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Shopping, Walking & Saying Hello

This morning I managed to crawl out of my pit just before 10 am, so the rest of the day was a bit off kilter! By the time we had showered and hubby had breakfast, it was gone 11 am before we even set off into town!

We had a wander around the shops, I bought some coffee syrups in Costa, then had coffee in Nero’s! I think their coffee is nicer. Then I went in search of the Hairy Bikers latest book – all the shops had sold out! There’s a good sign. It’s the Hairy Dieters book, and having watched a couple of programmes they have done great things with classic food to make them tasty but much lower in calories. I was looking forward to having a few different recipes under my belt. I managed to order it on line when I got home, so I’ll just have to wait for the post.

In Barnstaple I saw this on the side of the old Town Hall –


Sad really – I wonder if it is still used?

Home late and grabbed a banana for lunch before heading out for a walk.


Warm and humid out today.


You can see our house through the hole in the hedge! Then we met these lively ladies –


She was so inquisitive and let me stroke her ears! So cute!


Found a whole bunch of these pretty flowers too.

Three and a half miles done, and home to Thai Prawn Curry that I made with green Thai paste and coconut milk and served with stir fry veg and noodles for hubby. Boy was I hungry!

Time to sit down and relax for me now – I hope you have a nice evening and a smashing Sunday.

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Weekly Weigh In – SSD8

Weight last week – 146lbs
Weight Today – 146.5lbs

Weekly Gain 0.5lbs

Oh dear! I was hoping that I could at least have stayed the same, but it was not to be. Why? Easy – peanuts and cheese biscuits. My evening grazing habit is stopping me losing weight – I thought I could get away with it – but obviously not! Tonight I must at least cut down on the grazing, and if at all possible, try to get to the end of the evening without having had a single peanut or mini cheddar biscuit. It will be hard, but it is the only way!

I started my day by sitting on the sofa and watching the London Marathon whilst sipping coffee. I felt bad, but so inspired by all those people running all that way so quickly! The elite athletes are just amazing, but equally there were thousands who did an amazing job today – you all have my utmost respect. I would love to be able to do that one day.

Lunch was back to the tomato soup/bread roll combo as I managed to buy two cheese and onion rolls at Sainsbury’s yesterday. They are even better when dunked in tomato soup! This afternoon I have pottered, done dinner, pottered a bit more. It has poured with rain most of the day “heavy showers” they said, and I think it has been a perfect description of what we got. No chance of a nice long walk today, it would have been wet and miserable, so I have yet to leave the house.

Dinner was roast beef, broccoli, carrots, cabbage. Hubby also had roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings! Annoyingly he lost half a pound this week! Testament, I suppose, to just how many peanuts and cheese biscuits I manage to get through in a week!

Tomorrow – work, but at home, so a nice start to the week. I hope you all have a great Monday!


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What Time?!

This morning – I remind you it is Saturday – the alarm went off at 8am! 8am! I ask you! Why? Because *someone* arranged for the window people to come and measure up at 9.30am. Not a good move in my book. Still – it got it over and done with.

The father and son who do the window fitting are so funny – typical Devonians – extremely friendly and chatty and do nothing until they have had a mug of tea! Lovely, lovely people. They arrived as agreed at 9.30am and started climbing ladders and stuff to measure up the windows at the back of the house. All the front one’s they did a few weeks ago, so having the back one’s done will see us right for many a year! They are planning to come and fit them mid-March, which will be great.

As soon as they had gone, we headed into town and did some wandering around the shops. Hubby bought a couple more paint brushes (for oil painting, not house painting!), and I bought a pretty striped micro-fleece from Marks & Spencers. It will be nice to take away with us on our little break in March. We then headed for Nero’s and a large latte.


Busy coffee shop - but it was raining!

Lovely coffee, and resisting the cake took all of my will power!

After town, we did the weekly shop in Sainsbury’s and then headed home for a late lunch. I bought some lovely little poppy-seed rolls in Sainsbury’s which we had one of each for lunch. I had mine with a small bit of cheddar and a teaspoon of Branston pickle, hubby had Stilton and piccalilli. It was 2pm by the time we had eaten – a bit late!

