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My thoughts are with those who suffered in Boston, and for those for whom a marathon will never quite be the same. Such a dreadful thing.

Our holiday continues though.

Today we walked around the bay, then took the ferry from Rock to Padstow with BunBun.


We had a wander around the harbour and shops in lovely sunshine.


Then lunch!


Home and another walk.


Then surfing! Some seriously fun walls of water today – such fun! Except the bit where you have to get into and out of a wetsuit!

Completely shattered now so beer and bed are on my agenda!

Have a wicked (surf dude speak!) Wednesday!

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So cold again today we didn’t venture out for long but did visit Padstow.


Padstow equals Rick Stein’s fish & chips!


That was lunch sorted!

Apart from that, we watched a bit of daytime tv and drank lots of tea! I hope tomorrow is a wee but warmer – there was snow in the air today. Brrrr..

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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Ice, Inside & Out

Gosh it was cold this morning!


It was an office day today, so an early start for me when the stars were still out and the car told me it was minus 6.5! The leak in my car meant that there was more ice on the inside of the windscreen than the outside!

The day was spent mostly in meetings, save a short walk at lunch when it hadn’t warmed up at all!


I left work a bit early as we had to take my car to the garage to hopefully get that leak fixed! At 4pm it was already minus 1.5. Brrrr!

The car safely in the garage and that means I am working from home for the rest of the week. Lovely! I’m very attached to my central heating! 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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It’s Hard!

Yesterday I made a real effort to improve my health & fitness – okay, it was only 2 and a bit miles, and I walked – a lot, but I tried. Then I get a day like today.

Up at 06:30, in the car at 07:00, in the office at 08:00, meetings until lunch. Time to make soup and eat it before heading out to another meeting that lasted from 14:00 until 17:25. Then an hours drive home.

Not conducive to exercise is it? That means I have to make a real effort to get out when I do get chance. Grasp the opportunity – I think I will make that my motto.

My all afternoon meeting was at a very nice place –


Beautiful stone house with one heck of a door!


The meeting did not live up to the building expectations, but never mind, you can’t have everything!

Tomorrow I am working at home, and we have badminton booked for an hour from 7pm! Yeah – grasping the opportunity!

Have a terrific Thursday!

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My poor little legs ache today – I said they would!

Back in the office today, so an early start and a pit stop at Nero’s on the way in for my morning wake up juice. The morning was filled with meetings and general busying, but I bagged a long lunch and took a walk into town.

I smooched a bit, then headed to the Hotel Chocolate and took ages to choose a little something for my lovely hubby. In the end it was a small pack of 70% dark chocolate squares with pistachio nuts. When I got home, the gift was very well received! Plus – I got a 4 mile walk!

I ate lunch when I got back – cheese salad again plus a Greek yogurt. I was hungry, so swiftly followed that with crisps and chocolate. Here we go again! With the banana and peanut butter I had mid morning I had eaten over my daily allowance before 2pm! This is not good.

Home and dinner (!) of baked cod with leeks and courgettes – not bad, but certainly not good. After dinner I managed to persuade hubby to do our 2.25 miles as a walk, so I made up a little for the massive over eating. Nice out too.


Working at home tomorrow, so the food should be a little more controlled! It is also Friday! Yeah!

Have a great day!


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Working & Walking

In the office today, so fuel needed!


I have started a collection – if you watch NCIS – I’m trying to beat Abby’s CafPow record!

It was a soggy drive to work, including a detour due to flooding. I bet the Environment Agency regret putting out the Drought warning the day it started raining! Work was fine, I had a banana and peanut butter for breakfast, and cheese salad for lunch. Not too bad!

At lunch I went out for a walk, it wasn’t raining so I spent 40 minutes walking up to the shops and back again. Despite the recent downpours the trees are looking fabulous – confetti blossom –


Home and baked cod for dinner with leeks and courgette – much better amount of food than yesterday’s over eating. I seriously need to lose 6 pounds now – I booked us a week surfing holiday the last week in May and I have a wetsuit to try and get in to!

No walk tonight – its raining again! I’m hoping tomorrow we can find a slot to get out.

Have a great Friday – so close to the weekend I can smell it!


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Washed Out


It’s done this all day, not a single dry minute all day long! It meant no exercise for us today, but actually that’s not a bad thing as my quads are very sore from yesterday’s cycle ride.

So today has been a rest day, involving quite a lot of doing nothing, smooching around the Internet looking at shoes and drinking coffee. Lunch was a highlight, and a repeat of yesterday’s lunch of deli turkey slices and salad.

For dinner we had mackerel salad, with a few mini roast potatoes. I also made my own mayonnaise! It’s so easy with a hand whizzy thing! You can even make it in the jar (if you have one with a wide lid) to save on the washing up!

