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Non Stop Rain

What a gloomy old day! It hasn’t stopped raining all day, it’s been dark and horrible!

Happily I have spent the whole day on meetings, so I have managed to avoid getting wet!


The view from my office window – wet hey? 🙂

Meetings went well, lunch was hard boiled eggs and salad. Luckily nothing too hard as I managed to break off a bit of tooth cleaning my teeth this morning – not the best start to the day!

I now have a dentist and a doctors appointment on Friday – now there’s a day to look forward to! 🙂

I’m working at home tomorrow, so I get half a lie in – yippee! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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An early blog today as it is badminton night!

In the office today, and a day when all local government used twitter to tell the world what we were working on using the hash tag in the title. It was very popular and showed the world the range of work done by councils up and down the country.

This is my world:


Although much of my day is not spent at my desk, but in meetings!

Today was no different, although all afternoon I have stared at this!


Lunch I had at my desk – two hard boiled eggs and some salad. Today is a fast day so that is it for food today.

Nothing more to report – I have the morning off tomorrow to help hubby deliver some paintings for an exhibition this weekend, so we have a preview night tomorrow – exciting for him!

Have a fab Friday!

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Wet, Cold, Dark

Typical Bank Holiday weather! Not much to report today as I didn’t leave the house until 7pm!

As it rained all day, we stayed home and, as you do, cleaned the house! It desperately needed it, but it is my least favourite activity. It took all day.

Lunch was poached eggs and bacon as today is another fast day. So that is it for food today. The fasting is working – hubby lost 1.5 lbs last week!

This evening I went to the next village to their brand new Community Centre.


We used to live I that village, and the new Centre opened just two weeks ago, tonight was singing night! They have started a quite informal choir and I love singing! So tonight I went – it was fabulous! I enjoyed every moment and had a good laugh with lots of people. There were 25 of us – which I think is a great turn out. The leader was lovely and had us belting out the songs.

Tomorrow is back to work. Bad!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Dry Day

Finally, a day working at home! That extra hours sleep was much needed and much appreciated.

I spent the day writing reports, so nothing too exciting there then. Lunch was poached eggs and bacon – another fast day so that was it for the whole day.

After work we ventured out.


The clouds seem to threaten rain, but it has stayed dry all day.


Mmm – pies! Can’t wait for a few more of these to be ready.


They cut the hedges a couple of weeks ago, so now we have some lovely bright green ferns springing up and out. Really pretty.

Tomorrow I am home again – have a fab Friday!

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Dentist Day

You know how I feel about dentists! Today was a first – the first time I have been to a ‘normal’ six-monthly check up! In the past I have just waited until I absolutely *had* to go – the longest was seven years!

Today I was brave and off we went to get my check-up, with the promise of coffee after.


We had to stop on the way for these guy’s –


Heading off to a new field!

So – dentist gave me the all clear and an appointment for February 2013 – Yeah!

Home and poached eggs for lunch with bacon, hubby had toast and tomatoes too. That’s it for food today – the second of two fast days for this week.

We have just been for our usual walk instead of eating! But drizzly out.


The lovely cows in the field opposite –


Just having a sit down!

Now I have some research to do, so have a great evening and a fantastic Friday!

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Me Day

Today I have had a me day – I’ve never had a me day, so this has been a first.

This morning I went and got a manicure and had my nails painted with Gel polish.


Lovely! I enjoyed it a lot!

I got home in time for lunch – which is our only meal today as we are giving the intermittent fasting thing a go. The idea is that you just eat 500 (600 for men) calories in one meal – then nothing else. It is supposed to do two jobs, firstly the reduction in calories aids weight loss, but also the fasting helps your body go into repair mode.

I’m hungry now, but I am determined to get through the day! I had two poached eggs and bacon for my meal – plenty at the time!

This afternoon we did a 3.25 mile walk. It’s hot out there!


I was quite tired by the time we got home – and hot!


Look how high the hedges have grown! At least they gave us a bit of shade.


In between lunch and walk I did a bit more book editing. Boy that can drive you nuts – but I am getting there!

Now I am going to settle in with more Olympics and some black coffee.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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Lie In

So nice not to have to work this week! I have a few things planned, but a lie in was most welcome. All this watching of the amazing Olympic games is making me tired!

Did you see the 100 metres last night? Wow! Bolt is just a superstar! Along with all the other amazing competitors – what a show of commitment, dedication, sacrifice and performance.

I did get out for a walk today.


Typically it was dry when we set out, wet by the time we got home!


Just enough room for one tractor and one walker! Did the usual circuit to the Beacon and around.


I have also started to edit my book – well, three books! They were three books each if just over 50,000 words – now they are one book of 150,000 words! Some severe editing to be done – but you have to start somewhere if you want to be a best selling author!

Food today has been good and Paleo! Egg salad for lunch, chicken curry and mushrooms for dinner.

Lovely day – now for another evening of Olympics! Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Go TeamGB!

Wow! The Olympics are fantastic! Such great sport – all the competitors – just fabulous!

Work today, so I am looking forward to catch up with happenings at London 2012 tonight.

I went into the office today, so meetings! I went into town at lunch, then egg salad to eat. More meetings – home for left-over quiche and salad for dinner. By the time we had finished eating the rain had stopped so we ventured out for a walk.


We got nearly half way when puddles stopped play!


Way too deep to walk through, so we turned around and came home.


Lovely out tonight. Tomorrow I hope we can get a bit further!

Home tomorrow then a whole week off. Can’t wait!

Have a fab Friday – back to the television for me!

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Hello Monday!

Gosh, Monday came around quickly! I must admit to staying up later than usual watching the Olympics, which meant a bit of a short night!

I’m really enjoying the sport – some great efforts and wonderful television. I know nothing about some of the sports, but I’m learning!

Work today interrupted my watching the television! It was okay though. A quick walk at lunch, then hard boiled eggs and salad for lunch.

Home and out for a damp walk.


The ferns are looking quite spooky!


Dinner was ham and more salad – welcome if a bit boring! I need to mix up the food a bit – salad is getting a bit ‘old’.

Now I need to get back to the television and cheer a bit more!

Have a good evening & terrific Tuesday.

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Did Not Attend

Office today, and a string of meetings where people were supposed to be there but did not attend. Why do people do that? They accept the meeting request and then don’t show up! Strange behaviour!

Meanwhile, I ate my way through the day as I tend to when I have to go into the office. The list reads like this:

1. Banana and cashew nut butter
2. Apple
3. Nuts & sultanas
4. A hard boiled egg
5. Tuna and lettuce (lunch!)
6. More nuts and sultanas
7. Gammon and salad (dinner!)

Plus I had my bucket of latte from Nero’s first thing!

I’ve had enough now!

I did get a walk around the grounds at lunch – just before it rained.


Nice grounds with some amazing trees.


The path to freedom!

Home tomorrow and time to make up for over eating today! Have a great Wednesday!

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