This afternoon we have done the housework and smooched around – achieving nothing really! We did not run as it was cold and very wet – horizontal rain – not at all nice. The forecast for tomorrow says it should be sunny, so we can plan a longer plod. Instead, we went straight for food! Dinner was our now customary Thai Red Prawn curry with stir fry vegetables.

Now I need to resist eating anything else until tomorrow. That is going to be a tough one, but my diet downfall recently has been the consumption of sweets (jelly snakes are my favourite!), chocolate (naturally!), cheese biscuits (mini cheddars – mmm!) and peanuts. There have been nights when I have eaten all of them. Not good.

I am re-committing myself to my diet today. I am ditching the soup and bread and butter and going back to my salads, and ditching the sweets, chocolates, biscuits and all the other bad stuff.

This time next week I should be on the road to recovery – fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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Sparkpeople Biggest Loser Challenge Weekend

Have you seen Sparkpeople? It’s a free site that helps people who want to lose weight, get fit, or just keep track. I joined a while ago, but was a WeightWatchers member. I paid to use the WeightWatchers site, and to be honest I think you can do just the same, but better, on Sparkpeople. I track my meals, and it has a great nutrition tracker, and my exercise. They have a realistic calorie goal, and a huge range of food in the database so logging is very quick and easy.

Best still is the great community, support and various challenges you can take part in if you wish. I am currently doing a 5k running programme, and take part in weekly 5k virtual races. I love it!

Ooo – and I like a challenge! The Biggest Loser Challenge is a 12 week programme, and we have just started some preparation. This weekend we have a 4 day which has certainly motivated me to review my nutrition and exercise! The challenge is called NEW ( N for nutrition, E for Exercise, and W for Wellness):

N~Nutrition Know your Calorie Range and Stay within it, include 5 Freggies/Day.

My Daily Goal – 1,280 – 1,630 Today’s menu = 1,375
Lunch – salad (5 portions of veg)
Dinner – curry with onions, peas, carrots (2 portions veg)

E~Exercise Get up and MOVE! Exercise a Minimum of 20 minutes per day

My Daily Goal – 30 mins – did 45 mins – Go Me!

W~Wellness JOURNAL~BLOG~LOG If you Bite it Write it…if you Nibble it Scribble it. At the end of the day sit down and have a talk with yourself…What did you Accomplish Today… Give yourself a Grade and Try to Beat that Tomorrow!

So, this is me having a talk with myself. I did okay today, although I usually manage more veggies, the menu for today was curry, which doesn’t lend itself to lots of veg! Still, I added peas and carrots to the mix and it all turned out just fine. I haven’t “nibbled” anything between meals, which is a huge improvement for me, but I didn’t get in a run. I went for a walk, which was “leisurely” shall we say. I need to be a bit more energetic!

My grade? I’d give myself a slightly above average C+ today. Met all the goals, but definitely could do better!

Shopping tomorrow, so fruit and veg will dominate my trolley!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Forgive Me Father for I Have

fallen off the wagon! Sorry, but I can not tell a lie! I am not one for excuses, so please don’t read this as such!

I started the day a bit late, with the world’s worst headache and had one heck of a drive to work. A lady pulled out of a junction on my left and across the road in front of me – she was looking the other way and never even saw me coming! Scary stuff I can tell you. I stood on the brakes and stopped with maybe half a centimeter between my car bonnet and her driver side door. I watched her face as she turned and finally saw me. Everything in slow motion is really weird isn’t it? She braked – probably the wrong thing to do as I had more chance of missing her if she had continued across the road, but all was well in the end. Apart from scaring the life out of me and my disc brakes!

So, finally got to work and spent the day clearing up other peoples projects – that’s what comes of getting rid of 25% of the staff – those of us that are left have to pick up the pieces. Still, I managed to get through to lunch on fruit – I had two oranges, an apple, a banana and some strawberries. I was doing fine – I even drank a bucket of water, but the headache persisted. Lunch was salad again, with some ham today. Nice. Followed by plain yogurt.

Then someone suggested chocolate. I can not tell a  lie – I ate some. Then some more. Then a bit more as the damage was done already.

My headache went away.

Ah – sugar – my head loves you. Without you I hurt – badly.

Enough of wallowing. I know I have just undone all my good detox work and it needs to all happen again. Hey Ho. My choice – my mistake.

I got home early enough for a plod. It hurt like hell, but I struggled to run/walk/run the two miles there and back. Better than nothing, but how I wish I could run properly.