Homemade Mayonnaise

200ml oil (any will do, but not olive oil – I used standard sunflower oil)
1 egg
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice


Put all the above in a jar/bowl, put in hand blender and blend! Done in a minute!

So much better for you than the shop stuff, and will keep for a week in the fridge.

Great day for staying in the kitchen!

Back to work tomorrow – hope you have a good day.


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Better Running

The superb weather continues!


The new lambs are loving the sunshine, I really hope it doesn’t turn bad and gives those little love’s a shock. Some of them haven’t even seen rain yet – what will they make of it?

This morning we were up fairly early, so the morning seemed to last a lifetime to me – I’m running out of jobs! I managed to faff around and fill the time, but did nothing noteworthy. For lunch I made salad of celery, tomato and lettuce and piled it on top of a slice of multigrain bread with a slice of Leerdammer Light. Made a nice change, and I think made good nutritional balance with protein, carbs and vegetables.

This afternoon I faffed some more and then we went out for a walk/jog. We did 5k today – a very hilly one – and I made it in 53 minutes. Not good yet, but not bad considering I am not yet 5 weeks post operation. The great thing is, the leg doesn’t hurt – no solid muscle, no foot going to sleep and no foot slapping ! I used to make a lot of noise running, now I hear hubby’s feet, not mine! My whole running style has changed too, my beloved Nike shoes have been ditched as they burn my feet, I’m using an old pair of Asics which are very comfortable.

Home and dinner – baked cod with braised leeks, courgettes and new potatoes. If I manage to stay away from the chocolate tonight, it will have been a good food day today. I hope to repeat that tomorrow as I have a few extra pounds to get rid of!

Have a great Friday!


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What Wednesday?


I’m really not sure where today has gone!

I got up fairly early (considering I have the day off) and tackled a few emails before we had to head out. We went to the dentist for my appointment at 10.20am and the next thing I remember is hubby ushering my out of the room at about 11.30am!

He tells me we went for coffee and I had a bit of lemon cake before driving home – but I remember nothing of any of it – shame really – I like lemon cake!

I went to bed when we got home – maybe 12.30ish, and got up just before 5pm! I am still really tired, which is strange, because last time I had IV sedation at the dentist (all of two weeks ago) I only slept for an hour or so and then felt fine. This time I had my broken bridge removed, the teeth under “dealt” with, and then a temporary bridge added – my mouth feels sore and my teeth too big, but at least it is getting fixed right?

I had a little fish and vegetables for dinner, but neither my teeth or my head actually belong to me right now! I have managed to email work and tell them I’ll work from home tomorrow, but it is a really struggle to think right now! I just hope it’s better tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

I feel like a real slacker – we have done no running since the weekend, and there is no way I am doing anything other than getting an early night tonight – maybe tomorrow.

Have a tremendous Thursday friends.

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A Bit of Plodding Does You Good

So they say – although right now my leg has other ideas!

Someone nicked a whole hour of my life! Honestly – they have. Last night I got up to make my last decaf drink at what I thought was 10pm. We usually go to bed at 11pm, so I allow an hour before bed. I put the kettle on, coffee in cup, and came back into the lounge to a very puzzled hubby. He asked what I was doing as it was nearly bed time. It was actually 11pm!

Today I have been lucky enough to work at home. I have a big report to write – a review of where we are in delivering our IT strategy. It’s actually very interesting, but requires a lot of concentration and allowed this morning to pass in a jiffy. Back to salads for lunch as my tooth hole is healing nicely. I made a nice plate of salad with a few squares of feta cheese, and then had a bowl of lemon yogurt for dessert. That finished my big pot of yogurt that I made last week, so as I type I have a new batch “cooking” in a flask! Cherry this time – I have a feeling it is going to be lovely.

This afternoon has flown by, and I’m still missing that hour because as hubby suggested it was time to finish work and go far a run, I’m thinking it was only about 4pm with plenty of time, but it was actually 5pm! Who nicked my hour?

So, plod time it was. i did rubbish. My leg hurt, a lot, all the time. I can’t wait to get back to the hospital and some one to fix it. My appointment is the end of next week. It can’t come soon enough. Still, 2.27 miles plodded, so 230 ish calories bite the dust.

Dinner was salad again, a posh one this time with all sorts thrown in a bowl, and fish – some nice smoked mackerel. Made a nice change, but not my favourite!

Tomorrow I have to go into the office for meetings, so that’ll be a slow day. I have salad all made, and a pot ready to put some of my new yogurt in, and a chunk of fruit and nut flapjack for breakfast or snack – what ever I fancy really.

Time to do my weight training now. I have given it a miss for about a week – it’s going to hurt! 🙂

Have a terrific Tuesday.



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