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Sorting Stuff

This morning started with an appointment with my GP. I went to ask for a return to work form, but ended in a long conversation about the merits of not going back to work, but enjoying what time I have left. It was a good chat, if difficult. We talked about seeking retirement on ill health grounds – something I spent the rest of the day researching.

The doctor was incredibly supportive and encouraged me not to go back to work – difficult when you are the main bread-winner.

Having talked it over at home, I phoned the doctor back and agreed to continue the sick leave and start the process of looking for retirement. I have to pick up my sick note tomorrow which will be for 3 months. I’ve also emailed the boss and asked him to start the process.

Here begins a battle I think!

In other news – I got my new phone today! I love my iPhone and got sent an upgrade to the iPhone 5 with 4G – not that 4G will be in Devon anytime soon though! It’s lovely and the transfer was painless.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Not So Good

A short update from me – I got a call from my GP and went in to see him. The diagnosis is not good. I have a mass on the bronchial tube of my right lung – yet to be determined what it is, but there is a chance it is cancer. Pretty tough to take.

More tests to come, and a rough road ahead I think.

Doctor prescribed a bottle of wine and to carry on as normal! Hoping to get more tests booked shortly so we know what we are dealing with.



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We Have Turkey!

Happy Christmas Eve!

I’m ready – I hope you are all done and sitting relaxing with a smile on your face.

I had one awful night last night – I think I coughed every 20 minutes. Couple that with some nasty side effects of the antibiotics and by the time I got up this morning I was exhausted!

I cried off my opticians appointment due to the local flooding but we headed out to Sainsbury’s to pick up the turkey. It took a while to get there, but I got our turkey crown, pigs in blankets, some wine, milk and yogurt (to counter-act the antibiotics!). We are done! I have all the shopping so we are ready for Christmas!

I also rang the doctor to try and get some antibiotics that weren’t quite so poisonous! I got an appointment late afternoon, so we took advantage of a brief respite in the weather to go for a walk.


Just a tiny bit of brightness!


Lovely to be out. By the time we had got home and out again to the doctors it was raining again. Ho hum!

I am now the proud owner of some different antibiotics and half a litre of cough medicine. Heck! I think we are going for the “kill or cure” option!

Tomorrow it is all about the food – and hopefully a run – or walk – maybe at the beach!

Happy Christmas! 🙂

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Car Done, Shopping Done!

First day of my holiday and I haven’t stopped all day!

This morning we went to the garage and picked up my lovely dry car – all fixed and valeted! She is shining! Then we headed off into town to do the shopping. We got a few last minute bits and then I called at the opticians to see if my lenses were in. They were – but I have to have another appointment to get some instruction! I booked that for Monday as I have to pick up the turkey I ordered anyway. Can’t wait to try them!

We popped into Nero’s while we were in town and had coffee and shared a toasted sandwich for lunch.

Then – off to Sainsbury’s to do the food shopping. It was really busy! Why weren’t people at work?! I wonder how busy it will be on Christmas Eve when I pick up that turkey? Eek!

Food done, home, quick cuppa then out again to see the doctor again! The blood test results showed some improvement but I have to have more in 2 weeks, and he is organising an MRI for my chest to see if that reveals any clues. Joy! In the mean time, I have more antibiotics to take.

Tomorrow – who knows! Have a super Saturday!

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Brrr – quite a frost today but a beautiful blue sky day. Unfortunately appointments meant that we didn’t get our walk today.

I worked at home today, so emails all sorted and prep done for meetings tomorrow. Lunch was soup and a roll – fast becoming my go-to lunch. This afternoon I drove over to the main Health Centre to see my doctor to get the results of blood tests and chest X-ray. Happily no bad news, but the X-ray did show what the specialist thinks is an infection. The blood tests were fine.

Next step is to see how the antibiotics go, then decide whether to do a follow up X-ray, or go for an MRI to see if there are any changes. The doctor is thinking that an MRI would be preferable so next week I am having more blood tests to check my liver function – evidently this has to be done as the MRI involves injecting die and the body has to be capable of processing it.

So – two more appointments next week – Wednesday blood tests, Friday with the doctor to discuss what next. I’m happy that they are not giving up on me!

Dinner was fabulous! I did the leg of lamb, rubbed with a mix of garlic, rosemary and olive oil and cooked in an inch of water, under foil for 4 hours! I did a tray of roasted veg to go with it. It was so good! I’m a bit full now! 🙂

Tomorrow I am back in the office so a nice early start! Have a tiptop Tuesday!

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Lack of Exercise

The weather is not helping my bid to lose a bit of weight! This cold wet and windy stuff does not make me want to leave the comfort of my house! Roll on those crisp dry winter days!

Yesterday I worked at home and nipped out during the morning for the final set of tests the Doctor asked for – blood tests this time. Quick and painless thanks to the professional nurse. I got a bit of a walk in to by parking just outside the village and walking to and from the surgery.