Dinner has been salad and ham again, with some mixed berries for dessert. I have had more than enough food today! I am sat now with my hot water and lemon, I may push the boat out and have some Sweet Cranberry tea (Tetley’s & quite nice) later. Go me! :o)

I am working at home tomorrow and therefore looking forward to a lie in and a hassle free day.

Have a terrific Thursday folks.

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I Want Coffeeeeee!

I know already that I am addicted to coffee – I must drink maybe ten cups a day. Seriously! I have been aware of the problem for a while and I have converted to decaf after lunch – which is a huge improvement and difference for me. However, no coffee is just a whole new ball game. I have tried fruit tea, lemon and hot water and just good old fashioned cold water. None of them work for me. My body is screaming for coffee. I am trying to resist.

The Elimination Diet eliminates caffeine, wheat, pasteurised dairy, alcohol, sugar and all processed foods. That’s a big old list. Spookily everything on the list is just fine by me – except the coffee! :o)

So, today has been a work day again. I was at a training session this morning, which was so interesting it completely took my mind off food and coffee! Coffee time was interesting and I managed to avoid the coffee and made a cup of some sort of fruit tea that had on offer. No idea what it was supposed to be, but, as my Grandmother used to say, it tasted of dish water! I also avoided the biscuits, so I make that 2 – 0 to me!

Lunch was provided, and was sandwiches. I managed to get away with eating the inside of a beef sandwich and one of chicken. I have no idea if it was organic meat (probably not), but it was all there was. I even ate the green stuff that decorated the sandwich plate! Happily the cake provided as a sweet was dwarfed by a huge plate of fruit – bananas, satsumas, grapes, apples, blueberries, strawberries & raspberries. Yum Yum! That made me a happy bunny. I ate loads!

I managed to get off work quite early, so home in time for a run/walk/run around the block. It’s been over a week since we ran! Blimey it hurts! My leg really really complains at not exercising, so today it complained big time. By the time we were a mile in I had tears in my eye’s from the pain, by the time we had done two miles I was trotting along at less than 9 minute miles and quite comfortable. I wish I knew how to get it warmed up and to the point where I can run comfortably – before I set off! All tips gratefully received.

Dinner has been salmon and salad again – I love salad! I do – really! It’s great stuff and I could eat it every day. Oh – you’re right! I do eat it every day! :o)

Tomorrow it’s back to the office armed with more fruit and salad. I think I may stick to plain old water tomorrow, although I have a fresh lime – that may make it taste better. I’ll see how I feel. Exercises to do now – wish me luck! :o)

Have a wonderfully yellow Wednesday.


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Summer Challenge

Well, back from our holiday yesterday and today I have signed up for the Dax Moy Summer Challenge!


Why not! :o) No, seriously, I have eaten rubbish over the past week, and I know that Dax’s Elimination Diet works for me, so it is time to clean up my act and get rid of those extra pounds that have been hanging on for ever.

Meanwhile – the holiday was fantastic! :o) We stayed at a really nice hotel for my birthday night, ate at a lovely restaurant and I drank wine! It was lovely. Thursday we moved onto the camp site with our lovely big tent and got settled in for a few days, then off to meet my big brother. He is adorable and I love him dearly, it was wonderful to spend so much time with him and his wife. We met up every morning, went surfing for a couple of hours, had lunch and a chat and then went our own ways for the afternoons and evenings. It all worked out perfectly. I have hundreds of photo’s! :o) When I get them sorted I will share a few with you.

We walked miles and surfed for hours, so I am hoping that many calories were expended! We also ate loads – I was starving most of the time – and we treated ourselves to the necessary fish and chips and pasties! Oh well, it was just a few days out of the year. No permanent harm done I am sure.

So much surfing and walking was done, we didn’t run at all! I was totally exhausted at the end of every day. I guess I should have gone out tonight, but first day back at work and all that – I’d had enough when I got home. That will have to change tomorrow.

My first day of ED has gone well. I had salad for lunch, with an orange, apple and some strawberries, and for dinner tonight we had baked salmon and salad. All lovely and I am happy. I have a few exercises to do now to complete my day one, so I will get down and do those in a moment. I am exhausted again now, so I look forward to day 2 of ED and will ensure that I get an early night.

Have a terrific Tuesday folks!


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