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Badminton & Stuff

Hi chaps!

Yesterday I worked at home then went to play badminton for an hour in the evening follow by an apple juice at the pub!


Today I have been home again, so lots done! We went for a walk late afternoon – nice to see the daylight lasting a bit longer now! Soon be summer!


Love the wintertime trees – so pretty.

Dinner today was lamb curry. Now I have to sort out the menus for next week and put the shopping list together. I’m very pleased I bought the Fast Dirt book – it has some fabulous ideas for fast day foods and I will be adding some of those to next week.

Shopping and stuff tomorrow – nice! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Long Old Week

Considering I have only worked three days this week, it has still been a long old week.

Yesterday I worked at home, had soup for lunch and in the evening we played an hour of badminton before retiring to the pub!


Don’t worry – only a soft drink for me as I drove home.

Today, I have worked from home, had soup for lunch, and instead of badminton we went for our usual walk around the block. I think it’s getting lighter!


The sheep in the field opposite my office are still chewing and walking and generally keeping me entertained!


Occasionally they catch sight of us moving and stare up at the window – Bless!

Tomorrow it’s shopping day, plus I get my hair done. Yeah! I love having my hair done!

Have a super Saturday!

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Art & Tart

The menu planning has gone a bit wobbly today. I had planned low roast lamb a la Nigel Slater (rubbed with garlic and rosemary crushed with olive oil) but I had forgotten that we were due to be out all afternoon!

I am nothing if not flexible, so tomorrows fast was moved to today and I’ll do the lamb tomorrow!

So, the church bells woke me at 9.30am and I spent the whole morning faffing, cleaning and washing. I had a bowl of soup for lunch and then we headed out. Hubby volunteered us to steward the Burton Art Gallery’s Christmas exhibition from 2pm until 4pm.


There were some lovely pictures on show.


I love the zebra, but I think this lovely dog is my favourite.


There was pottery, jewellery and craft work as well as pictures. Love these Christmas bells!


We met some nice folks in the two hours, had two cups of coffee and one lemon tart. Oh – that was a fabulously lemony lemon tart! That’s it for food today – I’m already looking forward to that lamb tomorrow!

Happily I am working at home tomorrow, and have my appointment with the doc to get the results of my chest X ray and blood tests – fingers crossed!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Carol Singing

A short late post from me today.

I spent the day at the office, mainly in meetings, but a brief interlude for lunch.


I wandered around the grounds at lunch – just for a bit of fresh air – it was lovely!


The grounds are well kept and have a huge variety of plants and trees – shame I didn’t have a nice leg of lamb to go with this thyme! Instead I had salad – not my usual soup. I’ve decided to go back to salads to up my veg intake.

This evening I have been to my fortnightly singing group – tonight it was Carols. I had a smashing time – who knew the ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ had actions! What a laugh that was!

Now it is time to wind down – I may even go find a glass of wine. It’s fine – I’m working at home tomorrow!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Today is a fast day, so now, when I would normally be tucking into my main meal if the day, I’m not! I had soup for lunch, but that is it for today.

I worked at home today do managed to watch the rain again from the comfort of my office. Roads are closed again/still, and chaos generally reigns out there. Tomorrow I will be joining the chaos as I have to go in to the office – I hope things have calmed down by then.

I hope you are staying safe and dry and have a tremendous Tuesday.

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It’s been mizzley all day long – grey and horrible. Good job I have spent all day in the office and in meetings!

I did get out for a walk at lunch.


Lovely autumn colours today, but I am led to believe winter arrives tomorrow with a frost. Shame!

I also found a cracking toadstool – Dr Google tells me it’s called Amanita muscaria – impressive!


It screams “I’m poisonous!” – it is!

Talking of food – I had chicken salad for lunch and that’s it for the day as it is a fast day again. Tonight we play badminton again – can’t say I’m enthused, but I’ll give it a go.

Have a nice evening and a fabulous Friday!

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This & That


Yesterday I worked at home and then played badminton for an hour – not quite enough excitement to deserve its own blog, so I lumped it in here! 🙂

Today I worked at home again and walked for an hour. Gosh my life is so exciting!

Had a chat with this chap –


He said he was a bit bored and needed a run around. I said I couldn’t help, but I understood. Poor fella – why do people keep horses in fields with no stimulation or contact? Personally – I don’t like it. He looked sad.

These ladies, however, were very content.


Far too busy eating to be bothered by us! My kind of animal! 🙂

Talking of which, there are some beautiful cows in the field at the front of our house. There is a big daddy bull, five ladies and three youngsters. Together they amuse me every time I see them! Yesterday they came running out into the field and one of the girls ran the width of the field mooing at the top of her voice all the way! I’m sure she was singing and dancing!

So, a nice walk today as my legs ache from running and badminton, but it made a lovely end to the working week.


I’m hoping the beach may be on the agenda for the weekend. I love weekends!

What ever you are doing – have a great time!

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Boring Work

That’s it! All I have done today is work – happily at home – but work nonetheless. The weather is awful – we are in the clouds so its very damp!

No walk today, we would be soaked in a moment, so no great photo’s for you (!), but later I go to my singing night! Yeah!


The photo was taken at the last session – great fun!

What an exciting day I have had – not! Tomorrow I go to the office with six meetings in the calendar so tomorrows blog may be a bit more interesting, but don’t bank on it! 🙂

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Wet, Cold, Dark

Typical Bank Holiday weather! Not much to report today as I didn’t leave the house until 7pm!

As it rained all day, we stayed home and, as you do, cleaned the house! It desperately needed it, but it is my least favourite activity. It took all day.

Lunch was poached eggs and bacon as today is another fast day. So that is it for food today. The fasting is working – hubby lost 1.5 lbs last week!

This evening I went to the next village to their brand new Community Centre.


We used to live I that village, and the new Centre opened just two weeks ago, tonight was singing night! They have started a quite informal choir and I love singing! So tonight I went – it was fabulous! I enjoyed every moment and had a good laugh with lots of people. There were 25 of us – which I think is a great turn out. The leader was lovely and had us belting out the songs.

Tomorrow is back to work. Bad!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Dry Day

Finally, a day working at home! That extra hours sleep was much needed and much appreciated.

I spent the day writing reports, so nothing too exciting there then. Lunch was poached eggs and bacon – another fast day so that was it for the whole day.

After work we ventured out.


The clouds seem to threaten rain, but it has stayed dry all day.


Mmm – pies! Can’t wait for a few more of these to be ready.


They cut the hedges a couple of weeks ago, so now we have some lovely bright green ferns springing up and out. Really pretty.

Tomorrow I am home again – have a fab Friday!

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