circles!


All that culture was exhausting – coffee and cake required! Mmmmmm!


Suitably feed and watered, we headed to the beach to walk it off!


Beautiful day and Westward Ho! beach is so lovely to wander along.


Finally we called at the supermarket to pick up a few bits so I could make a curry – I made ‘Chicken with Fried Onion Sauce’ and a cabbage & pea side dish – all from Madur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking book. Scrummy food! Full now! 🙂

Tomorrow – hoping for more sunshine and a bit more shopping.

Have a scrumptious Saturday!

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Birthday Boy

It’s hubby’s birthday today – the reason for our holiday!

Happy birthday!


We had coffee in the Maltsters Arms in Chapel Amble this morning before heading to Wadebridge & then Port Isaac.


Very pretty place!


We walked around a while although it’s still cold!


We cooked dinner – beef madras, mushrooms & onion and rice. Yummy! Now drinking! Cheers!


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Weekend Catch Up

Hello! I had a fabulous weekend in Lincoln – it was wonderful to see my big brother & sister-in-law and Mum again.

We took the train up on Friday, had a lovely meal out Friday night with Mum to celebrate her 85th birthday, and a great night was had by all. We stayed close to the Cathedral at the White Hart hotel – very nice!


Super room!


Steep Hill was a challenge though! 🙂


I really like Lincoln – very pretty with some fantastic buildings. I worked there for 15 years but it is 20 years since I was there – strange going back.


Saturday night we all had a curry out, Sunday was spent on a train coming home. As nice as it was to be away, I was so happy to get home!

Today has been spent sleeping (!), shopping and walking around the block.


Tomorrow will no doubt be filled with nothing again! Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Long Old Week

Considering I have only worked three days this week, it has still been a long old week.

Yesterday I worked at home, had soup for lunch and in the evening we played an hour of badminton before retiring to the pub!


Don’t worry – only a soft drink for me as I drove home.

Today, I have worked from home, had soup for lunch, and instead of badminton we went for our usual walk around the block. I think it’s getting lighter!


The sheep in the field opposite my office are still chewing and walking and generally keeping me entertained!


Occasionally they catch sight of us moving and stare up at the window – Bless!

Tomorrow it’s shopping day, plus I get my hair done. Yeah! I love having my hair done!

Have a super Saturday!

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Oh Look – It’s Raining!

Short & sweet from me today as it has rained all day, so nothing exciting happened!

We got to the supermarket and did the weekly shop, but that was it! We tried Morrisons by way of a change, but it proved very stressful! We didn’t know where anything was and it took us twice as long as usual! So long in fact, that we stayed and shared a sandwich for lunch!

The rest of the day has been spent doing nothing much at all.

I really hope it dries up tomorrow and we can get out and about. I miss going to the beach.

Have a superb Sunday!


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Our sheep are back! We have a whole pile of them back in the field across the road – so lovely! I can see them from the office window – if you wave at them they look up at you! I bet they think we are stupid! 🙂 They’re a bit round too – I think there may be lambs soon.

I’ll try and get a photo tomorrow – they weren’t let into the field until quite late, so the light wasn’t good enough.

You can probably tell I worked at home today, so save a quick pit stop for soup at lunch I worked through until 4pm when we headed out for a walk.


It was getting dark – but we did dress appropriately.


It was freezing again – the lanes were still icy where the sun had not got to – we walked carefully. Mid afternoon hubby had made a chicken curry, so that was cooking whilst we were out. When we got back I cooked some cauliflower and added frozen peas and some of the curry ‘juice’ to make a fabulous veg dish to go with the chicken. Yummy!

Home again tomorrow – I may have a nice long chat with a sheep!

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Saturday Out & About

What a lovely day! Cold out there, but I like the dry bright crispness of Winter.

Last night I was relegated to the spare room as the coughing is getting a bit much for poor hubby. Instead of waking him up, I just woke myself up at 4am and then again at 6 am. Tired? Me? Oh yes!

I did manage to stay in bed until 9.30 though, which meant a pretty lazy late start. It was gone 11am by the time we left the house for some retail therapy. We did Homebase, then town where I spent a few vouchers in Marks & Spencer and got myself a lovely leather belt for my jeans – free! I love free stuff!

We paused for coffee in Nero’s and shared a toasted ham & mozzarella sandwich for lunch.

Anyone would think it’s nearly Christmas – town was very busy and queues everywhere. I love Christmas, but I’ll be glad when the crowds are a little less.

Even Sainsbury’s was busy! We got the weekly shop done so the fridge is stocked for the week again.

We got home in time to walk around the block.


Lovely sky today.


Blimey it gets dark early doesn’t it!


They say it is going to be back to wet stuff tomorrow – joy. I may be forced to do some housework!

Have a super Sunday!

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All Go

It’s been a busy couple of days for me. I worked at home yesterday due to flooding and poor weather and managed to get lots done, followed by an hour on the badminton court!

Today I’ve worked at home again, and then we went out for a walk/run by moonlight!


I jiggled my way around the block again! Yeah! Go me!

It’s not quite as good as it sounds – it’s over a week since I last went through the pain – not quite enough me thinks! Yesterday the roads were under water, so I have half an excuse.

Today was hard – I sound like the 17:48 from Exeter St.David’s and huff and puff my way around the block. I’m hoping that the old saying ‘things can only get better’ applies to my feeble attempts at running. I managed 2.06 miles at just under 17 minute miles – mmm – room for improvement there then!

My goal now is to get out at least three times a week and to continue to run ‘properly’ in between the walking. Plodding is no more – it’s either run or walk. No waddling allowed!

I will be back – hopefully with better stats that won’t make you laugh quite as much!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Shopping & More Shopping!

A rare treat – we did the usual shopping yesterday bit then did a bit more today!

Yesterday was sunny and freezing cold, so we spent most of the day doing various chores and bits of shopping. Home late afternoon, but just enough time for a walk around the block before dinner.


I had my big jacket on and my hands firmly stuffed into my pockets.


I enjoyed the extra hour in bed! We got up late today and then, at hubby’s request, took off down to Exeter to have a look around.


This new John Lewis opened just a couple of weeks ago. It’s huge! Hubby decided we could probably spend all day in the one shop! We didn’t – we took a look in the Nike shop and hubby got some new trousers, then into the Apple shop for a play, then various other places. We finally got coffee at Nero’s and then headed home.

Such a lovely day – it’s not often we go smooching around the shops. The miracle is – I didn’t spend a single penny!

No extra hour tonight so I will be reluctant to get up for work tomorrow. Never mind – hope you have had a lovely weekend and do have a marvellous Monday!

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This & That


Yesterday I worked at home and then played badminton for an hour – not quite enough excitement to deserve its own blog, so I lumped it in here! 🙂

Today I worked at home again and walked for an hour. Gosh my life is so exciting!

Had a chat with this chap –


He said he was a bit bored and needed a run around. I said I couldn’t help, but I understood. Poor fella – why do people keep horses in fields with no stimulation or contact? Personally – I don’t like it. He looked sad.

These ladies, however, were very content.


Far too busy eating to be bothered by us! My kind of animal! 🙂

Talking of which, there are some beautiful cows in the field at the front of our house. There is a big daddy bull, five ladies and three youngsters. Together they amuse me every time I see them! Yesterday they came running out into the field and one of the girls ran the width of the field mooing at the top of her voice all the way! I’m sure she was singing and dancing!

So, a nice walk today as my legs ache from running and badminton, but it made a lovely end to the working week.


I’m hoping the beach may be on the agenda for the weekend. I love weekends!

What ever you are doing – have a great time!

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