After a long day we then headed out for our usual hour on the badminton court. I was so tired I didn’t give it as much as I should have.

Today has been another day at home, and I was hopeful of a walk but the weather once again had other ideas. It has rained most of the afternoon so I wimped out. Sorry!

Tonight I am not moving from the sofa – it has been a long and sometimes difficult week and I am looking forward to forgetting all about it for a couple of days. I haven’t seen a forecast, but I’d really love a sunny dry day to go walk on the beach please!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Testing …. Testing

Brrr! Someone turned the heating off today! Crisp and cold out there today.


My day started at the above village to see the Doctor about my cough. It is now 5 months old! Doctor was very sympathetic and thorough – I have already had some blood tests, spit tests etc but it has gone on so long I left having booked more blood tests for next week, another spit test, a chest X ray booked for Friday and two weeks worth of antibiotics. Can’t say he’s not trying!

The rest of the day I worked at home (usual soup for lunch) and then gave up at just after 4pm and we headed out for a walk. No run today – doctor suggested taking it easy until the test results are back.

I should have worn more clothes!


It was so cold out I almost (!) ran to get home more quickly!


My favourite view this evening –


I am very partial to a gateway! 🙂

When we got home and thawed out – I sort of made a pie for dinner. It was a real cheat pie – I bought a tin of stewed steak and added it to some fried mushrooms and onions, put it all in a pie dish and covered it with ready-made ready-rolled pastry! Fifteen minutes later it was done – and very tasty!

Back to the office tomorrow and, by way of a change, interviewing for a short term post in our team. I like interviewing – you meet some lovely and interesting people.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Missing Cows

Couldn’t even see the cows today – there has been thick fog out there all day. Happily I worked at home today, so just walked to the post box at lunch and managed the whole distance without getting lost!

I hate fog – having been brought up in Lincolnshire where the fog is dreadful – I learned not to like it! I did have to venture out late afternoon though – I had a doctor appointment at 4.30pm – I was late! I set off in plenty of time, but got to the main road to find it blocked off by Police and faced a long diversion.

I eventually got there and wasn’t surprised when he complained that my blood pressure was a bit on the high side! Oh we’ll. tonight I am relaxing! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Badminton Night & Tiredness

Yesterday was a long and busy day! I worked at the office, but left quite early in the afternoon due to flooding. It rained all day, and all day my twitter stream became full of flood reports, local roads closed etc. I took the hint and left about 3.30pm.

The journey home was interesting! Loads of standing water and cars taking it in turn to get through flooded roads. Made it though!

Thursday nights are badminton nights, so despite a raging urge to sleep, off we went for an hours knock about. It was fun, but I was stupidly tired! Hence, no blog yesterday!

Today I have worked at home, interrupted by dentists and doctors! I had a mid day appointment at the dentist to fix the tooth I broke a bit off earlier in the week. She patched me up and sent me off with instructions not to eat or drink for an hour! Lunch was soup and late!

This afternoon I went back to the doctor about my four month old cough. More antibiotics given. I hope they work! Dinner was curry – very nice!

Today it has mainly been wet again.


It’s the weekend! Yeah! Have a wonderful one!

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It’s been a whole week since I had even a piece of chocolate – probably a good thing – but tonight I would bite your hand off if you offered me some! I have an irrational craving for Cadbury Giant Chocolate buttons – Oh how I love those little beauties. Unfortuantely I don’t have any in the house, and the nearest shop is a 30 minute drive away. I’ll have to make to with a cup of coffee. Ho Hum.

I was up a bit earlier today, which is also a good thing! We got a call first thing that meant turning our planned day upside down. I hate it when that happens! We needed to go and pick up some things, so re-planned to wait and have lunch then pick up what we needed and do the weekend shopping on the way, and then get back in time for my doctors appointment at 4.20 this afternoon. Lunch was salad again with some cheddar, and then we headed out.

By the time we had done the shopping, we had a little time to spare, so had coffee in the supermarket cafe and then headed back to my appointment. The doctor wasn’t my usual GP and seemed a bit taken aback at my operation, and couldn’t quite get why I had had it done. He didn’t even ask to see “the leg” and didn’t seem to understand what I was saying about my progress. I gave up in the end as he was most disinterested and said the hospital would advise me on progress. He signed me off work for two more weeks though, and said I was probably doing right by resting and exercising. I wasn’t reassured, but I guess that is as good as it gets from someone who isn’t a specialist.

Home and dinner – Keema and lime with pitta bread today.

No time for my walk today – although the walk around town and the supermarket was probably enough. Shame, as it has been a lovely day, the forecast is for the same all weekend, so I hope we can take advantage and spend some more time outdoors over the weekend.

Hope you have a good one, and if you are racing or doing the Sport Relief run – good luck!


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