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Weekend Wind-down

What a lovely weekend we have had – much of the usual, but usual is absolutely fine with me!

Yesterday we did town, Nero’s coffee and then to the supermarket to stock up the empty fridge. That was about it – I then sat down and watched the rugby! Dreadful defeat of England, but a good match.

Today I have done very little! Thus morning I faffed about on the computer, had soup for lunch, then sat and watched the F1 Grand Prix. I love F1! Lewis did well considering his new team. In between the motor racing I did dinner – roast beef, roast veg and Yorkshire puddings.

We did get out for a walk around the block though.


Such a beautiful day!


The madness restarts tomorrow with a trip to the hospital for blood tests, fingers crossed they will be okay. Tuesday it’s even madder with chest c-rays, appointment with the oncologist, then chemotherapy session number 3. Busy old week ahead!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Oh Look!

For about an hour this morning it stopped raining!


It was so nice to see the sun.


We had lunch, then headed out for a walk even though it was clouding over.


We got maybe half a mile up the hill before the rain started.


We turned around and jiggled our way home so I’m claiming that as my run! It ended up just over a mile so that will do for me!

The rest of the afternoon I spent on the sofa watching the last F1 Grand Prix – such a shame Lewis Hamilton got taken out, but well done Jenson for the win and Sebastian for the Championship. Great race!

It’s still raining and looking at the television our main line railway has turned into a river. Such a shame so many people are suffering from the floods – makes me very grateful that we live on a hill.

Stay safe and dry and have a monumental Monday!

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Television Day!

It’s been a tv day – I never have a tv day! What bloke decided to run the British F1 Grand Prix on the same day as the Wimbledon Men’s Singles? Anyway, it worked out okay, but has meant I have spent most of the day sat on my backside!


Shame Murray didn’t win, but I have to admit I find Federer very pleasant to look at!

That’s the extent of my exercise today. Oh well, at least it’s only one day in a year!

I had soup for lunch, roast lamb with veggies for dinner – quite frugal but considering the lack of activity – that’s okay.

Tomorrow I am back in the office with loads of meetings. I may need more food tomorrow to get me through.

Have a great Monday!

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Lazy Sunday

Aren’t Sunday’s great? I love the fact that usually there is nothing planned, nothing pressing.

I had a lazy morning doing a bit of housey stuff, changing the beds, doing the washing, no rush, just poodled around really. Lunch was tuna and lettuce, then I sat and watched the European F1 Grand Prix. I love F1 racing, but it’s the first time this season I have sat and watched the whole thing.

Then it was time to prep dinner – roast lamb today, so I shoved garlic and rosemary from the garden in holes and popped it in the oven. I prepared parsnips, carrots and Spring Greens and we headed out for a walk while the lamb cooked.


Lovely day, although the sky intimates a front on its way.


I tried to photograph a rainbow in a puddle, but I don’t think it really worked!


The walk was lovely and timed to perfection with the lamb done all I had to do is the veg and eat! 🙂

Tonight I will watch the football – I like football normally but I have a feeling this game is going to be torture!

Back to work tomorrow – I am actually looking forward to it – call me stupid! Have a lovely Monday everyone.

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