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Singing a Happy Song

Hello! Yesterday was choir practice – hence no blog! I worked at home, then went to have a sing-song. Had a brilliant time – I do love a good sing-song!


Lovely lady in charge, and a very friendly group of people.

Today I had to go into the office. Bad! Nero’s coffee for breakfast then straight into meetings. I took a bit of time out at lunch to book cinema tickets to see James Bond on Friday (excited!) and then booked a table at a restaurant for dinner afterwards. Now I have a lovely night out to look forward to!

A quick walk around the grounds at lunch.


Then back to meetings. Hubby made dinner – a lovely lamb casserole which I managed to eat far too much of.

Tomorrow I’m home, so maybe a little run/walk may be on the cards!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Holiday! Yes, tomorrow morning we go to sunny Cornwall for a week of surfing, running, walking and probably eating!

I didn’t get around to writing a blog yesterday as we went out! Out! Blimey! I was in the office all day, then we went to play Badminton for an hour at 8pm. It was great! I got hot and sweaty and enjoyed it enormously.

Today I have had the day off and have sorted the house, had soup for lunch, then spent an hour being pampered – I have new nails!

I have done some packing, but there is still more to organise as we want to be out fairly early tomorrow. We did get a short walk in.


Nice out there!

I can’t promise to blog every day next week, but I hope to share a few photos with you each day.

Have a great week!

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Another Week Begins

Happily my working week started with a day at home, I really appreciate being able to work here – I get lots done in the comfort of my own home.

It’s been another lovely day that started damp and ended warm and sunny. Today was this week’s first fast day – we are aiming at two per week! So, lunch was two poached eggs and three slices of bacon for me, hubby had toast and grilled tomato with his. That’s it for food until tomorrow now.

After work we walked again. Unfortunately the butterflies were a bit quick for me today!


Happily, lanes don’t move!


I also got this lovely picture of our house with the church behind and cows testing in front – idyllic Devon scene!


We did a bit longer walk today as there was no rush home to cook.

Tomorrow it is back to the office so an early start for me. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

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Work today was the second of two days training. All done – so I’m now trained!

It was a long day of concentrating, so lunch was a welcome break. I had two hard boiled eggs, a slice of ham and some salad. Today is another ‘fast’ day, so that was it for the rest of the day.

Training finished late, so home and out for a walk rather than eating!


Nice and warm out, but rain is threatening and forecast for later.


Tiny snap dragons! No doubt they have a fancy name, but I call them baby snap dragons!

Tomorrow I am working at home and have a Consultant appointment to get the results of my MRI – exciting!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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That flipping horse fly got me good and proper!


I hobbled off to work this morning but my ankle just kept swelling up – by lunch I had had enough! I ate my hard-boiled eggs and salad and drove home. I called at a pharmacy on my way and ended up surrounded by the pharmacist and five other people all wanting to look!

I came away with lotions and potions and a box of wine! Medicinal of course! 🙂

Home and I treated my leg before getting on with a bit more work. I put a gammon joint in the oven to roast while I got on with emails and stuff.

Dinner was gammon, cauliflower and peas – lovely!

That’s it – no walk as the ankle is very painful – nothing exciting to report – except it is still sunny! I’ll leave you with a much nicer picture of a seat in the grounds where I work – have a lovely Wednesday!


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No Rain!

I hardly dare mention it, but we have had a whole day without any rain!

I’ve worked at home today and seem to have spent the whole day reading stuff, my eyes are quite tired now. Learned a lot though – the Internet is such a marvellous thing. A few years ago there would be no way of me even seeing the stuff I have read today, and not only have I read it, but I have interacted with it – copying stuff, rewriting stuff – just wonderful! I feel sorry for the youngsters who have always known the web – they have no idea how lucky they are!

I have put on more weight this week, so today has been a ‘less food’ day. Lunch was soup – just soup. Dinner has been a crust less quiche made with fried onions, four slices of bacon chopped into strips and fried with the onion, then I poured in four beaten eggs and cooked in the hob for a few minutes to set the bottom, then whacked under the grill to cook the top. It served the two of us with a load of salad.

Before dinner we did our walk – it was nice to look at things a bit further away!


A nice day for a walk – t-shirt weather at last!


More lovely flowers – this is Rosebay Willow-Herb!


Pretty isn’t it! I would never have known what is was without the web!

Tomorrow will be another ‘less food’ day, and again I am working at home. I hope you have a fab Friday!

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Three Down, One to Go

Despite working from home today, I haven’t spent long at home today! I had a trip to my GP first thing – nothing serious! I had enough time to grab a coffee at home before it was time to go to my first physiotherapy appointment.

