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Farewell Drinks

We had a lovely time at work. I found my pass no longer works – so that’s pretty final! I had to go to Reception and get a visitors pass!

I emptied my desk and then we headed over to the bar for drinks with friends. I hate saying goodbye – but it’s nice now it’s over. Lots of people came and we talked and relaxed for a couple of hours. I got gifts too! Coffee, chocolate, nail varnish, smellies, flowers – so lucky!


I will miss those folks!

We then headed into town and had a smooch around the shops before heading home.

It’s been an historic day – I’m now ‘retired’ – and tired! Sofa sogging for me tonight.

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Staying In & The Week Ahead

Today we have spent the whole day pottering about at home. Made a lovely change after running about in Amsterdam!

This morning I did the accounts and bits in the office until lunch. I had a bit of toast with my favourite Jarlesberg cheese for lunch, then we headed out for a walk.


We did 3.5 miles around the lanes in the sunshine, stopping only to admire the hedgerow plants.


Lovely to see the foxgloves starting to flower too.


After getting home we sat and enjoyed tea in the garden before doing a bit of weeding and more pottering around the garden. I did slow roast lamb and roast vegetables for dinner and now I am glued to the sofa ready to watch the Canadian F1 Grand Prix.

Next week is scan week – I have my CT scan on Thursday and then see the oncologist a week on Tuesday when we find out how things are going. All fingers are firmly crossed for good news!

Have a merry Monday!

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Lucky People

Looking at the pictures of the storm Sandy I can only think how lucky we are to have pretty calm weather here. I hope everyone stays safe.

I also commented on how lucky we are as we walked around the block this evening.


The sun going down over the fields was just beautiful.


The sky was stunning over Dartmoor too.

Other than that, I worked from home today, so got a bit of extra sleep and made soup for lunch & a chicken casserole for dinner. I love being able to cook from scratch when I’m home. The casserole left-overs will become soup for lunch tomorrow. 🙂 Waste not want not!

Tomorrow I am home again – lucky me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Back into a routine – it’s a nice comfortable feeling.

Saturday in this household is shopping day – so shopping we did! First into town for a few bits and bobs and the required Nero’s coffee. It’s lovely to see all the flags and bunting out for the Jubilee.


Then we went to BJ’s for bedding plants, where we also found one of those really awful plastic door things to keep the flues out of our conservatory! So naff, but so useful! We seem to be plagued by flies this year!

Then to Sainsbury’s for the food shopping. It was gone 1pm by the time we arrived, so we headed first to the cafe. The usual non-Paleo selection, but I am quite determined to get back to ‘proper’ eating, so just had a strawberry yogurt and some apple juice.

Unfortunately my favourite vehicle was outside – but I resisted!


Hocking’s is really the best ice cream in the world – if you ever get the opportunity, do try some! It is made in Appledore so you will only find it in North Devon – well worth a trip!

The rest of the afternoon was spent planting the tubs for the front of the house, and a few herbs we bought for the herb garden. Happily it is now raining lightly, so they will all love that.

Tomorrow I hope we get enough dry weather for a walk, but we will take what ever we get!

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