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Jobs You Wish You Hadn’t Started!

Oh dear – the dining room ‘patch up’ is turning into a whole job in need of a project manager!


The patches I painted yesterday are still a completely different colour, so decision made – the whole room will have to be done. The dressers are now piled in the middle of the room and everything has been cleaned and readied.

I had a physio appointment at 2pm, so after that I had to go buy more paint. Tomorrow I will finish the job that should have taken a day!

The physio was brutal as usual, but she is lovely, helpful and keen to make things better. She measured my leg and it is still 2cm bigger than the other one – still swollen then! My foot is also swollen, my ankle still numb and now peeling dead skin (eek!), the calf very sore. Plus, she found a spot on the bottom of my foot that is unbearably painful! Lots to work on then!

After physio I did a bit of shopping – found a whole bag of macadamia nuts! 🙂 then to the DIY store for paint, filler and masking tape.

Another day on my feet – I really hope the scales are going to reflect all this activity at the end of the week!

Food has been 100% Paleo again – tuna and lettuce for lunch, ham salad for dinner – I’m looking longingly at those macadamia’s already!

Tomorrow I will be taping and painting. Ho hum! Have a great Thursday!


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