Since the operation for my Compartment Syndrome, my symptoms have actually got worse! I can’t run – it hurts too much. My shin is also numb which makes for interesting walking too. The lady I saw today was lovely. She listened and asked lots and lots of questions, and understands my goal to get back to daily running with no pain!

She measured my calves – the right (bad) one is 2cm bigger! Some of that is swelling, but it shows what a difference there is. She asked if I wore shoe inserts as I balance heavily on the outside of my feet – who knew? I have had a gait analysis done and told I was a neutral runner, probably worth me having that done again!

She said that I need to allow my muscles to heal, so to cut back on the walking and stick to flat and slow. She did some soft tissue massaging, which was painful, and recommended exercises to stretch the muscles. I also have to massage the shin to try and promote healing of the nerves. All excellent stuff. My next appointment is in a couple of weeks and I am hopeful! She asked me what my goal is – when will we know it is better? We agreed it will be when I can do our little 2.5 mile circuit pain free – how good would that be?!

I got some work done this afternoon, then we went for a little wander.


Strange weather – its been lovely and sunny all day, but sometimes it looks like rain!


The roadsides are so pretty now – full of all sorts of lovely flowers.

Food has been first class today! I made a three-egg omelette for lunch, then we had steak (sirloin) and salad for dinner. Nuts will be consumed later, but for now I am happily satisfied and full.

Tomorrow is the last day before our holiday, but I have to go to the office, so I can’t start to get excited until after work!

Have a great day!


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One Down, Three To Go

In the office today, and passed the Olympic torch as it made it’s way out of Exeter! So exciting!

So exciting I had to stop at Nero’s for coffee before I went into the office! Then I spent the day in meetings or eating! For breakfast I had a banana and almond butter, then a handful of nuts got me through until lunch.

I walked into town as it was such a lovely day, and that got a 3 mile walk in to. Back to the office and tuna salad was eaten.

More meetings, then home! As I am off on Friday to start my holiday, that means just three more working days left. I’m happy!

Dinner was ham and a bit more salad, so day 8 of Paleo eating has gone well. I feel I have a good understanding of how to eat, but I think I need to just moderate the amounts now – especially the nuts! Having said that, the weight has come off, so maybe I’m doing it right?

Tomorrow will be a repeat of today for me – I hope the weather holds too!

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Time for a Sit-down

Weigh day!

Weight last week – 150lbs
Weight today – 147.75lbs

Total loss – 2.25lbs

Go me! 🙂 Actually, I should write – Go Paleo eating! It is suiting me very well, I not only feel so much better, I lost a whole load of weight too. What is not to love?

Until today hubby has scorned my refusal to eat bread, cereals, potatoes etc – he actually accused me of being “stupid”. After weighing this morning he asked how it worked – what I had cut out etc! 🙂 I have given him my books, he can make up his own mind.

Today has been non-stop. This morning I did some tidying in the garden – looking pretty:


This little chap was getting a bit overgrown!


He’s much happier now!

Hubby fixed the log store roof:


It had started to rot away, so he fixed another layer of wood on top to protect it.

We paused for lunch – I had a 3 egg omelette and salad, then did all the prep for dinner – slow roast lamb today.

Hubby finished that roof then we did our Sunday long walk – 7.58 miles in just about 2.5 hours.


Shorts and t-shirt weather today!


Dinner was lamb with cabbage, carrots and parsnips – hubby had roast potatoes too – we were both starving!

Time to sit down now, my legs are really sore from all those hills today. Tomorrow it’s back to the office, but it is just a 4 day week for me as we are on holiday Friday! So looking forward to it!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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Less Than A Week to Go

This time next week I will be on holiday and probably exhausted from surfing, walking and running! I just can not wait.

Finally I got a day working at home today, so I got to do some of the list of stuff I have picked up in meetings all week. The best thing about working at home is being able to check up on the gang of four –


This was earlier today when they all decided to come and have a scratch on the telegraph pole – then just wandered off! We also have House Martins building just above the office window, so they have been busy all day too. What with them and Robert (the squirrel) and the mice out the back, this house is getting more like a zoo every day!

Lunch today was eggs – I made an omelette and had it with some salad. This afternoon, more work, then a nice walk. The sun hasn’t shined all day, but it is dry and not freezing at least.

Dinner has been lamb curry, no pitta bread for me though. The Paleo eating is going well, although I am getting a wee bit bored with almonds! Shopping tomorrow, so I will go in search of other things to nibble at.

I hope you have a great weekend – I will be having my hair done and doing some shopping!

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